The Road Runner Show

Season 1 Episode 28

Episode #28

Aired Saturday 12:00 PM Oct 08, 1965 on CBS

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  • Both sides of the ravine

    "Boulder Wham!" is one of the few episodes which rests on the same situation all along. This time, Road Runner crossed a ravine with the road out ('cause he's a bird) and Coyote can't cross it ('cause he's NOT a bird). All of the episodes sequences show Coyote's different attempts to cross the ravine...

    It would have been so much more logical if Coyote climbed down his side of the ravine and then climbed up the other side, where Road Runner contemplates his nemesis. But has there already been some logic in the Road Runner Show? It's way funnier to imagine different methods of crossing... The first scheme shows Coyote doing the tightrope walker on a rope that he has successfully thrown to the other side, on a boulder. However, the boulder falls, and so Coyote, but the scene goes on. I loved when the boulder (tied to the rope) changed of direction, because we only see the rope changing of direction, as Road Runner watches the scene.

    The other mentionable is Coyote trying to make Road Runner crossing the ravine by hypnotizing him. It's a cliché method, but it has never been depicted in the Road Runner Show, so it's welcomed.

    The only scene that is completely unnecessary is the trampoline one. I would simply have took it off.

    Anyway, it ends all in the same. Coyote fails, but the chase goes on.