The Rockford Files

Season 3 Episode 6

Coulter City Wildcat

Aired Unknown Nov 12, 1976 on NBC

Episode Recap

Two goons force Rocky to sign a blank form for the mineral rights to a piece of land. Rocky explains to Jim about the 'investments' he has made for oil leases with Claude Orzeck in Coulter City. Intrigued Jim partners Rocky to travel to Coulter City and investigate. After meeting Orzeck, Jim and Rocky look at parcel 334, which Rocky supposedly 'won', but has now sold to a man named O'Malley. A grounds man scares them off, but they sneak out of the hotel that night and go back to find an oil tap on the land registering 7000 psi - the land sits on oil. The goons spot them and a chase ensues. Jim meets the Geological Survey Officer Wally Link, who confirms that Rocky holds title to 334. Jim goes to see Gerald A O'Malley a short sighted man who is frightened to death about a nuclear war and boasts a bomb shelter. O'Malley detests oil claiming he constantly signs anti-oil petitions for his relative Orzeck. The goons chase Rocky in a local café but are diverted by Phyllis, a waitress, who requests Jim's help to find her missing boyfriend – a drill worker. Jim and Rocky break into Orzeck's office, find him dead and are arrested for his murder. Beth gets them out, so that Jim can pull a bluff. He holds an auction to sell parcel 334, so they can smoke out the real killer…