The Road Runner Show

Season 1 Episode 26

Episode #26

Aired Saturday 12:00 PM Aug 19, 1965 on CBS

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  • A behind-the-scenes taste

    There are only four sequences in this episode and they somehow linked together, which doesn't happen often. The graphics are generally good, but they easily could have been better. The problem is the colourization. All along, it looks like if a fog wave was deferling on the desert. It's in color, yes, but it almost seems to have a light B&W stacking.

    It's the only weak point I have to mention. The (few) schemes are original and inventive, but there's something unusual included. Three of them could have been very short and could have given some place to other ones, but animators decided to give an extensive look at how Coyote plots them. First example: Coyote hides a steel plate full of thorns under a blanket. Then he's about to hang it from a tree and trick Road Runner with bird seed under the plate. In an ordinary move, we could have only seen the plate and Road Runner's arrival, but it's not the case. We watch Coyote filing the prickles, then we watch him heaving the plate with a rope and then he plants boards in order to lure Road Runner. Such meticulous planning makes the show more elaborate and it's interesting.

    The next two schemes are about the same, because Coyote disguises a lightning rod as a female Road Runner. In the first scheme, we see Coyote's make-up proceedings and second time, Coyote tries to attract lightning by doing the old indian rain dance.

    The music at this moment (the rain dance) is enthralling. It's a welcomed coming. And we discover another side of Road Runner. He seems to have a light Don Juan side. It's very special to see him along that false female Road Runner.

    While it's not of one the funniest and well-drawn, this episode is one of the most special and it's maybe one of the most intelligent. That may said an insult, since the Road Runner Show is known for being idiot and wacky.