The Rockford Files

NBC (ended 1980)




Episode Guide

    • There's One in Every Port
      Season 3 - Episode 12
      Jim realises he was conned when he helps a dying friend by entering a poker game which is busted by some thugs, and finds he must perform his own con on his friend to even the score...
    • Pastoria Prime Pick
      Season 2 - Episode 11
      Jim’s car breaks down on the ‘eight mile grade’ while on his way to Pastoria. Luckily Vern Soper is in his mechanics truck and tows Jim to Pastoria. On arrival, Jim poses as Larry Metcalfe of Great Western Casualty, as part of his skip-trace case. Jim eats at the Dinner and meets former Sheriff Emmett Byrd and then checks in at the motel, where Officer Kolodny misinterprets Jim’s concern when a photograph is taken of him with Rita, the motel helper. Jim also finds a strange suitcase that is not his. Vern Soper checks the Firebird and charges a fortune so Jim checks it and finds the car was tampered with at his last stop, so reports the crime and Kolodny’s behaviour to Sheriff Gladish. That night Jim’s room is burst into by some drug dealers who want their money, and are about to kill Jim when Rita arrives telling him that Kolodny is coming to get him for reporting him to the Sheriff. Jim makes his escape in Rita’s car, is forced to dump it and walk to Emmett Byrd’s house. There, Byrd hears on the radio that Jim is wanted and arrests him; Jim hits Byrd and runs right into the Police. In jail Jim is charged with narcotics smuggling with intent to supply, misrepresentation, grand theft auto, assault and criminal damage. Jim tells Beth he has a witness: Rita – but her mother, the Mayor Karen Saunders does not want her involved and threatens Jim with a charge of Statutory Rape. Prosecutor Gilbert Univaso offers Jim a plea bargain, but Jim refuses for his day in court. Pleading not guilty, Jim is bound over for trail by Judge Russell Cline. Byrd then refuses to press charges on the assault and damage, telling Jim, Beth and Rocky that something that Soper said was false. Jim works out that the Pastoria authorities are all in it together and that they must have been tipped off about his coming Jim calls the last hotel he stayed in and poses as ‘Gerald Creekmore’ – the man who sent him to Pastoria, to learn the telephone number in Pastoria he dials – it is a answer machine. Jim breaks into the Prosecutor’s office, steals his file and tapes an answer machine dialler tone. Kolodny spots him so Jim hits him and escapes. On trying to leave town Beth and Rocky are arrested while Jim breaks away to his only sanctuary; Emmett Byrd. Byrd takes Jim to Judge Cline and explains to him that the Police people with made up crimes, and the Courts have them pay a fine and because the charges vary and most people plea bargain. The next victim will be lead to believe he killed someone and that he will arrive very soon on the eight-mile grade…moreless
    • Dirty Money, Black Light
      Season 3 - Episode 22
      Something is delivering thousands of dollars in the mail to Rocky and someone is desperate to get it back. Jim investigates after his father is arrested and uses money borrowed from a loan shark to buy some time...
    • The Hammer of C Block
      Season 2 - Episode 14
      Jim returns from Long Pine to find Gandolph Fitch waiting for him – recently released from San Quentin for murder after 20 years, and wants to collect a prison debt; in services. Gandy asks Jim to investigate his girlfriend Lila’s murder – the crime he was imprisoned for. They try to find his old lawyer, but instead Gandy directs them to Rosie, an old man, who is asked to put it about that Gandy is looking for the killer. Jim is mad, as now the killer knows who they are but they don’t know the killer. They see Gandy’s lawyer Oliver Prey, who after some persuasion gives them a copy of the trial transcript. They then visit Pasadena to see Pebbles Runkin, Gandy’s former employer, for a lead on Eunice Charles Lila’s best friend. Runkin tells them Eunice is dead, so Jim leaves Gandy to find work. Jim continues to investigate, following up some information he got from Runkin alone and finds Eunice, who is now Mrs Bingham – married to a prominent doctor. A girl overhears the conversation Jim has with Eunice where he learns that Gandy used to hit Lila and that Lila disappeared on two occasions for 5 months and 7 months. Jim speaks to Dennis, who hears that Gandy was arrested in Pasadena. Jim posts bail and the pair sees the officer who arrested Gandy. They go and play pool and after a long talk Jim finally believes Gandy is innocent and continue to trail the beat. In a bar Gandy gets a call from Debbie, the girl from Mrs Bingham’s house, who takes Gandy to the park where she and her brother Arthur - the police officer - ambush him to get revenge for the death of their mother Lila. Jim has followed them and stops them – and suddenly works out the whole case…moreless
    • White on White and Nearly Perfect
      White on White and Nearly Perfect
      Season 5 - Episode 4
      Jim works with Lance White, a fellow who is so perfect it seems unreal, when investigating the kidnapping of the daughter of a prominant weapons industrialist...
    • 11/14/75
      Angel returns Jim’s Pontiac Firebird and asks him to retrieve some gambling winnings from Tom ‘Chicken’ Little. Jim goes to Little who agrees to come to Paradise Cove, provded they pick up his brother. They do so and when they return to the trailer, Angel screams and runs off in Rocky’s truck, with the goons making chase by stealing the Firebird. Jim tries to file a stolen vehicle report with Dennis but Angel stops him, when Dennis takes Angel for questioning about the death of Tom Little. Grabbing Angel outside Jim demands an explaination, but due to a “bad case of the fifth amendment” Angel suffers outside the Police State, he Angel takes Jim to the truck and they drive off. During the journey Angel reveals he was asked by Tom Little to laundered “30 G’s” which he stuffed into the drivers door panel of the Firebird, and the goons who stole the Firebird work for Marty Frishette – another gangster. When they stop they are kidnapped and taken to Chester Sierra, a local gangster who wants a piece of the action, and when Angel refuses, tries to kill them, but they escape. Next day Jim is contacted by Angel to meet at the newspaper where Angel has learned Little was swindling the paper and placed the evidence of the swindle in Angel’s desk drawer. Jim wants out, but Angel needs help, so he agrees, provided Angel dies. That night they slip an article into the newspaper that Angel was murdered. Wanting an explanation Jim says Angel’s death is for his safety and his funeral is an excellent place to work ‘the shell game’ using three brief cases. Jim meets with Marty Fishette, leaving a brief case for the money and an invite to the funeral. He also contacts Chester Sierra. At the funeral, the brief case passing begins…moreless
    • The Competitive Edge
      The Competitive Edge
      Season 4 - Episode 19
      Jimis hired to find an accused embezzler who disappeared after posting bail and finds himself institutionalsied by some health buffs who are trying to cover up their drug use...
