The Rockford Files

Season 2 Episode 9

Chicken Little is a Little Chicken

Aired Unknown Nov 14, 1975 on NBC
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Angel returns Jim’s Pontiac Firebird and asks him to retrieve some gambling winnings from Tom ‘Chicken’ Little. Jim goes to Little who agrees to come to Paradise Cove, provded they pick up his brother. They do so and when they return to the trailer, Angel screams and runs off in Rocky’s truck, with the goons making chase by stealing the Firebird. Jim tries to file a stolen vehicle report with Dennis but Angel stops him, when Dennis takes Angel for questioning about the death of Tom Little. Grabbing Angel outside Jim demands an explaination, but due to a “bad case of the fifth amendment” Angel suffers outside the Police State, he Angel takes Jim to the truck and they drive off. During the journey Angel reveals he was asked by Tom Little to laundered “30 G’s” which he stuffed into the drivers door panel of the Firebird, and the goons who stole the Firebird work for Marty Frishette – another gangster. When they stop they are kidnapped and taken to Chester Sierra, a local gangster who wants a piece of the action, and when Angel refuses, tries to kill them, but they escape. Next day Jim is contacted by Angel to meet at the newspaper where Angel has learned Little was swindling the paper and placed the evidence of the swindle in Angel’s desk drawer. Jim wants out, but Angel needs help, so he agrees, provided Angel dies. That night they slip an article into the newspaper that Angel was murdered. Wanting an explanation Jim says Angel’s death is for his safety and his funeral is an excellent place to work ‘the shell game’ using three brief cases. Jim meets with Marty Fishette, leaving a brief case for the money and an invite to the funeral. He also contacts Chester Sierra. At the funeral, the brief case passing begins…moreless

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  • Because you're my friend. . .

    Any episode (well, almost any) featuring Evelyn "Angel" Martin is a Rockford classic, and this one's among the best. Stuart Margolin is exceptionally chicken, slimy and wonderful here. ("Why don't you just do Jimmy? That way, I can tell everybody about what you did.") LOL!

    Also, we get two of the series' best one-shot characters: Chester Sierra(hysterically played by Ray Danton) and Marty Fichette.

    About 75% into the story, you're sure it's destined to be one of the Rockford Top Ten. But then the briefcase exchange takes over and the episode flatlines. (The con is poorly explained by the writers and poorly executed by the director.)

    So what? "CLIALC" is one the funniest of all Rockfords.

Ray Danton

Ray Danton

Chester Sierra

Guest Star

Frank Campanella

Frank Campanella

Marty Frishette

Guest Star

Sandy Ward

Sandy Ward

The Sheriff

Guest Star

Stuart Margolin

Stuart Margolin

Angel Martin

Recurring Role

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    • Angel: You gotta help me ...

      Jim: Why?

      Angel: Because ...

      Jim: ... because you put thirty grand in my car without telling me and dragged two underworld syndicates down on top of me, because you forgot a half-a-dozen little details, any one of which could have got me killed, and because you're crazy enough to confide in Tom Little? Did I forget anything?

      Angel: Yeah, you forgot something.

      Jim: What?

      Angel: Because you're my friend.

      Jim: (silent and sighs)

    • Angel: Them guys are tough, but if you think they're tough, wait 'til you see Frishette's guys.

      Jim: Frishette , Marty Frishette? What's he got to do with it?

      Angel: That's one little thing I forgot to tell you ...

    • Rocky to Jim, who is on his way to make a "business proposition" with Angel: Don't let this fellow involve you in nothing like sticking up no gas stations.

      Jim: I'm not gonna stick up any gas stations, Dad. Of course, a supermarket close to the freeway wouldn't be too bad.

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