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  • Absolutely LOVE THIS SHOW

    This show is fantastic. I love that it is different from all the other shows on TV.
  • Must see for fans of the genre

    So many things to say about this show. It's a little bit Lost, a little bit Paranormal Activity and very recently a little bit survival horror.

    +The main characters are perfect in their roles and I find myself caring about who I am supposed to and often even who I'm not supposed to.

    +The main story is compelling and interesting.

    +Some of the weekly stories are exciting and quite scary.

    +The romance is there but it is subtle and doesn't hog the spotlight.

    Just a few negatives but they by no means outweigh the good:

    -Some of the weekly stories are a little hokey or simply weak in comparison to the better ones.

    -The overloaded explanations. The writers use Jahel's psychic powers and knowledge of folklore a little to liberally for my tastes. This leads to some premature mystery spoiling before we've even had a chance to scratch our heads.

    I'm really looking forward to the finale and a 2nd season. Even if this ends up getting cancelled I would still highly recommend watching the first season.

    This can still be a big show it's not too late!... Would love to see you ladies and gents pull your heads from your bums and at least give us another ending... 2hr finally episode tops you CAN'T leave us hanging on a limb for 2 years now! That ending was awesome if you were giving us another season but now its just a disappointment!
  • Could only go on for so long..

    I loved this show. Good scare.
  • Awesome

    Awesome Show
  • Another thing,

    There is no other television show that is so scary every single episode. Who wouldn't love something like that? I just have too many opinions and not enough time to write about them. I want to see more of this show.

    one of the promising series this year, and its Too exciting that make me feel anxious every time i watch it , so i really see an injustice for the estimate of this series it should be at top of best show , for that We Will not disagree to find that the series Characterized by a high efficiency on the part of the story and the course of events, which remind us of (LOST)
  • End a series with...

    ... such a great cliffhanger end on season 1 ?!!

    WTF are you thinking ABC!!!
  • Epic Horror show so far

    A great new show that keeps you on the edge of your seat . Can't wait to see what happens
  • Bad choice to cancel :(

    CANCELLED!? really? WHY WHY WHY....this one was my FAV! You guys suck!

    Of all the lousy shows in ABC u decide to cancel the one thing that made sense... take about Jews crusifying Jesus
  • Surprising interesting plot.

    This show I look forward to every Tuesday. In the first 2 episodes it had more action going on then most TV shows in a whole season. I enjoy the mystifying jungle stories and im never sure what to expect next as anything goes. I can't wait to watch more, I wish there were 2 hours episodes.
  • Parnormal Activity meets Lost

    I have to say when Oren Peli and Steven Spielberg were making a new found footage horror show, I was really excited to see. It exceed my expectations. It was creepy. The show gets better with each episode. Its very intriging horror show. However I like American Horror Story, The Walking Dead, The X Files a bit. Overall its a great show if your like a horror fan like I am
  • Cancelled after 8 episodes?! Seriously ABC?!

    I really, really loved this show. It was fun to watch and I was really looking forward to seeing how it would end in a thrilling real climax. However, the studio cancelled this after 8 episodes and are not making plans for a new season or even a spin-off. I think Cancelling this show too soon was the dumbst thing ABC ever did.
  • The river- one of the best sci-fi series.

    Please take it back on air. Im from Norway, and i loved it. Same goes to GCB, the Finder , the Mob doctor, Alan Gregory, Eureka. Why does all this GOOD series end??
  • The River ............ran DRY!

    I thought this was going to be a GREAT show about some creature in the Amazon not detected yet. Boy was I disappointed!! It is too unbelievable and the music makes the dramatics in the show but the GHOST EVIL creature SUX! I think the previews were better than the actual show. " Rotten Tomatoes D- "

    First I'm crazy with your show

    But I was so disappointed when I found out season 2 may not be produced, Both me and my girlfriend was very happy for the series and thought it was very exciting.

    we will be VERY happy if you'll consider getting season 2 started.


    Wish they would bring this show back!
  • the river

    I think its crap you cancelled this show!!!!... what was you thinking!!!!!... this show was everyone is into reality and cop its .. if u can't keep it on TV station. Keep it on at least hulu where we people young are updated!!!
  • 1st 2 eps=boring, but 3rd ep made up for it

    I almost quit watching this show after two episodes, because it they were pretty boring, but after watching the third episode, I'll stick with it, especially if the rest of the season is as tense as the third episode.
  • Camera Bit Disorienting

    This is a solid TV show I don't think we have a Lost on our hands yet but it was solid in the premier.