    • Crack Back
      Season 3 - Episode 21
      Although she is being harrased by a mystery stalker, Beth represents a football player charged with murder, Jim tries to find a missing alibi witness, who is shot dead before she can testify...
    • A Portrait of Elizabeth
      Season 2 - Episode 16
      Jim agrees to work for Beth’s latest gentleman friend Dave Delaraux, by investigating the possible disappearance of some checks in the Comptrollers office. Jim finds them present and reports to Dave, whose attitude continues to annoy Jim. Jim then has to take Beth to a concert, which is boring. Dave has dinner with Karen Silver, but it is interrupted by her ex-husband Mickey. After Dave beats Mickey in a fight Mickey wants revenge. He follows Dave to Jim’s trailer, where Dave uses the hidden key to break in and finds Jim’s gun. When Mickey has his bodyguard Rod Fitzpatrick storm in Dave shoots them both. Jim returns from the concert and finds the dead men and reports it to the police. Lieutenant Diehl is desperate to charge Jim with the murder, but cannot make a connection between them. Just as it looks like Jim is to go free, Federal Agent Shore arrests Jim for federal banking crimes and murder and takes Jim to a quite place to question him. Jim learns that Rod Fitzpatrick was actually Arnold Adams and that he and Dave Delaroux have ripped off a large corporation for two million dollars. Jim takes a lie-detector test to clear himself, because Beth was engaged as Dave’s attorney and cannot testify against him. Beth is upset about Dave’s deception, hen Jim and Beth find a note from Dave claiming to have stolen Beth’s car to go to the airport. Seeing it as a rouse Jim has Beth take him to his other girlfriend who tells them where Dave’s art studio is. They find Dave, who fights with Jim and takes Beth, but Jim smears his car windscreen forcing him to crash. With Dave in custody, Beth is upset there was not portrait done of her. Jim puts the remaining clues together and they go to find the missing money…moreless
    • A Good Clean Bust With Sequel Rights
      Jim is hired by an Insurance Company for a toy manufacturer who ask him to baby-sit a cop turned TV writer who keeps falling into trouble and is desperate to solve one last big case involving a mob hit...
    • The Farnsworth Stratagem
      Season 2 - Episode 2
      Jim goes with Dennis and Peggy Becker to the new hotel they have invested in for the weekend. The hotel manger explains they have no rooms, because the residents live in condominiums, and that the Becker’s in fact own part of the lobby and the car park. Realising he has been swindled by Bradley Investments Limited, Dennis asks Jim for help. Jim is reluctant, but agrees when Audrey Wyatt, a children’s author, visits asking to be a part of the investigation as she invested too. Although she tries to convince Jim there is nothing that can be done, and upon learning Lieutenant Diehl’s wife has also invested Jim has no choice but to help when the bank threaten to foreclose on his mortgage. Beth reads the contract, and Jim requests that all the investors transfer the mineral rights in the lobby and the car park to him. Next day Jim poses as ‘James W. Farnsworth’ and with the help of Audrey, Rocky, Angel and some others constructs a massive oil-drilling rig in the hotel car park. Angel begins breaking the ground with a jackhammer while the residents protest. Two of the residents threaten Jim, but eventually Jim draws Simon Lloyd, the head of Bradley Investments, out into the open. Meanwhile Jim discovers that Audrey is not an author but was in fact the ‘roper of the marks’ for the con – but she has turned, because Jim’s scam is so much better. Jim vows to keep the relationship professional. Dennis visits informing Jim that the residents of the hotel are all members of organised crime. Jim meets with Lloyd who offers to buy him out because Audrey leaked the results of the soil samples. Jim refuses, but Louis Christian, a resident gangster persuades Jim, who confesses the whole thing is a scam – but no one believes him, so Jim sells out. Suddenly the rig strikes – and water begins to pour out…moreless
    • Forced Retirement
      Forced Retirement
      Season 4 - Episode 11
      Jim poses as 'Jimmy Joe Meeker' in order to investigate an undersea project being constructed by one of Beth's old friends...
    • Joey Blue Eyes
      Season 2 - Episode 17
      Beth tries to convince Jim to work for her friend Joseph ‘Joey Blue Eyes’ DiMinna and take him to dinner at Joey’s restaurant. Joey explains his case, but Jim is reluctant, which makes Joey angry. He later storms out the restaurant in a hurry. Beth learns that Joey’s daughter Paulette has been beaten up and then finds out that Joey attacked the perpetrators and has ended up in jail. Jim learns that Joey’s restaurant is mortgaged by Burt Striker, but the payments are so big Joey cannot afford them, and the place is in debt so he took out a loan from a shark; Sweet Tooth London, who wanted repaying so beat up Paulette. After some persuasion Jim agrees to help if Joey does it his way. Joey and Jim meet Sweet Tooth London. Posing as Jim Taggart, Jim tries to get Sweet Tooth to loan them more money, but he refuses so convinces Sweet Tooth to lay off them. Jim then has Angel impersonate Sweet Tooth London and go and meet Bert Striker, and attempts to get some money off Striker for ‘Sweet Tooth’ to give to Joey, to give back to Striker. Striker refuses and tries to have Angel killed, but Jim saves him after a small chase. Left with few options, Jim uses Paulette as sole name of the business to run a scam. Joey meets a construction friend to obtain some plans while Jim poses as Taggart and meets with Striker at the golf course. Claiming to have kidnapped Paulette, Jim proposes a ransom, which Striker must pay if he wants Paulette to sign the handover papers to own the restaurant. He refuses, but sends Gannon to watch him. Gannon witnesses Joey shoot and kill Jim, so then Striker is forced to deal with Angel, who sets up the exchange. Striker and Gannon watch as Barrow places the money in a bin in a park and wait in ambush for someone to collect it…moreless
    • Heartaches of a Fool
      Heartaches of a Fool
      Season 5 - Episode 1
      When Rocky is hi-jacked and injured while delivering sausages, Jim investigates the sausage company through their spokesperson; a country and western singer...
    • A Different Drummer
      A Different Drummer
      Season 5 - Episode 22
      Hospitalized by an accident, Jim is convinced he sees a doctor perform an organ extraxion on a live patient...
    • The Paper Palace
      The Paper Palace
      Season 4 - Episode 16
      Jim meets Rita Capkovic and helps her when she believes she is being stalked by two French men who want to kill her...
    • The Oracle Wore a Cashmere Suit
      Season 3 - Episode 2
      Jim is in for a rough time when a Clairvoyant claims Jim knows more about the disappearance and murder of a young couple than he originally claims...
    • So Help Me God
      Season 3 - Episode 7

