The Road to Stardom with Missy Elliott

Season 1 Episode 2

You Ain't Confident, You're Cocky

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Jan 12, 2005 on UPN

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  • Please, Nic, learn the difference between cockiness and confidence!

    It's the second episode of Missy Elliott & UPN's 'Road to Stardom'. By now, you'd think people would have improved judging from the comments made last week by the three judges.

    Well, thankfully, a lot has changed since last Wednesday. And then, again, some things remained the same. Nic and Frank B were about to fight, but let's get to the music. The hustle challenge was a very fun way to earn money and show talent, as the contestants proved. But, the real test was putting lyrics to what Dallas Austin produced for them. Here are my opinions of the songs:

    Nic - When it came to Nic, three things remained the same: (1) He was one of the two bottom finalists up for elimination, for a second week in a row, (2) Nic is still the cockiest and most prideful [and not in a good way] performer on the tour, and (3) He once again never failed to deliver a sad performance. What he wrote to go with Dallas Austin's beat was very lame. The lyrics made it, as the judges complained, sound like he was trying to be LL Cool J. Never gonna happen! If he wants to be LL, he'd better learn how to rap first. That's one thing he's yet to learn. Until he finds that gift, he'll be a bottom two performer every week until Missy finally throws him off the tour.

    Jessica - Nothing has changed this week for Jessica except one thing: she's no longer the best female performer of the bunch. She still delivered a powerhouse performance, but one of the girls stepped her game up a great deal from last week. This means that Jess better bring her A-game next week. She's still a very strong performer, but she should always keep working to perfect her craft. Otherwise, more performers will step past her.

    Deltrice - In last week's review, I said that Deltrice had a set of "very weak vocals". This week, God must've sent an angel. Tonight's performance in my opinion, made Deltrice the best female vocalist in the bunch. That's a long, long shot from last week. She put her heart into what Dallas prepared, and she brought more emotion and soul to the table than any of the other performers. This time around, Deltrice stayed within her range, not attempting to push higher notes that just won't work for her. When she does attempt such a challenge for herself, her voice indeed comes off to a listner as weak. This time, she was right on the money!

    Cori - Well, this week's elimination was well-deserved. Cori left this week. Her performance was just, well in a word, terrible. She didn't put any effort into what she did, and she wasn't willing to step out of the box. Cori got a chance to plead her case, but if she knew anything about Missy, she wouldn't have said that the music wasn't her style. Missy Elliott is an artist who will put her spin to any record that she does, despite the fact that it is or isn't her style. Cori, on the other hand, didn't do that and she still sounds like Britney Spears, meaning that Cori cannot sing! Maybe next time.

    Eddie - Eddie, as Jessica, let another performer step past him this week. Last week, I stated that he was the best rapper in the competition, and he still is. But, his performance wasn't what I saw last week. It was still a fantastic effort, but he just didn't seem to have the momentum that he had last week. He's still one of the top finalists, and I don't see the end for him any time soon.

    Nilyne - Nilyne's performance just wasn't, well, it! It was just a plain 'ol, simple, mediocre performance that I didn't like at all. Her vocals seemed as if they were strained, and she didn't at
    all put in any effort. It was as if she couldn't care less whether or not she left.

    Akil - Akil stepped up and over Eddie with this week's performance. It was just flawless, and that's saying a lot for Akil, seeing that he sings and plays the guitar more than he raps. He has a great voice for rapping, and the lyrics that he wrote to the beat were awesome. There was nothing at all bad to say about it.

    Marcus - Marcus's performance possessed a lot of ambition, something that Missy has always had. Missy didn't care what people said about her weight, yet she still went out there and danced her ass off. Marcus is doing the same. His performance took a lot of strength and confidence. Not many his size would get up and start moving like that, and that's something that I admire a lot. I should know, because I don't look like Usher either; but Marcus went up and gave it everything that he had. He sang wonderfully, his lyrics were innovative, and he once again delivered another outstanding performance this week.

    Frank B - One of the things that changed this week (and very quickly) was Frank B's overall talent. Last week, I stated that he "simply possesses no rhythm". Well, he apparently prayed for rhythm, and the Lord sent it to him. He doesn't at all have to worry about Nic ever becoming a better performer than he is. Frank's performance compared to Nic's went to prove that. It just flowed without a single flaw, a big improvement from last week.

    Yelawolf - Nothing changed, as Yelawolf delivered another mediocre performance this week. There's nothing more to say about it.

    Melissa - Melissa just brought out as much laziness as possible this week. Instead of thinking and creating something new, she stuck with the old. She didn't write down any new lyrics---she used some of her old ones and put them to the beat. Bad mistake! The lyrics didn't at all fit what Dallas had given her. Luckily for her, she stayed on the bus this week.

    Matthew - Matthew is still one of the strongest performers on the bus, but he didn't bring that same energy to his performance that he brought last week. His performance last week was on point, but this week it was just plain. Still good, but plain. He didn't present that stronger Matthew voice that I saw last week. Matthew, I believe, will most definitely be back on point next week.

    Overall, tonight's performances averaged to be a little too shaky. We had a share of good and bad performers tonight, but hopefully by next week, these hopeful contestants will have found their edge and be ready to deliver.

    Aired: January 12, 2005
    Written: January 12, 2005
    Original TV Tome Post Date: January 12, 2005