The Rivals of Sherlock Holmes - Season 1

ITV (ended 1973)




Episode Guide

  • 12/9/71
    In another case for Martin Hewitt, a young debt collector is accused of theft, and it looks like an open and shut case. But Hewitt is soon on the trail of the real thief.
  • The Ripening Rubies
    Episode 12
    Jeweller Bernard Sutton investigates a high society robbery.
  • 11/29/71
    Romney Pringle is intrigued by the claims of a patent medicine distribution company. In his guise as a London literary agent, he uncovers a swindle.
  • 11/22/71
    A girl reports seing a murder victim, but the body has disappeared. A note suggests that the victim was punished for his treatment of a tortoise. Martin Hewitt helps Inspector Nettings solve the mystery.
  • 11/15/71
    When her husband is framed for murder and sent to prison, Lady Molly goes to work for Scotland Yard and proves to be their best detective.
  • 11/8/71
    Jonathan Pride is called upon by eccentric inventor F. Graham Dixon when the plans for an accurate long-distance torpedo are stolen.
  • Madame Sara
    Episode 7
    Beatrice Selby, Edith Dallas and their male cousin Silva are the three heirs of a rich uncle. Edith comes under the influence of the mysterious Madame Sara and dies unexpectedly. Beatrice's husband Jack Selby, worried about the state the family is in, calls in Dixon Bruce of Werner's Inquiry Agency to investigate, and Druce has to work out where Madame Sara, Dr Sanchez and an Arab servant fit into the story.moreless
  • 10/25/71
    Jacques Bouvier hires Horace Dorrington to steal a famous diamond called the Mirror of Portugal from his cousin's house. Dorrington takes the job, but as he goes along he decides Bouvier's original plan of action is capable of some improvement.
  • 10/18/71
    The world famous ghost hunter Carnicki investigates the supernatural at Hisgins Hall, the ancestral home of Captain Hisgins.
  • 10/11/71
    The famous Wiltshire diamonds are widely coveted. When the present Duchess wears them to a ball, a thief is after them, but luckily Simon Carne is on hand.
  • Horace Dorrington investigates an attack on a champion cyclist, amid bitter rivalry between two groups dedicated to the sport.
  • 9/27/71
    A blind detective is abducted by Irish terrorists. The missing man was expected to give evidence against one of the Irishmen who had killed a postman.
  • 9/20/71
    Dr Thorndyke is an eminent forensic scientist and university lecturer. One day, he gets a visit from the young Dr Hart, one of his former students who is now also a forensic scientist - and Hart needs help with a baffling case.
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