The Rockford Files

Season 5 Episode 11

A Fast Count

Aired Unknown Dec 01, 1978 on NBC

Episode Recap

Jim investigates when his friend Morry Hawthorne, a boxing manager is arrested by the FBI for bribing a federal official. Jim owns 5% of Morry's star boxer Jesuœ Hernandez, who is sought to be purchased by Ruth Beetson-White, a well-known female cars salesperson from television. Jim meets with the Federal official and learns the description of the man who delivered the bribe – a man named Tony Malavida. Jim follows Malavida, who meets with a familiar face – but Jim can't place him. Later Jim attends a meeting between all of the Hernandez investors and Ruth Beetson White, who reveals Morry sold 200% of the fighter, therefore making Jim's investment worth 2.5%. Jim convinces the other investors not to sell. Morry is later arrested on suspicion of the murder of Malavida and then has his boxing licence revoked. Jim is then attacked outside Morry's home by two thugs. Next day Jim prevents Morry from selling his fighter to Ruth again. This angers Ruth who meets with Jim over dinner to convince him to stay out of the case, but he refuses. Later Jim while watching a Ruth Beetson-White Car commercial TV with Dennis, Jim spots Skip Laforce as the face who met with Malavida. Jim impersonates at prospective employee at Beetson Motors but is spotted by the thugs and Laforce. Jim narrowly escapes when he learns Morry is meeting Ruth at the gym to sell Jesuœ. Jim pieces the clues together and arrives just as Skip and the thugs arrive to kill Ruth and frame Morry for murder…