The Rockford Files

Season 3 Episode 22

Dirty Money, Black Light

Aired Unknown Apr 01, 1977 on NBC

Episode Recap

Jim meets Angel at his barber. Angel wants Jim to lend him money or better still allow him to stay at Rocky's as he is away in Hawaii. Jim refuses, but has to lend him money when goons from Electric Larry come to Angel for the money he owes. When Jim is opening Rocky's mail, he finds an envelope containing money – the counterfoil states $11,000. Angel pilfers some, and races to the bank. Jim goes home and tries to contact Rocky in Hawaii, without success. Jim counts the money and finds some is missing. Next day more money arrives in the mail – making the total $44,000 in two days. Dennis Becker attends the death of a mystery man who fell out a window. Federal agents Steiner and Wolf are present but tell Dennis nothing.

Jim meets with Beth and using a ultra-violet light finds the money is marked in each corner, realising Angel is in danger, they go to his apartment and find Electric Larry's goons there. A fight begins, but when Beth traps the gunman's arm in a door Jim overcomes them and learns from them that Angel was arrested by the FBI. Angel is spilling his guts telling the agents everything – implicating "the Rockford Gang" and tells them where to find Rocky. A warrant is issued and Rocky is then deported from Hawaii and is arrested.

Jim is visited by "the Jones brothers", who demand to know where Rocky's mail is. They bring in a big goon to beat Jim up, but he tricks him with a mousetrap and hits him with a pan. Jim finds Rocky's place ransacked and finds a leaflet of the company who posted the competition of the Hawaiian holiday Rocky won.

Jim asks Dennis about Electric Larry – he is loan shark with high interest rates. Jim goes to him to borrow $20,000. Larry explains that the $20,000 is "the nut" (loan), but Jim will owe Larry a total $30,000 because of "the vig" (interest). Larry has Jim followed, and he goes straight to the FBI giving them the money to buy some time. Seeing it is not marked they keep Rocky in jail – so Jim vows to bust their case. Jim goes to the company who awarded the Hawaiian holiday and posing as a carpet cleaner, manages to get the name of the firm behind the competition. Jim is picked up by Larry and taken to the gym and put in a boxing ring with a thug. Jim hits him with a chair and throws chalk dust over Larry and escapes.

Jim goes to the company, connecting it to the Jones brothers – Dearborn and Blake. They confess the money was intended for a payoff and they killed the courier by throwing him out of a window. Jim arranges an exchange of the money that night, and invites the FBI and Electric Larry along. He sends the money up in an elevator when Larry arrives and takes Jim to the top floor. A shootout ensues and Jim hides under a table, when the Dennis and the FBI arrives. Dennis arrests Larry while the Steiner complains that Jim blew the case. Jim doesn't care and demands they release his father. Later Rocky is cutting Angel's hair for free, wondering how the Feds found him in Hawaii. Angel claims the Federal Government are clever workers, while Jim makes a comment abut informers. Steiner and Wolf arrive to have Jim sign his statement, and thank Angel for his information regarding Rocky. Annoyed Rocky cuts a large piece of Angel's hair and hands it to him…