The Roaring 20's

Season 1 Episode 16

Black Saturday

Aired Saturday 7:30 PM Feb 11, 1961 on ABC

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  • Orphan Johnny Martin has made it the hard way, he\\\'s a star football player in college and his fiancee is the daughter of a rich man. Everything\\\'s great until the local professional gambler expects Johnny to throw the big game because of a secret.

    I think this episode is special because the guest star is one of my favorite actors, Richard Rust, who appeared in Walk on the Wild Side and Alvarez Kelly, for instance. He plays Johnny Martin, the football player who has to decide if he should keep his family\\\'s skeleton in the closet by throwing the big game or just take his chances. His mother gave him up because she was one of the main characters in a murder scandal, the seedy kind of story that would probably kill any chance of Johnny marrying his fiancee if it came out. And that\\\'s exactly the threat of the professional gambler who expects Johnny to succumb to such blackmail. There are a few good scenes, such as when Johnny goes over to the pancake place his mother owns and sees her flipping flapjacks in the front window, smiling at customers and yapping. Natch, it all comes out fine in the end. The worst part of any of these shows is Dorothy Provine as Pinky, the owner of the nightclub where everyone meets, as she painfully sings and dances. Why would they think this show needed that? It\\\'s like Connie Stevens in Hawaiian Eye. At least they could have hired a few SINGERS. Luckily, we have fast forward nowadays. I like Dorothy AND Connie, but not singing.

    Richard Rust stole the show in this episode. He was only 23.