The Rockford Files

Season 2 Episode 10

2 Into 5.56 Won't Go

Aired Unknown Nov 21, 1975 on NBC
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2 Into 5.56 Won't Go
When Colonel Daniel Hart-Bowie, an old army commander leaves a message on Jim’s answer machine, the Army enquires about the conversation, and do not believe Jim when he says he did not speak to the Colonel. After learning the Colonel is dead, Jim is released, but the Colonel’s daughter Shana visits Jim, taking him at gunpoint demanding to know what is going on, so Jim agrees to help her. They look around the Colonel’s quarters at the Army base to discover it has been gently ransacked, as items have been placed incorrectly. They meet Sergeant Harvey Slate, and Jim poses as Professor Jim ‘Rock’ Sanderson, in order to continue investigating covertly. That night at his hotel Jim is taken at gunpoint by a Police Deputy Billy Webster, and driven out into the fields and questioned by a mysterious man by radio. They have believed Jim’s cover story so Billy attempts to beat Jim up, but Jim beats him and escapes, and spots the car has an Army Base sticker on the bumper. Jim investigates a person named ‘Terry’, a name mentioned by Shana and finds the car with the bumper sticker. Having found that Shana has been kidnapped, Jim goes to Colonel Hopkins, and learns that illegal gun smuggling of the 5.56 rifle is taking place using made up names soldiers, empty coffins and fake funerals…moreless

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  • review

    CHarles Napier is famalier to 1960's Star trek fans who played a space Hippe; iroincally years later he played a general on Star trek Deep space nine
  • Great mystery, and we learn some more about Jim's background

    Jim gets a message from his old commanding officer from Korea, only to learn that the man has died in an accident. The military wants to know what, if anything, the colonel told him, and the man's daughter hires Rockford because she doesn't believe it was an accident.

    We learn about some of Sgt./Private Rockford's actions in Korea, ranging from setting up pool halls to a poignant moment at the end of the show where we learn Col. Bowie saved Jim's life. Jim owed him one, and closing the case on his murder allows him to put the ghost away. Nice chemistry between Garner and the colonel's daughter, and Jim is in fine smart-ass form. After being dressed down by a colonel on the case, Rockford says "the nice thing about being a civilian is you outrank generals and colonels." TV and movie tough guy Charles Napier turns up as the corrup deputy who wants nothing more than to "mess" Rockford up, to which Rockford counters, "You couldn't mess up a bed."

    All in all, a solid "Rockford Files." It's nice to learn a little bit more about how Jim got to be the way he is, and it's clear that the Army was not the place for him.moreless
Jesse Welles

Jesse Welles

Shana Bowie

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Charles Napier

Charles Napier

Billy Webster

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Mitch Ryan

Mitch Ryan

Colonel Hopkins

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