The River

Season 1 Episode 5


Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Feb 28, 2012 on ABC

Episode Recap

Day 22: The Amazon

Evening, and Jonas shows them where Emmet was planning to go along the Boiúna into Sahte territory on his quest for The Source. He believed there were people there that would show him the way. Tess talks about finding Emmet, and Lena reminds her that they're also looking for her father and the other crew.

Sometime earlier, Clark interviews Lena about her interest in the accordion. She explains that her father taught her and that people tend to forget him in their search for Emmet. Clark asks her what else she thinks was great about her father, but she can't remember when put on the spot. Lena remembers when she was a girl playing poker with her father Russ and him showing her how to cheat. She then tells Clark that sometimes it feels like she's the only one who misses Russ, but insists that they'll find him.

As Tess pilots the ship through the fog, Lena comes up and Tess admits that they're going to slow. As Lena' urging, Tess calls everyone up to the deck and puts everyone on watch so they can speed up. Clark disagrees until Tess points out that he'll have nothing to film if they don't continue on. The crew takes up positions, training spotlights onto the shore. As they direct Tess around the rocks, Jonas approaches Lena and says that Russ is like hero to him. She appreciates someone remembering her father rather than Emmet.

Jahel brings coffee for Lincoln and practices her English vocabulary. He sees Jonas talking to Lena and tells him to focus, and Jahel smiles knowingly at Lincoln. Kurt spots something ahead and AJ comes forward to film. The others go to the bow and see a ship approaching through the fog. It heads straight for them and Tess sounds the horn, but the ship continues on. Lincoln lights flares and tells Tess to cut the engine, and the ship runs the Magus aground and disappears.

Day 23

Emilio tells them that they're damaged and needs parts. Tess sends out a Mayday but gets no response. Emilio and Jahel do what they can with the engine while they wait. Lean offers to spot Tess but she insists on staying at the radio and calling for help. The next morning, Clark and AJ take the Zodiac out to get some footage of the ship and realize how hopeless it is if they don't get parts. In the camera bay, Jonas goes over footage of the expedition and then calls in Lena. He shows her some footage of her father, who records a message for her and calls her by her nickname, Peaches. Jonas leaves her alone and Lincoln walks by and sees her crying as she watches the tape. Russ tells his daughter to find something she loves to do and find someone who'll pay her to do it.

That night, Tess is still sending the Mayday after 12 hours. Lincoln argues that they need to follow their lead in the Zodiacs, but Kurt warns that the Sahte territory is four days by boat. Someone aboard another ship, the Exodus, responds to Tess' call. The new crew of four--Patrick, Annabelle, Malosi, and Soup--send a Zodiac over and they explain that they've been going after illegal logging vessels. They're glad to help in return for donations. Soup brings aboard some old parts and Jahel find the gear they need. As Soup leaves with Malosi, Emilio tells Jahel to stay near him.

On the bridge, Tess and the others tell Patrick and Annabelle what happened. He admits that he hasn't seen anyone and warns that six months is a long time to be missing. Tess thanks them for their help and asks them to stay for dinner.

Jonas tries to interview Lena about her relationship with Lincoln and how they grew up together, but she tells him to focus on the Exodus. He sees someone looking out through a porthole and they wonder who is there if there are only four of them like Patrick claimed.

The crew toasts each other and Annabelle and Patrick explain that they met when helping a tribe that were driven out by construction crews. As Patrick goes to the head, Annabelle burns herself on the stove and Kurt goes to get her a bandage. As he goes below, he sees Patrick moving off and goes into the camera bay to track him. Patrick meets with Malosi, who says that they should just grab the Magus crew and take them aboard. Patrick refuses, saying that they need them alive and he doesn't want things to get messy.

Five days ago, Clark asks Kurt if he wants to find Emmet. Kurt says that he was trained to maintain professional detachment. When Clark asks if he has other obligations, Kurt grabs the camera and insists that his only obligation is to the safety of the crew.

Kurt loads his revolver, while Patrick and Malosi return to the mess and share more drinks with the crew. Below, Jahel and Emilio work on the ship. Up on deck, Jonas convinces Lena to go over to the Exodus and see who is there.

The guys begin a game of cards and Soup asks if Lena is Lincoln's girlfriend. Annabelle notes that Tess doesn't cut herself much slack and says that Emmet is a lucky man. Kurt asks Patrick to come with him to the wheelhouse so he can get refueling directions.