    The scenery is amazing but you can't focus on it due to the blair witch style camera work. Documentary film making is not that dramatic I wish they would tone it down just a bit. The pilot probably got overdone on purpose for dramatic effect.

    Preferred episode 1 to episode 2 but looking forward to episode 3 for sure.

    Compared with Spielberg's dinosaur soap this one is probably a hit. Far better acting than terra nova this one will not be a soap I am sure of that.
  • BRING IT BACK!!!!!!!

    I loved this show, the mood the direction the characters the mystery.. all of it!
  • Come on!!!

    Come on, really cancel?!?!?! well I know for some people maybe was not that good but I think the series was building up to probably a good one (not using the word excellent cuz that would only be how it develops) and sure there where some mistakes. Give it a second season you guys!! you might have something here!!!, this was not boring to watch, had suspense.

    At least would be good that with all this new tv series that get only one season you got a backup up plan like "guys we got cancel!!!" "ok then use the plan B two last episodes to give this one season series an end".
  • not bad, not good.

    its fun to watch and a little scary at times, but it'll probably get cancled. but i hope not.
  • Not LOST on The River

    The main issue I have with the series premiere of The River is there was not enough build up in mystery & character before getting onto the river. "Day 1" of the supposed documentary filming starts off at night in a bar somewhere in the US. "Day 2" the characters are already on a boat somewhere on the Amazon river! How's that for efficient travel arrangements? I was hoping for a scary premise with disturbing/frightening scenes a la Paranormal Activity, Blair Witch, and/or Cloverfield but it just didn't deliver in the first two episodes. That is the constraint of television and a one hour time slot I guess. Since it is only 8 episodes for the "first season" I will stick with it. Hopefully character development will get better, and the story line will not get cliched. So far we have an exotic jungle and a smoke monster, now we're just waiting for the intrigue.
  • Just another bad production.

    Ok, I was interested at first , and sounded good. Had lots of potential for being a good TV series.

    Since I saw first to sixth episode, this has had more than 1 blooper mistake. first episode, where the girl gets thrown by the ghost and gets her leg cut. Got cleaned up and stitched up and next scene or so she is in the dirty water swimming... another blooper is the ghost ship , they needed 4 people to get off the boat. what happened the the camera/ hangman dude? next thing we know they have now 5 people on board.

    This is also very cheesy and predictable with every episode, they are going to ether be on the boat attacked by some spirit/ghost/demon.. or in the Jungle getting attacked by a spirit/ghost/demon/ tribal.. (even those scenes were bad). Showing camera action with tents and leaves moving by a thread of string ..soooo OLD. So every episode will be like this with a tape as clue to getting anywhere near close to Emmet and the "source". The producers will run out of bad story's and loose the plot. I will not be surprised if this show ends.
  • Wha, wha, WHAT?

    Chills, skin crawls, and a genuine creepy vibe; on network TV? Who would have thought that possible? The two-part premiere was engrossing, entertaining, and I was hooked from the moment the good Doctor walked on water. Very much looking forward to more spooky amazonian ghost stories. That being said, "The River" already smacks of one of those shows that's too good to jump the shark. Most likely ending up a one season box set, curiosity on a dusty shelf. Hope not though.
  • Nice try, but NO Thank you!

    This show was made for those of us that liked loved LOST and PARnORMAL Activity. They tried to mesh the 2 together and this hot mess of a show was created. I knew after the 3rd episode, this would get the axe.
  • Don't Bother

    The River went from 'hey, a thriller in prime time? cool!' to so-bad-it's-good to guilty pleasure to why-am-I-still-watching-this to so-bad-it's-bad.

    And it was bad. It had it its better moments (Peaches), its creepy moments (dolls, ship invaders) and its awesome moments (eff yeah, AJ). But most of it was just bad. What the Kafka bad. Underdeveloped or just plain undeveloped backstories. Flat, uncompelling and interchangeable characters. Distracting numbers of cameras and camera angles and whatnot - open spots in the shots that just screamed 'throw something creepy in here' that were ignored.

    Overall, it was a disappointing execution of a stellar idea.
  • Tedious

    This is one of the worst shows of the season. It is tedious. I don't care what happens to the characters. If I'd wanted to watch crap like "The Blair Witch Project"...

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