      When Jim is called before the grand jury and cannot answer the questions about the kidnapping of a union boss put by the prosecutor, Jim is thrown in jail repeatedly and must avoid murder attempts in order to uncover the reason why people are convinced he has the answers to everyone's questions...

    • Counter Gambit
      Season 1 - Episode 17
      Jim is asked by Moss Williams, a fellow ex prisoner (who once tried to kill Jim), to recover a priceless necklace. Jim refuses but is given new incentive when Edgar Birch of insurance company offers a substantial fee to recover the necklace too. Jim agrees to work for Birch, and so when Moss gets out of prison, Jim agrees to work for Moss and Harry Crown by tracing Maria Heller whom Moss claims is his former girl who has absconded, changed her name to Valerie Thomas and has taken the necklace. Jim begins to romance her and eventually uses a clever gimmick of a tape recorder in a box inside her safe to work out the combination. Jim is informed by Dennis of the procedure for stolen jewellery in a court case but when he sees Birch, realises Birch is an impostor who works for Moss, who are actually part of big swindle with Moss and Harry Crown to obtain the necklace they are actually stealing, not recovering. Pursued on a charge of burglary, Jim gains Valerie’s trust and enlists the help of Angel Martin to impersonate Manny Tolan, a pearl necklace expert, and infer that the necklace is paste. Angel then sells Jim out to Moss and Harry, who see the real Manny Tolan, who confirms the necklace is paste, so the pair plan and then go to re-steal the necklace…moreless
    • A Fast Count
      A Fast Count
      Season 5 - Episode 11
      A murder investigation leads Jim to a TV personality who is trying to frame a boxer's manager...
    • Irving the Explainer
      Irving the Explainer
      Season 4 - Episode 8

      Jim is hired to talk to some aging German movie makers from World War Two but becomes involved with an old murder case, the French Police and German gangsters in the search for a priceless missing painting...