Lena and Jonas board the Exodus and turn on the night vision on the camera. They hear something moving below and open a hatch to investigate. When they climb down, they don't find any bunks or a radio. Lena finds a thick metal door that has been barred from the outside, and hear noises from behind it. The two of them start to move the bar.

Kurt throws Patrick into a bunk room and tells him that he knows he's lying. He tells Patrick to collect his crew and get them off the boat, and ignores his claims of innocence. Kurt throws him up against the wall and gives him one last chance, and Patrick comes after him. The security consultant shoots the man repeatedly in the chest, but Patrick gets up and grabs him despite his wounds.

Lena enters the chamber and finds Russ chained to the wall. She runs to embrace him, but he stares at her and then yells and tells her to go. Someone tosses Kurt in and bolts the door, and Russ yells that they can't have Lena.

Soup comes down to see Jahel and jokingly invites her for a drink and she explains that nobody ever jokes with her because she scares them. He invites her over to his room on the Exodus and they can smoke some weed and hang out. Jahel considers it but then says that she can't. Soup approaches her menacingly, but then runs off when Emilio comes back in.

Russ explains that the Exodus crew are not people, and that he was in the jungle starving. He saw the lights of their ship and approached it, but they took him captive. The ship is a ghost ship, and the crew can't leave unless they find someone to replace them. If they're not off by sunrise, then they can't leave. Russ warns that there with the capture of Jonas, Kurt, and Lena, the Exodus crew only needs one more person.

Tess talks to Annabelle privately and worries that Emmet may have lost himself in the Amazon. Annabelle says that some people can do things they never thought possible. She then looks at the sketch of the map and says that she has an accurate map of the Boiúna on the Exodus. Annabelle offers to take Tess aboard and show it to her. They go out past the drunken Clark and AJ, and Clark offers to go with them. Tess tells him to sober up for the morning, while Annabelle tells Soup to inform Patrick and Malosi that she's bringing Tess to the ship.

Lincoln runs into Clark and asks where everyone is, and he drunkenly says that Lena and Jonas are probably off on their own.

Aboard the Exodus, Annabelle leads Tess into the ship and locks the door behind her. Tess wonders how old the ship is and Annabelle apologizes, saying that the Boiúna changes people. Patrick, Malosi, and Soup approach Tess and their heads transform into skulls.

Lincoln tries to find Kurt and locates his gun. He goes to the deck and tells Clark and AJ that they have trouble. Lincoln tells them that the others have been kidnapped and confirms that Lena, Tess, and Jonas are missing. They hear the Exodus start up and run out onto the deck just in time to see it depart.

The Exodus crew throws Tess in with the others. Russ tells her that Emmet isn't there because they were separated in the jungle. They feel the ship turn and Kurt figures that they're going to hide until sunrise, running east to avoid the sun.

With the Magus stranded, Lincoln tells Clark that they're going to take the zodiac and follow.

Kurt tries to force a gap in the door so that Jonas can send a signal back to the camera bay in the Magus.

Six months earlier, Emmet would disappear for periods of time. When they lost the Magus, Emmet wanted to go to Sahte Falls on foot. Russ objects but Emmet believes that it is the last test and tells Russ to get strong or get out of the way.

With ten minutes to sunrise, Jonas gets a signal through to the monitors and Lena pleads for help. Lincoln, outside in the hallway, fails to hear her plea and leaves with Clark aboard the Zodiac. However, they have no idea which way the Exodus went.

As Kurt continues to try and break the door down, the Exodus comes to a halt.

Jahel goes to the mess room to get some steel wool to help with the repairs. As she goes by the camera bay, she hears Lena calling for help and calls to Emilio. Jahel then calls Lincoln on the radio and passes on the directions, but tells Lincoln that he has to get there by sunrise, and should take flares. Lincoln and Clark continue on and find the Exodus, but there's no sign of the crew. Meanwhile, Kurt manages to break the door down and the others run for it.

When Clark and Lincoln board, the four crew members approach them. Their guns are useless but Kurt runs up and tells them that the ghosts can burn, remembering when Annabelle burned her arm back on the Magus. They set Malosi on fire and ignite the boat. As they leave, Russ tells Lena that he's one of them and already dead. However, she has freed him and he can move on. He tells her to live her life and remains on board while Lincoln pulls Lena onto the ship and they take off as the Exodus is consumed in flames.

Lena plays cards with her father and wins thanks to his lessons in cheating. He tells Peaches that he loves her.
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