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The Rockford Files

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James Garner stars as Jim Rockford, a private investigator who lives and works from his trailer in Malibu, Los Angeles. Jim is an ex-con who had been imprisoned for five years in San Quentin for armed robbery – a crime which he did not commit and was later pardoned. Jim has a quarter page advertisement in the yellow pages, drives a tan Pontiac Firebird and has an answering machine, which plays at the beginning of every episode; "This is Jim Rockford, at the tone leave your name and message and I'll get back to you". A person then leaves a message – which usually has no relevance to the episode but is often humorous. The series also stars Noah Beery Jr as Jim's father Joseph "Rocky" Rockford, a retired truck driver. Rocky offers words of wisdom, advice or even assistance in some episodes. Rocky frequently pressures his son to leave the PI business and take up safer, honest work, such as trucking. Jim also has a close friendship with Dennis Becker, played by Joe Santos. Dennis is a Los Angeles Police Sergeant, later promoted to Lieutenant. Jim uses Dennis get information, police computer checks and often makes him the hero of the case Jim was investigating. Any time Jim is arrested in the first four seasons, he simply calls for his attorney Elizabeth "Beth" Davenport, played by Gretchen Corbett. Jim and Beth had a previous relationship, but remained friends until Beth went off to run her own private practice and later write legal fiction. In her absence Jim turns to John 'Coop' Cooper, played by Bo Hopkins in the fifth season. Coop is a disbarred attorney who specialises in legal research, and gets embroiled in three of Jim's cases. While Jim was in prison, he met Evelyn 'Angel' Martin, wonderfully portrayed by Stuart Margolin. So named because he was always praying the hard cases not to hit him; Angel is sneaky and is always up to something illegal - often involving Jim in his swindles. As part of his parole, he works for his brother-in-law who owns a LA Newspaper. Roy Huggins and Stephen J Cannell created The Rockford Files. The shows production team included Meta Rosenberg, Juanita Bartlett, Chas Floyd Johnson and David Chase, all of whom have had further successful series in later years. First Telecast: September 13, 1974 Last Telecast: July 25, 1980 Episodes: 1 Pilot Movie + 123 Color Episodes & 8 Made-for-TV Movies NBC Broadcast History September 1974 - May 1977; Friday 21:00 June 1977; Friday 20:30 July 1977 - January 1979; Friday 21:00 February - March 1979; Saturday 22:00 April - December 1979; Fridays 21:00 March - April 1980; Thursdays 22:00 June - July 1980; Fridays 21:00 Nielsen Ratings: (Top 25 or Better) #12 in the 1974-1975 Seasonmoreless
Noah Beery Jr.

Noah Beery Jr.

Joseph "Rocky" Rockford

James Garner

James Garner

James Scott 'Jim' Rockford

Joe Santos

Joe Santos

Detective Dennis Becker

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  • The Rockford Files

    Hello there, this is Derrick Ferguson from Little Rock, Arkansas. I like to watch this classic television show, and it's called "The Rockford Files", because it brings back some of my memories. Please send me an e-mail to my new e-mail address, and it's Thanks! See you all again real soon.

    Derrick Ferguson

    Little Rock, Arkansas
  • One of the most down to earth detective shows of all time

    I love The Rockford Files! Everything from the great theme song to the cool James Garner. This show had it all. Most people could relate to the main character in one way or another. Have you ever been falsely accused? Ever had to pay for someone else's mistakes or crimes? Then you know how it feels to be in Jim Rockford's shoes.

    The storylines were well written and kept the viewer involved in each episode 'till the very end. It's always encouraging to see someone who has been down and out rise to the challenge and overcome adversity. If Jim Rockford could do it, so can we. I love The Rockford Files!moreless
  • The rough and tumble exploits of human punchbag and P.I., Jim Rockford.

    Despite the sometimes O.T.T action (Was Jim's head made from cast iron?) there's no doubting the quality and class of "The Rockford Files" From the sun kissed Mike Post theme tune, the car chases, the generally serious storylines, wry humour, and the ultra charismatic characters, the show is a winner. Sure there are the occasional turkey episodes, but even a classic is allowed the odd faux pas here and there. James Garner was refered to by Barry Norman as television's first true superstar, and "The Rockford Files" cemeneted his reputation as the everyman hero in a rough and tumble world where the good guys didn't always come out tops. 10/10.moreless
  • this show was really good.

    this is one of those shows you might not admit you used to watch, but I admit it. His car was pretty cool, he was always solving cases and he usually added a little humor to the situation. How can you not like this show, it had everything. It had action, adventure, drama and comedy. The cases he were on were actually interesting, I wish TV shows that are on today were even half as good as this show. If you haven't watched this show I'm sure you can rent it on video or something, it's a pretty decent show and it will always keep you entertained.moreless
  • Influential detective series.

    This was probably the greatest part James Garner ever played. He was essentially playing himself, an easy going guy caught in oddball situations mainly brought on by loony clients or by his former ex-con friends. The character of Jim Rockford was not unlike his other defining role of Bret Maverick. Also, the supporting cast was great as well. Noah Beery Jr. was perfect as Rocky, Jim's father, who was always trying to get his "Sonny" to give up the detective business and join him in the trucking business. Joe Santos was great as Dennis, Jim's main contact on the LAPD who reluctantly helped Jim by giving him information on various cases. Gretchen Corbett was great in her role as his girlfriend/lawyer Beth Davenport who would always be there to get him out of a jam. But, perhaps the most memorable character was Angel, played by Stuart Margolin. Angel was, and still is, the biggest weasel in television history. He would often be responsible for getting Jim into the odd predicaments he would get into. Also of note, this was the first hit from the mind of Stephen J. Cannell after years of writing for Adam-12. Cannell is probably one of the greatest writers in television history and this is where it all began.moreless
  • R.I.P.

    Maverick and The Rockford Files Star James Garner Is Dead at 86

    The legendary actor passed away on Saturday of natural causes.


    NBC Remake Will Reopen The Rockford Files

    Ben Silverman has left NBC, but the network's desire to remake old shows is still going strong. NBC announced its decision to remake the 1970s gumshoe classic The Rockford Files, and they've lined up David Shore, creator of the medical…

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