    • The Battle of Canoga Park
      The Battle of Canoga Park
      Season 4 - Episode 3
      When the owner of a gas station is shot using Jim's 38 pistol, Jim is arrested as prime suspect and must figure out who had access to his gun; suddenly he regrets hiring his cleaner...
    • Foul on the First Play
      Foul on the First Play
      Season 2 - Episode 21
      Two thugs, Greg and Manny, attack Mark Hayes, because he appears to be investigating a major basketball franchise. Mark shows them his Parole officers ID, and claims to be investigating his parolee Terry Snyder, a football player, so they let him go. Next day Mark looks up his ex-parolee Jim Rockford. Jim does not want to see Mark, because he previously violated his parole, but Mark takes Jim to breakfast at the Sandcastle and convinces him to help him help Terry Snyder. Jim has to place an electronic device on a car but Greg and Manny catch him. Claiming to be a smog inspector Jim is taken away and attacked, they do not believe his story because the in runs on his ID… They leave when they see a car, which turns out to be Mark following them, leaving Jim in the dirt. Jim goes to the Parole Office, to learn that Mark quit, changed his name to Mark O’Brien and became a Private Investigator. Jim goes to Mark’s PI office, knocks him around, and takes him for a ride in his limo to find out the true story. Mark claims to be working for Martin Eastman, regarding a pro-basketball franchise with Athletics Commissioner Tremayne is about to award. Jim wants his fee, and because they are being followed Mark agrees to pay Jim if they can loose the tail. Jim is let out for his car and meets Mark at the park, where they pull a stunt and loose Greg and Manny. Mark cannot pay Jim because he is bankruptcy, and take Jim to the bank to prove it, so Jim leaves him. Later Jim attends a meeting with Martin Eastman, who says Mark O’Brien did not hire him, and wants Jim to help him get the franchise. Jim agrees and goes to Commissioner Tremayne’s home to find Mark leaving in a hurry. Reluctant to return, Jim forces Mark into the house here they find Tremayne is dead. Jim forces Mark to tell all, knowing that him being hired by Eastman is false. Mark reveals that Greg and Manny work for Tom Correll, another bidder in the franchise. He also reveals that Tremanye hired him because threats had been made. Jim has Mark call all the players for the franchise, claiming he believes they killed Tremayne and then wait to see which one turns up at the meeting…moreless
    • Resurrection in Black & White
      Resurrection in Black & White
      Season 2 - Episode 8
      Journalist Susan Alexander hires Jim to help her prove that Dave Kruger is innocent of the murder of his wife Cheryl ten years previously. On the way to the prison Susan reveals she was almost forced off the road by a mysterious car. Jim is set to quit as he does not do bodyguard work and he is unarmed, much to Susan’s surprise. Jim meets Dave and questions him, convinced Dave has hooked Susan and had someone try to kill her to keep her interested, but Dave places Susan’s safety over his own freedom. Jim and Susan meet Sergeant Becker, who finds that the original case file has gone missing – which spells a conspiracy. Susan takes Jim home, but someone shoots at the pair. She shows Jim the transcript of the trial, and they meet with his lawyer Newcomb, who is in a retirement home after suffering a stroke. His memory is puzzled about the case, claiming Cheryl’s mother offered to file an appeal that never happened because she died. They visit her last address and posing as an estate agent and buyer meet her niece Shirley Atwater, who will not sell. Posing as Assistant Coroner’s they meet Patrick Elber, the original Coroner from the case who did the autopsy on Cheryl and her mother (a strange coincidence). Returning to Shirley’s they find she has been killed, and the police reveal she was actually Cheryl Wilson, who was said to have been murdered by Dave years before… Dave’s innocence is now proved, but who killed her? The trail leads to her cousin Roy Piece who is partners with Elber for the insurance money. Going to the boat slip, a high-speed boat chase ensues to catch the real killers…moreless
    • Paradise Cove
      Paradise Cove
      Season 6 - Episode 1
      The Rockford’s are having a particularly bad month; Rocky has his leg in plaster, Jim recently lost a lawsuit against a fellow resident C.C Calloway and Court Auditor Althea Morgan appears to take inventory of Jim’s possessions. She accompanies Jim to the bi-annual Paradise Cove Residents Committee Meeting where C.C Calloway puts forward a case to evict Jim from the Cove. Althea elects Jim to be the Cove Residents Security, which they duly accept. While doing his rounds Jim stumbles into three men digging around the beach hot dog stand, who attack him and Jim crashes the Firebird while chasing them. With Angel’s help Jim begins to investigate C.C Calloway, the former Malibu Sheriff and finds an old news story about a shootout at the Cove fifty years earlier related to smuggling stolen whiskey and gold bullion. Angel visits Jim with more news, but runs into the three men who attack him and Jim chases them again in Angels car without success, but gets clue to where they came from; Hill Haven Hospital, whose resident Roscoe Ragland was involved in the Cove shootout previously. Jim and then deals with C.C and solves the case of the missing gold bullion – it’s under his trailer…moreless
    • The Becker Connection
      Season 3 - Episode 16
      Jim investigates after Dennis is framed and then suspended on suspicion of supplying drugs from the Police Narcotics Squad...
    • A Three-Day Affair With a Thirty-Day Escrow
      Jim is taken before a family of Arabs who want to know why his client hired him to find their missing daughter. Jim must find the client, the daughter and figure how the case is connected to a Real Estate broker...
    • Just by Accident
      Season 1 - Episode 22
      As a favour for his friend Louise Hartman, Jim investigates the death of her son Billy Joe; a stock car driver who died in a car accident. Following a lead from his car magazine subscription Jim goes to Billy Joe’s current address meets Jeannie Szymczyk, who denies knowing Billy Joe. Jim meets with insurance broker Julian Krubm who informs Jim that Louise was awarded the life insurance money, but a second person was named; Jeannie Szymczyk. Jim goes back and learns that Jeannie and Billy Joe were lovers. Jim follows up Billy Joe’s bank details learning about a secret safety deposit box. Opening it Jim and Louise find 4 drivers licences all with Billy Joe’s picture but different names along with an envelope with ‘Springfield –York’ upon it. Jim meets Matt Springfield, who has Duane Bailey put Jim in an accident in the Firebird from which he only just escapes with his life. After leaving hospital Jim goes to the Hall of Records and looks up the death certificates of the 4 licence names and Jeannie Szymczyk – all of them died within a year of birth and are all used as fake identification because birth and death certificates are not linked in any way. Jim is called to meet Springfield at the racetrack, along with Bailey where an impromptu demolition derby takes place…moreless
    • Trouble in Chapter 17
      Trouble in Chapter 17
      Season 4 - Episode 2

      Jim works for Ann Louise Clement, an author who claims her life is being threatened by feminists. A number of accidents take place but Jim is not totally convinced until someone is murdered...

    • Jim investigates when three PI colleagues loose thier licences after being set up by a mystery woman and a rival detective agency...
    • The Girl in the Bay City Boys Club
      The Girl in the Bay City Boys Club
      Season 2 - Episode 13
      Jim poses as Aaron Keil, Newspaper Publisher, to attend the weekly poker game held at the Bay City Boys Club and does quite well. Meanwhile representatives of the club check his car, but his ID checks out. Afterward Jim is followed, but after a quick switch in which he calls the police, follows his stalker. Continuing the Aaron Kiel rouse, he learns his stalker is Kate Flanders, concerned daughter of one of the poker players. Jim reports to his client Mr Phelps and then returns Aaron’s car to Angel at the newspaper. The next day Angel calls, bringing the Boys Club Representatives Thompkins and Mosher who demand to know who hired him. Jim manages to overpower them and they run off. Jim and Angel then go to see Phelps, only to learn from the gardener that Phelps died 3 months before – Angel runs off in fear. Jim goes to uncooperative Bay City Police and then to the District Attorneys office and sees ‘Mr Phelps’ – who in truth is Deputy District Attorney Bert Kimble. Jim demands an explanation, but Kimble will not reveal anything but does want Jim to continue working for him. Jim refuses, but Kimble threatens to pull his PI licence – Jim is not scared, as the whole affair would come out in the hearing, so leaves. Outside he meets ‘Kate Flanders’, who is in fact Deputy District Attorney Kate Doyle. Angry Jim goes home. Kate visits him later and reveals that Kimble is crooked and she is investigating him. Jim agrees to go with her to see Kimble, but they find him dead in his car in the parking lot. The pair seeks sanctuary at Angel’s and figures out that Kimble must have had information on the Boys Club, which is heavy with syndicate people, so the games must be cheated. They check the power company to find the Club is using three times the electricity now than a year ago, but has had no building work done in the office – so this rules out cheating by peephole in the ceiling, but Jim finds that the place was re-wired. Breaking into the club Jim and Kate find miniature cameras in some phoney fire protection systems. They are discovered and a chase through the Club ensues…moreless
    • Quickie Nirvana
      Quickie Nirvana
      Season 4 - Episode 7
      Jim gets involved when a forty year old hippie is given thousands of dollars by her corrupt employer which is then stolen...
    • Never Send a Boy King to Do a Man's Job (1)
      PART 1 Jim helps Ritchie Brockleman set up a big con in order to retrieve money which the villain extorted from Ritchie's father...
    • Piece Work
      Season 3 - Episode 10
      While investigating an accident at a health club Jim is mistaken for a Police Officer by a Federal Operative working undercover to purchase weapons....
    • The Great Blue Lake Land and Development Company
      While returning to Los Angeles with some bail money for a client, Jim suffers with car trouble and is forced to stop over at the Great Blue Lake, a small town in development. On the advice of the car mechanic, Jim puts the $10,000 bond money in the safe at the Land and Development Office, ensuring to get a receipt from employee Murray Johnson. Being cautious, Jim follows Johnson home sees him use a hidden key to enter. The next day Jim goes back to the Land office, but because Johnson is not present speaks to owner Walter Hart regarding the $10,000. Hart does not believe Jim, because his receipt bears the name of a man Hart does not employ, so Jim calls Sheriff Mitchell, and discovers the $10,000 is not in the safe. Jim takes Mitchell to Johnson’s home, only to find it occupied by Mildred, a waitress. Although Jim shows her the hidden key, she has never heard of Murray Johnson. Jim is determined to regain the money – not caring how, so calls Rocky and asks him to come and bring along ‘Fast Harry’ De Nova. Harry is reluctant, but owes Jim a favour from prison so goes undercover as a salesman for the Land Office. Rocky poses as a customer and is shown the lake – which is in fact wide piece of desert land, but the salesman Tanner, can see everything that he describes – its just in development. Rocky reports back to Jim, seeing it as a swindle, when Walter Hart visits, returning Jim’s money that was found with his ex-employee Terry Birch – aka Murray Johnson. Before he can leave the county Jim is arrested for Birch’s murder and jailed. Using Rocky to lead the Sheriff into a false sense of security Jim busts out of jail by walking out the front door, and steals the record ledgers from Hart’s office, offering to exchange them at ‘the Lake’…moreless
    • The Man Who Saw the Alligators
      The Man Who Saw the Alligators
      Season 5 - Episode 17

