The Road Home

CBS (ended 1994)


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  • Good family show. Too bad it didn't last on television.

    I was very impressed with The Road Home. The show was like modern day versions of Little House on the Prarie or The Waltons. Family life, pure and simple. The ups and downs of real life: caring for those you love, worrying about your kids, your parents, your adult siblings, and all the life situations that challenge your inner being and your very sanity. The episodes were well written, well acted, but apparently not well liked by the public, so, like many good shows, it was canceled without much sentiment. It seems today, most things that are 'old' to our generation are 'new' to this generation. I fully believe if the original episodes of The Road Home were once again shown on television, there would be a lot of new fans to enjoy them. And in the process, it would also be great to have a 'reunion' episode of where the characters are at this point in time (maybe by way of a movie?), and to have the family's story to continue with new and wonderful episodes. I would love to see the original episodes of The Road Home offered on DVD. I would buy the first copy...