The River

Season 1 Episode 4

A Better Man

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Feb 21, 2012 on ABC
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The crew of the Magus find one of Emmet's missing team members and discover that he has been cursed. While the others want to leave him behind as they continue their search, Lincoln refuses and must try to convince them otherwise.

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  • A Better Man

    A Better Man was a superb episode of The River and I really enjoyed watching this episode because it had a depth of back story to introduce a new character along with decisions Dr. Cole had made. There were some great action and drama scenes, some suspense and intrigue along with beautiful scenery. There were some interesting revelations along with new questions. The forbidden footage showed something truly amazing and beautiful and felt really connected. I like how the show is flowing and the stories are well written, interesting and full of surprises and Magic of course! I certainly look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!!!moreless
  • Reading

    This episode was boring. There is no nice way around that fact. I really don't know why I'm still watching this, beyond hoping it will get better. I love the idea of a thriller/horror piece during primetime, but this isn't it.

    As Vonnegut once said, the easiest way to make a story better is to add a new character. That doesn't seem to have held up for the River, sadly. Jonas is just another douchebag camera man out to get the shot, no matter who or what he offends. Obviously this is just plot fodder, both for this episode and for episodes to come.

    Why was he trying to hide the tape of his getting kicked off the ship? Afraid the current crew would side with Emmet? It wasn't clear. We're marginally closer to finding Emmet, though. I guess that's the good that comes out of the episode.

    The thriller cannon was dry for this episode. Just not a fun watch at all. I was happy they included the tarot cards AND used them correctly, even if the Hanged Man was initially used completely literally. Meh.moreless
  • Continuing towards mediocrity....

    I liked the first episode, but as the series wears on I find it harder and harder to get into the show. It just requires more and more suspension of reality to swallow it. as the episode begins, we see the crew leisurely going about their business.... trading with a local for food and preparing a meal. It all seems like they aren't in any particular hurry. Later on though, when Lincoln when he wants to get help for the camerman and reverse course his mom gets all mad and says they don't have a second to lose. She reminds Lincoln that if they were even a minute later in finding the cameraman he might have wound up dead. Lincoln hangs his head and agrees. What is that? The mother really bugs me, her scripting and acting just doesn't sell me on her part.

    I've also noticed in this episode that we're seeing less handheld "blurrycam" shots and more wide angle and exterior shots that couldn't have possibly been filmed by the crew in this documentary. By straying from the artistic style of the pilot they remove some of the tension and believability.

    The camerman they found didn't seem sinister enough to be a bad guy or smug enough to be paparazzi. He was just some college stoner with a cell phone cam. It was hard to root for or against him. I was really indifferent to his fate.

    Also, I thought this was supposed to be some forbidden uncharted river. What are locals with gas powered boats doing out there selling food to the magus? And whats with trying to radio for a medivac? Who's going to answer? The river police? Are they going to come to this non-existent never before documented location with the crew only shouting mayday into the mic? Really?

    I also thought this episodes story was really a stretch to fit into 43 minutes. The pacing seemed much slower and lacked the immediacy of the prior episodes who were bursting at the seams with story and seems like they had to cut it down to fit in the alotted run time, not this week though. They padded that things out like crazy.

    All and all, I really hope the series picked up. I thought week was a stinker.moreless
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