      When a hitman Jim helped imprison is released threatening revenge, Jim goes into hiding, but Angel unfortunately reveals his friend's hideout...

    • The House on Willis Avenue (2)
      The House on Willis Avenue (2)
      Season 4 - Episode 22

      Jim and Richie continue to investigate their mentor's death and follow leads to a massive computer data storage company that has a plot in a desert canyon...

    • The Mayor's Committee From Deer Lick Falls
      Four Michigan businessmen try to commission Jim to kill a woman who can connect them with a massive tax evasion.
    • The Gang at Don's Drive-In
      The Gang at Don's Drive-In
      Season 4 - Episode 15
      Jim helps his friend Jack, an author whose drinking problem and subject for his new book are creating all kinds of problems...
    • Kill the Messenger
      Kill the Messenger
      Season 5 - Episode 5
      Dennis Becker is studying for his Lieutenant’s Exam, but he and Officer Frank Dusenberg are assigned to investigate the murder Eileen Towne – wife of Deputy Chief Towne. To help his friend, Jim investigates, and begins at her place of work – the Probation office. Posing as ‘Edward Blasko’ of the Comptrollers office, he uncovers the startling fact that Mrs Towne was having affairs with her parolees, the most recent being a ‘Captain Crunch.’ Jim tells Rocky that upon discovering this personal fact about Mrs Towne he is unsure what to do, but after he is attacked outside the dry cleaners, he resolves to tell him, but Dennis does not believe it, however Frank knows of rumours regarding Mrs Towne and some young police officers. Jim meets ‘Captain Crunch’, who is shot by a blonde haired man. Meanwhile Dennis is questioning Deputy Chief Towne, and later takes the oral interview for promotion – on the board is Chief Towne. The board reveal that it is Dennis’ association with ex-cons which impedes his promotion. Dennis justifies himself, but is annoyed that it would seem Jim has hampered his career. Jim goes back to the probation office and discovers Officer Kemper telephoned Mrs Towne repeatedly, so gets his address from Frank and goes to meet him, but Kemper takes Jim at gunpoint… Dennis and Frank make the important connections in the case – particularly that Kemper was one of the subjects of rumour with Mrs Towne and that he has blonde hair, then they realise Jim is in great danger…moreless
    • Gearjammers (1)
      Gearjammers (1)
      Season 2 - Episode 3
      Part 1 When Rocky tries to find his friend Johnny Lo Salvo to sell him some ‘OOTA’ Ball tickets at the Pacific and Western Trucking Docks at Wilmington, he unknowingly witnesses an illegal transaction involving official papers take place between Lo Salvo and Hammell. Rocky later meets with Lo Salvo, who bought his tickets elsewhere and learns that Rocky unknowingly saw the transaction and that Hammell’s goons are after him, so helps Rocky leave the docks safely Later, two of Hammell’s goons visit Jim asking the whereabouts of Joseph Rockford and they beat him up when he can’t tell them where his father is. Rocky’s home is ransacked, and after seeing LJ fix the bathroom, Jim checks his father’s diary to see the words “the usual” printed each Saturday afternoon. Jim proceeds to look for Rocky, stopping at the ‘Gearjammer’ tavern, the local liquor store. The liquor storeowner tells Jim to go to the home of Mary Ramsey, a nice lady who Rocky sees regularly without Jim’s knowledge. On his way Jim is chased by Hammell’s goons, but manages to get them into a corner and take them at gunpoint, destroying their tyres in the process. Jim meets Mary, who tells him that Rocky cancelled on her, which is unusual. Lo Salvo meanwhile feels guilty about Hammell wanting Rocky dead and tries to convince Hammell to quit the pending job. Jim goes to the docks to see Lo Salvo, but finds him dead, bleeding inside a large wooden crate. Jim returns to Rocky’s house and is hit with a frying pan by Rocky. When Jim regains consciousness the pair goes to the Police Station, where they find out that six P & W semi rigs have been hijacked and the drivers stripped of their uniforms. Jim makes a connection between the hijackings and the death of Johnny Lo Salvo – buts needs to link that and his Dad. Jim and Rocky go to the police station car park when they decide to have a lobster dinner at a restaurant around the corner. As they walk away Jim’s Pontiac Firebird explodes…moreless
    • Hotel of Fear
      Hotel of Fear
      Season 4 - Episode 10
      Jim must help when Angel witnesses the murder of a neighbour by a well known hitman, and the only way he can give evidence is to go into protective police custody, but unfortunatly the hitman is acquitted...
    • With the French Heel Back, Can the Nehru Jacket Be Far Behind?
      While investigating the death of a young model, Jim keeps stumbling into the murder of a jet setting model and the connection between them and a fashion house about to sport a new line...
    • Coulter City Wildcat
      Season 3 - Episode 6
      Jim and Rocky investigate when some thugs force Rocky to sign over the rights to a seemingly worthless piece of land....
    • The Real Easy Red Dog
      Season 2 - Episode 7
      Jim is hired by Jennifer Sandstrom to investigate her sister’s death. Taking some clues she provides, Jim contacts Dennis to learn that the death as classed as suicide. Jim goes to Alice Sandstrom’s home, bumps into a pool cleaner walking out, checks the pool himself and finds the filter is clogged. Jim goes inside and finds Tom Brice of Freidler, Pike & Morris Attorneys checking the property. Posing as Jay Valaro - a County Assessor, Jim cons Brice out of the safe deposit keys he found and leaves, contacting Lieutenant Diehl about his findings, suggesting an autopsy. He goes to Jennifer Sandstrom’s home to find she is not the woman who hired him, and she tells him that Alice was mentally ill. Jim is followed by a mystery car and pulls into a motel to evade them, and then follows them, and finds they park outside a house. Jim goes into the house by a back way to find ‘Jennifer Sandstrom’. Looking through her ID he learns she is Christine ‘Tina’ Dusseau – a fellow Private Investigator. She tells Jim that he was used as a decoy to get the police officers off her back why she completes an insurance payoff case. They meet Diehl at the morgue who tells them an autopsy proved nothing. Jim tells Tina he has evidence that Alice Sandstorm was murdered. They go back to Alice Sandstrom’s house and find a room decorated as a nursery, as well as other clues. On the way home someone tries to shoot them. Meanwhile Lieutenant Diehl finds the body of Tom Brice, and knowing Jim’s connection with the case, has a warrant issued. At Tina’s house the police try to find Jim, but he hides. Jim and Tina obtain samples of Alice Sandstrom’s handwriting to practice her signature so they can access the safe deposit box. They do and learn Alice Sandstrom had a baby who she sold to Pete Finch, who works for Aaron Friedler of Friedler, Pike & Morris Attorneys. They leave and are chased by Finch…moreless
    • Feeding Frenzy
      Season 3 - Episode 4
      Jim helps Charlie and Sandy Baylock, when Charlie wants to return some stolen money to a company he used to work for, but things become complicated when he is forced to use the money as ransom for Sandy's kidnappers....
    • Find Me If You Can
      Season 1 - Episode 9

