The Robinsons

Thursday 9:30 PM on BBC Two Premiered May 01, 2005 Between Seasons





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  • The most British show on TV.

    The Robinsons is a show about an average British family, and focuses mainly about Ed, the youngest son. Throughout the show he keep comparing himself to the more successful (and sometimes, less successful) members of his family. I find it very amusing, especially when I normally find British shows dull and boring to tears. It is my favorite BBC show. It has only 6 episodes, but each one is cleverly plotted and not a bit boring! I'm very surprised it's not a bigger success, because I think it's a great comedy show. Too bad it wasn't continued. It had a great potential.
  • It's an original british comedy!

    "The Robinsons" is a show about the british family, The Robinsons (duh!). It's about Ed Robinson and how he lives with his family's problems and daily lives.
    The show is not enough in 30 miutes and should be extended because it's a funny favorite. This is the kind of family that is original and not boring and pirated like According to Jim