The River

Season 1 Episode 2


Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Feb 07, 2012 on ABC
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The spirit of Dr. Cole enters Jahel and tells his son and wife to go home. Tess resolves to go on and find clues to Cole's whereabouts. While on the mission, the crew discovers a tree with children's dolls that is intended to ward off the spirit of a girl who drowned in the river. When one of the crew goes missing, the others realize that the spirit exists and is angry.moreless

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  • Marbeley

    Marbeley was a superb and exciting episode of The River and I really enjoyed watching this episode as the crew continues to search for Dr. Emmet Cole. It was interesting to see Jahel possessed by Emmet and what he said to people. It was really cool and perhaps significant that he left in the form of one of those beautiful blue dragonflies. I need to watch the movie Dragonfly to see if there may be a mythos connection. The monkey and tree were pretty spooky. There was good character development, intriguing flashbacks, and some great stories. This series has a few great things going for it, and I am enjoying every thing so far. I certainly look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!!!moreless
  • Nightmares

    Dolls... why's it always got to be dolls?

    To be fair, I did decide to check the series out after seeing a couple .GIF images from this episode - namely of the monkey and of the doll that turns its head to watch after Lincoln cuts Marbeley down from the tree.

    This episode was a bit more pointed than the pilot and a bit creepier. The multiple camera angles were less distracting, but perhaps that was because they were off the Magus more than they were on it and hence there were less total cameras to draw from.

    I'm not sure what to feel about the guy in the security room. His intentions are more than slightly sinister, it seems, but they don't make it clear if they intended him to come across as such or not.

    Lincoln's shift from wanting to leave to wanting to stay to wanting to find an estranged father he didn't really care about wasn't believable, especially after the River nearly took his mother as well. That said, much of the basis is unfounded and weak, and I'm not sure how long the series can stay afloat on those premises.moreless

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    • Kurt: So if somehow that was your husband, maybe you should listen to him, turn around, go home.
      Tess: If it was someone you love, could you just leave them alone to die?
      Kurt: Yes. And I have.

    • Emmet: Long ago, when I was hiking in Mali, I met a man high up in the Bandiagara Cliffs--a shaman who was old as the hills and said he would never die. And he said to me, "Life and death are the same, like a weight on a clock that swings back and forth. Tick to tock. Then he said the clock was getting very old and was waiting for someone to cut the weight and stop the swing. And all the time he's telling me this, that his old wife--who was also as old as the hills and would never ever die--was making... this. And she gave it to me and she said that one day, I would meet a child who was strong enough.
      Young Lincoln: To do what?
      Emmet: Well, that's for the child to know. My place in things was that... I would know the one when I saw him. And when I did, I should give him this.
      Young Lincoln: What if I lose it?
      Emmet: We never lose the things that matter.

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