      Rockford is hired by a secretive woman who refuses to tell him anything about herself, and gives him an unusual task – to simply find her. Soon, Jim is embroiled in the mysterious woman's life, including the mobster who is after her.

    • The Trees, the Bees and T.T. Flowers (2)
      PART 2 Jim helps T.T. temporarily save his land from a forced sale, but efforts to eliminate the PI and the old man do not stop there...
    • Drought at Indianhead River
      Season 3 - Episode 5
      When Jim hears Angel's life maybe in danger, Jim learns that Angel is now the head of a large corporation which is backed by organised crime...
    • In Hazard
      Season 2 - Episode 18
      Although supposed to be on his way to Oxnard with Rocky to look at a Semi for sale, Jim visits Beth, who is in jailed for 3 days for contempt of court. He aggresses to go to her office to retrieve some papers for a tax case she is working on, but Jim is attacked and the safe emptied. Jim reports the crime to Dennis and the pair goes to the prison to learn Beth was taken to the Hospital after being poisoned. Jim and Dennis talk to Beth who is convinced the poison was meant for Arnold Bailey, her client. Jim meets Bailey, who is more concerned about his tax felony case than Beth’s well being, so Jim is not impressed. Over a taco breakfast Dennis refuses to share police information with Jim to help investigate, so Jim asks Beth for a list of what was in her safe, and becomes interested in “a letter” left by Fred Metcalfe, a union official. Jim visits Metcalfe’s home and finds him dead in his garage. Beth is discharged from hospital and Jim proceeds to take her home, but they are followed. A chase ensues but Jim manages to stop them at a scrap yard, and everyone is arrested. Jim takes Beth to Rocky’s, and then visits Solly Marshall, the bail bondsman for Bailey, to get an address from him. Jim finds Bailey at “two twenty seven sixteen”, and chases him into the pool. Bailey confesses he and Metcalfe were skimming from the union pension fund and that Metcalfe kept a record of al the illegal transaction as protection. The gangster Marty Jordan takes both at gunpoint, forcing them into his car…moreless
    • The Kirkoff Case
      Season 1 - Episode 2

      Rockford has been hired by the wealthy Larry Kirkoff to prove that he didn't murder his parents. Jim loses his main lead, but meets a young woman who turns out to be embroiled in the whole situation - and promptly drugs him!

