The Rockford Files

Season 5 Episode 7

A Three-Day Affair With a Thirty-Day Escrow

Aired Unknown Nov 10, 1978 on NBC

Episode Recap

Jim is taken before some no-nonsense Arabs who want to know why Sean Innes hired him. Under duress, Jim explains he was searching for Khedra Azziz, then escapes the Arabs and reports the incident to Lieutenant Chapman, who is not interested. Jim breaks into Sean Innes' apartment and finds a cheque written by Cy Margulies, the estate agent to the stars. Posing as an agent for a celebrity Jim tries to get a line on Innes, but instead is shown around a luxury mansion. When Ludes the thug tries to put Jim off, Jim learns Innes resides at Miriam's - a lady friend. Innes takes Jim to the Aziz home – the same mansion Jim was shown earlier. They find Mr Mohammed Azziz dead, when Jim tires to report it to the police Sean knocks him out and runs. Chapman begins to take an interest in the case while Jim finds Innes back at Miriam's. Sean explains Margulies hires him to create adulterous divorces in rich couples so their rich homes have to be sold – by Margulies, for a grand profit. The pair find Khedra staying with her maid, then Jim, Sean and Khedra are kidnapped, along with Margulies by the Arabs – who are actually Khedra's family and put her on trial for adultery, find her guilty and take them to the airport to fly home and kill them all, put Jim has something up his sleeve…
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