The Roaring 20's - Season 2

ABC (ended 1962)


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Episode Guide

  • The People People Marry
    Copy boy Chris Higbee gets his big newspaper break when he is assigned to temporarily takeover the newspaper's advice to the lovelorn column. Unfortunately for Chris, he might be needing some advice himself real soon.
  • Footlights
    Episode 13
    A burlesque comic blames a theatre owner for the death of his galpal and decides to get even by getting the owner's daughter a part in a new Broadway play--knowing full well that the man is dead set against his daughter becoming an actress.
  • You Can't Fight City Hall
    Pinky is at it again. The Pinkster manages to upset New York City's entire political structure in order to show an immigrant newsboy democracy in action. This entire hullabaloo occurs due to the theft of a three cent newspaper.
  • Blondes Prefer Gentlemen
    Coleen McCullough is killed when she hits her head on a heater during a fight with her boyfriend, bootlegger Jack Bennett. Pinky, who witnessed the whole thing, knows it was an accident, but Bennett isn't taking any chances - he has Pinky kidnaped.
  • Asparagus Tipps
    Asparagus Tipps
    Episode 10
    Duke discovers a foolproof system to play the horses and disseminates this information to the public through his newspaper column. Needless to say, New York's bookies are none too pleased about this situation.
  • So's Your Old Man
    So's Your Old Man
    Episode 9
    Big time bookie Mitch Mitchell might be the hardest and most unfeeling man in New York City but kind-hearted Pinky believes there is some good in the man. Aided by his son, Andy, and the Boy Scouts, she sets out to soften Mitch's heart.
  • Pinky Goes to College
    Once again, Pinky is in the wrong place at the wrong time when she witnesses a gangland killing. Duke then comes up with the bright idea to hide the Pinkster on a college campus--dressed as a boy. This one could get really sticky.
  • Duke on the Bum
    Duke on the Bum
    Episode 7
    Duke goes undercover as a Bowery bum in order to get the goods on a racketeer.
  • Everybody Loves Benny
    Out after a scoop, Pat Garrison moves in with Benny Lester who has been marked for death by the Mob.
  • Another Time, Another War
    Former World War I doughboy Ace Johnson has come upon hard times so he decided to go into the bootlegging business. When he purchases a hijacked truck from mobster Dutch Miller, Ace finds himself charged with the murder of the original owner of the truck.
  • Standing Room Only
    Standing Room Only
    Episode 4
    Broadway producer Sheldon Farrington is in a jam. He's been losing money at the racetrack and to cover these losses he decides to sell a percentage of his show to backers. Unfortunately for Farrington, one of these backers is a shady character named Max Winslow.
  • Nobody's Millions
    Nobody's Millions
    Episode 3
    John Dehner joins the series as Jim "Duke" Williams who at first glance appears to be more con man than newsman. He invents a news story out of thin air and than attempts to convince an amnesia victim that she's the heiress to a large fortune.
  • Kitty Goes West
    Kitty Goes West
    Episode 2
    Irish immigrant Kitty O'Moyne is so excited about arriving in America that she accidentally does a swan dive into the harbor. She then falls for the Prince Charming who rescued her--Tim McCool. There's only one problem--Tim is associated with the Mob.
  • No Exit
    No Exit
    Episode 1
    Pat Garrison falls head over heels in love with beautiful Mona Fenton, the daughter of a prominent politician. Unfortunately for our hero, Mona seems to prefer gangster Hank Merriman over him.