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The River

ABC (ended 2012)



User Score: 265


The River Fan Reviews (31)

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  • Just another bad production.

    Ok, I was interested at first , and sounded good. Had lots of potential for being a good TV series.

    Since I saw first to sixth episode, this has had more than 1 blooper mistake. first episode, where the girl gets thrown by the ghost and gets her leg cut. Got cleaned up and stitched up and next scene or so she is in the dirty water swimming... another blooper is the ghost ship , they needed 4 people to get off the boat. what happened the the camera/ hangman dude? next thing we know they have now 5 people on board.

    This is also very cheesy and predictable with every episode, they are going to ether be on the boat attacked by some spirit/ghost/demon.. or in the Jungle getting attacked by a spirit/ghost/demon/ tribal.. (even those scenes were bad). Showing camera action with tents and leaves moving by a thread of string ..soooo OLD. So every episode will be like this with a tape as clue to getting anywhere near close to Emmet and the "source". The producers will run out of bad story's and loose the plot. I will not be surprised if this show ends.
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