    • The Italian Bird Fiasco
      The Italian Bird Fiasco
      Season 2 - Episode 19
      In London, Edward Barrows has his suitcase put on his plane, contacts a man in LA, but is chased by two men, and forced off the roof of a building and left for dead. Jim is hired by Thomas Caine, an Antiques Dealer, to act as his agent at an auction for a replica of a Cormorant Italian Golden Bird. Jim is successful in bidding for it, but attracts the attention of Evelyn Stoneman, who is desperate for the bird. Jim says he will give her name to his client. Outside two men jump Jim and try to steal the bird, but in the scuffle, it is destroyed. Jim goes to report to Caine at his hotel, but he has gone and the manager denies anyone stayed in the room. Stoneman has followed Jim, surprised to learn that Jim works for Caine. Jim goes to his friend Ted Haller at “The Upstairs Gallery” to have the broken Cormorant put through the spectral dating process. Jim finds Caine very much at home in his trailer sitting at his desk making long distance telephone calls. Caine threatens to tell Jim’s bonding company about the damage in order to force him to bid for the second Cormorant at auction. Jim is successful and passes the prize to Caine, who quietly goes and breaks the bird and leaves the pieces in the bin. Jim goes to Dennis to learn more about Caine, and finds out he is crooked, and currently wanted by the London Police for questioning in the murder of Barrows, an agent of Lloyds of London. Jim has dinner with Evelyn Stoneman who confirms the existence of a third bird. Ted Haller and informs Jim the two birds are the originals, not replicas and are therefore priceless. Caine contacts Jim, as expected to bid for the third bird, and Jim blackmails Caine to take the bird to Ted Haller, who confirms they are original. Stoneman – or rather the woman who has been impersonating Stoneman, then appears with her goons Jeffers and Stack (who attacked Jim previously) and takes the third bird. Jim goes after them, following them to the airport. Piecing everything together, Jim goes to the baggage claim and takes the suitcase belonging to Barrows…moreless
    • A Deadly Maze
      A Deadly Maze
      Season 4 - Episode 13
      Jim becomes the subject of a behaviour experiment when his client hires him to find his missing wife and continues to give him more money to do so as the case gets more dangerous...
    • A Bad Deal in the Valley
      Season 2 - Episode 22
      After having dinner with Karen Stiles, an old flame, Jim is convinced to take some escrow papers to a Chilson Realtors. He does, but is arrested for transporting counterfeit money. Karen does not support Jim, so he charged with a federal offence. Jim finds Karen at her tennis club, she explains she and Tony Lederer planned to make a big real estate deal but their backing money fell through so she was forced to use her father’s money, which he printed himself years ago. Jim takes her outside the club but she is kidnapped. Jim reports this to Dennis and gets information on Tony Lederer – whose wife had her priceless jewellery burglarised. Later Jim impersonates an insurance investigator and meets Mrs Sandy Lederer, and learns from her maid that she hired a Private Detective named Murray Slauson. Continuing the impersonation Jim meets Slauson who rumbles Jim. Jim is followed and caught by a mystery car containing Karen’s kidnappers Fred and Jerry who take Jim to Karen. She come clean again, Tony Lederer has disappeared with the jewels she and Tony stole. Jim visits Preacher to find out who could fence the “hot ice”, and is sent to Appleby, who says he saw the ice, but it was paste. Jim finds Tony and takes Karen to him. Tony confesses he sold the jewels years ago and only stole the fakes so as not to be discovered. Karen then realises she must kill Tony and Jim…moreless
    • 2 Into 5.56 Won't Go
      Season 2 - Episode 10

      The army tries to learn why one of their own called Jim before he died. They release him, but the colonel's daughter comes looking for answers.

    • A Material Difference
      A Material Difference
      Season 5 - Episode 19
      Angel poses a high priced hitman but Jim must help when he collects his fee without making his hit, but the victim is apparently still killed, whilst Naval Intellegence and the Russians take an interest in the case and blue jeans...
    • The Empty Frame
      The Empty Frame
      Season 5 - Episode 6

      After the police and most prominent members of the community are literally caught with their trousers down by a group of art thieves, Jim is hired by the owners to locate the missing pictures.
      Meanwhile Angel is exerting new influences after his brother in law is named a police chief...

    • New Life, Old Dragons
      Season 3 - Episode 18
      Jim tries to help a female Vietnamese refugee find her missing brother, but the case is not as simple as it seems...
    • Never Send a Boy King to Do a Man's Job (2)
      The con continues and proves sucessful when one of the fellow one artists appears to make of with the cheque...
    • The No-Cut Contract
      Season 2 - Episode 15
      Angel is visiting Jim when two men storm into the trailer demanding the tapes that King Sterdivan gave Jim. Jim is puzzled as they ransack the place and eventually take some ‘Count Bassey’ cassettes. Jim and Angel are on their way to the police, when Jim spots he is being followed a chase ensues but they are caught at the cinema and arrested by the Federal Agents. Agent Dan Shore questions Jim about the tapes, but Jim has no idea what they are so Shore tells him about Larry Sterdivan, a football player for the Southern Illinois Warriors. Jim goes to a TV studio to meet Sterdivan, who causally runs offs, so Jim catches him at a player’s party and saves Larry from an ambush laid out by a pretty girl for Norman and Bill, the goons from before. Larry explains he picked Jim’s name from the Yellow Pages to get these hoods and the Feds off his back. Jim is unimpressed, but Larry takes him to see his manager, claiming he can sort it out. They find the manager dead, so Larry takes Jim at gunpoint and accuses him of the murder. Dennis arrests Jim while Beth meets Larry, who makes a pass at her. Beth is unimpressed. Next day Jim is released without charge, and learns that Larry owns the ‘King’s Castle’ nightclub in Illinois, which was burned down overnight, and now Los Angeles has filed up full of gangsters from Illinois. Jim is determined to find Larry and goes to Angel for some information. Jim learns Larry’s address, and also that every gangster in town is after him. Jim goes to the address and finds Larry forcing him to reveal that the club was frequented by gangsters so he bugged the tables in the club, has lots of information on syndicate business dealing and prominent murders. Larry takes Jim to the tapes that he kept hidden at Lisa’s house. At the party Larry meets ex-ball player Dick Butkus, and then shows Jim the tapes hidden in amongst Lisa’s music collection, when the goons begin to arrive….moreless
    • Tall Woman in Red Wagon
      Season 1 - Episode 6

      Late one night, Jim is shot and hospitalised whilst digging up a grave to see what lies inside a casket. As he lays in a coma, he recalls the case that led up to this event, where he was hired by a journalist to find her friend, who has disappeared.

