The Rockford Files

Season 1 Episode 12

Caledonia - It's Worth a Fortune!

Aired Unknown Dec 06, 1974 on NBC

Episode Recap

While visiting her husband Gerry, in the prison hospital, Jolene Hyland is told to remember "Caledonia" as it is the location of a fortune. She hires Jim, and they visit the Caledonia, and meet Sheriff Prouty, who claims the biggest arrest in county history was due to a traffic violation. Jim s sceptical, so he and Jolene go to the farm where Gerry was arrested and meet the owner - Sheriff Prouty, who is less than welcoming.
Later, Leonard Blair seeks out his cellmates wife and old flame Jolene, stating he has the directions to the fortune, but no town to start from. Jim agrees to go with Jolene to meet Leonard but when they arrive at the motel they see Leonard beaten up and tklen away in an ambulance. He was beaten two former prison mates; Wilson and BJ who also want a piece of the deal. Jolene asks Jim for negotiate with Leonard, who would take the entire loot, in exchange for a percentage. Jim and Jolene meet Leonard at the golf range, where Jim deals a percentage of thirty-three and third each. Len agrees but Jolene is furious because she appears to have lost more money. Jim corrects her; by dealing in this way Jolene has sixty six and two-thirds percent less his bonus. She continues to apologise, when Jim sees Wilson and BJ are following them. They evade the pair by parking on a car truck, but are booked by a traffic warden. That night they go to collect Leonard, who has already been kidnapped by Wilson and BJ and taken to a barn. Jim hears Leonard give some directions, notes them down and rescues Len by storming the barn. He leaves Len, but Len claims he made up the directions. Jim is unconvinced but Len proves to be right. The trio travel to a town, where Len and Gib double cross them. Knowing Len would pull a stunt Jim confesses he tricked them, but Len is unconvinced. When Len returns Jolene drives the Firebird while Jim and Len are handcuffed to one another- ensuring full trust. They drive to Caledonia and follow the directions all the way to the farm, where they dig up the chicken coup and find a box with a strange message… It is a letter that says "Dear Jolene, There are no stamps, there never were. If you are reading this you are there with Len. By now you should hate each other and that is the best news that I could hjave. Gerry". The trio reads the note and exit the chicken coop only to be arrested by the sheriff who is mighty upset that there is no money.