The Road Runner Show

Season 1 Episode 36

Episode #36

Aired Saturday 12:00 PM Jan 30, 1966 on CBS

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  • Out of the track

    When you move forward more and more with a series, there are two things that could happen, one good and one bad. First, the good one, drawings are more refined and more mature. The bad one, however, is that your idea-machine could run out.

    That's exactly what happens here. Because it's one of the most recent episodes, the graphics are very good. They are modern and forced, even if it still looks very limited.

    Sadly, the schemes aren't hilarious and some are completely unoriginal. Some are literally impossible to remember.

    The most original and easy to reminisce is Coyote's attempts to catch Road Runner by flying, using birds tied to his feet, like Mercury who had winged sandals. But Coyote finds himself hanging down and he is hitten in the back by cacti. However, I don't see how you can be fast enough to catch a road runner with doves on your feet.

    It's time for a cleaning...