The River

ABC (ended 2012)





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  • Must see for fans of the genre

    So many things to say about this show. It's a little bit Lost, a little bit Paranormal Activity and very recently a little bit survival horror.

    +The main characters are perfect in their roles and I find myself caring about who I am supposed to and often even who I'm not supposed to.

    +The main story is compelling and interesting.

    +Some of the weekly stories are exciting and quite scary.

    +The romance is there but it is subtle and doesn't hog the spotlight.

    Just a few negatives but they by no means outweigh the good:

    -Some of the weekly stories are a little hokey or simply weak in comparison to the better ones.

    -The overloaded explanations. The writers use Jahel's psychic powers and knowledge of folklore a little to liberally for my tastes. This leads to some premature mystery spoiling before we've even had a chance to scratch our heads.

    I'm really looking forward to the finale and a 2nd season. Even if this ends up getting cancelled I would still highly recommend watching the first season.