    • Say Goodbye to Jennifer
      Season 1 - Episode 19
      Jim refuses to work for his old war buddy John ‘Mitch’ Mitchelli, a photographer who wants Jim to find one of his models; Jennifer Ryburn, who is currently wanted for the murder of Ricky Pont. Mitch is convinced of her innocence. Later Jennifer is named as the victim of a car accident. She is identified through dental records, confirmed by her dentist Doctor Stuart. Mitch disappears then reappears claiming he has seen Jennifer alive and well in Seattle and wants Jim to go there, but he refuses. Jim is sent for by Carl Birrell, the local godfather, who wants Jennifer found too because she killed Ricky Pont. Jim gives a false client name and decides to go to Seattle, simply to get out of town. Mitch visits Jim with a composite photograph of Jennifer and some money. Before Jim leaves for the airport, he visits Mitch, but finds him dead. Jim then visits Doctor Stuart and discovers he faked the report on Jennifer’s behalf. Jim flies to Seattle and hires investigator Floyd Ross to assist in finding Jennifer. Jim finds her at a local boutique and follows her home to tell her Mitch is dead and asks she return to Los Angeles. She is strangely resistant to leaving to the point of pulling a gun and shooting Jim in the leg…moreless
    • The Reincarnation of Angie
      The Reincarnation of Angie
      Season 2 - Episode 12
      Angela Perris receives a strange telephone call from her brother Tom, so hires Jim and meets him at a bar. There a man who claims to be Federal Agent Bettingen identifies himself, but Jim hits him – why? Because the man used his drivers licence photo on a real Federal ID. How does Jim know that? Because Jim did the same thing for his ‘Federal ID… Jim goes with Angela to Tom’s home and opens the safe, finding thousands of dollars inside. They place it in a safe deposit box. Next morning Jim meets with Federal Agent Dan Shore for breakfast and discuses the death of Agent Bettingen, the impersonator and Ton Perris. Shore is les than co-operative, so Jim poses as an official to get into the office of Tom Perris at the Bundy and Baines Company. Unfortunately Mr Whitlaw rumbles him. Jim decides to place Angela in hiding at a motel, while he investigates further. Unfortunately she is kidnapped and Jim receives a call for ransom but when he attends the exchange the police arrive and find Tom Perris’ body in the trunk of the Firebird. Jim is arrested, but is released if he can make the exchange wearing a Federal tracking device – at the same time Shore discovers a device already planted on the Firebird. Jim goes to the exchange, meets with Whitlaw but refuses to get out of his car, so it is trashed. Jim hits a goon, but is thrown to the floor – this gives Jim the opportunity to take the tracker and he is taken to Angela at a warehouse. Just as they are about to taken away and killed, Angela suddenly trips over…moreless
    • Requiem for a Funny Box
      Requiem for a Funny Box
      Season 4 - Episode 6

      Comedian Kenny Bell hires Jim to protect him from his ex-partner but then needs him to pay a ransom for his catalog of jokes. However, all Jim finds is the partner's body...

    • The Jersey Bounce
      The Jersey Bounce
      Season 5 - Episode 3
      Jim stands accused of murdering one of Rocky's neighbours party guests when matters get out of hand, but Jim's counsel seems pre-occupied so puts his fate in the hands of legal researcher John Cooper...
    • Roundabout
      Season 1 - Episode 23
      Jim works for Edward Moss of an Insurance Company to locate Nancy Wade, whose mother has died and left her a sum of money. Jim has to locate Nancy through her aunt – Liu Eleanor, who gives Jim a letter from Nancy revealing a location in Las Vegas. Jim travels to Vegas with instructions to give Nancy her cashiers cheque, have it notorised and paid into a bank. Jim finds her in a motel giving her the news of the money, She agrees to go to the bank and open an account, so disguises herself in a large coat, hat and glasses. They go to the bank, but Strock the bank teller reveal Nancy has an account open containing thousands of dollars. Nancy sneaks off but is kiddnapped by two men. Jim returns to her motel room but is hit on the head and has his wallet and cheque stolen. Jim drives around Las Vegas and fnds a bilboard on a casino where Nancy sings. Jim watches her lead away by the men and taken to a ranch. Jim sees Tom Robertson and Ken Mamato arguing, and Jim rescues Nancy, who reveals she is srtunk in a singin contract and being used to launder illegally obtained money. Jim meets with Mamoto who has been swindled by Robertson and convines him to meet Robertson again to look at phoney accounts while Jim breaks in and steals the real accounts. Jim proposes an exchange with Robertson at the Boulder Dam – the account ledgers for the cheque and wallet…moreless
    • The Countess
      Season 1 - Episode 4

      Jim has been hired to stop a man who is blackmailing a rich socialite over information from her past. But when the blackmailer is shot dead by a sniper, Jim finds himself accused of murder...

    • The Big Ripoff
      Season 1 - Episode 7

      Jim has been hired by a dead man's lover to determine whether the wife was behind the suspicious death of her husband. But Jim becomes convinced that the man is not dead at all, and uncovers a huge insurance swindle in a small town.

    • The Rockford Files: Backlash of the Hunter

      Jim Rockford works for Sara Butler by investigating the death of her father, a drunken wino who was murdered at the beach. The case leads Jim to the strange Mrs Elias, her boyfriend Jerry and a ground to air shootout in the Las Vegas desert…

    • The Fourth Man
      The Fourth Man
      Season 3 - Episode 1
      Jim helps Lori, a Stewardess, when she claims Timpson Farrell, an Antique Coin Collector, tried to kill her...
    • The Battle-Ax and the Exploding Cigar
      Have Jim and a passenger are arrested after guns are found in a car Jim is suprised to learn his passenger has got off scott free and enlists the help of a Secretary who is concerned about the disapearance of one of her staff...
    • Caledonia - It's Worth a Fortune!
      Season 1 - Episode 12
      While visiting her husband Gerry, in the prison hospital, Jolene Hyland is told to remember “Caledonia” as it is the location of a fortune.
    • Rosendahl and Gilda Stern Are Dead
      Jim helps Rita Capkovic prove her innocence when she is accused of murdering a prominent doctor when in fact she witnessed the parties who committed the crime...
    • This Case is Closed, Part 1
      Season 1 - Episode 8
      Rockford is hired to check out a tycoon's prospective son-in-law.
    • Only Rock 'n' Roll Will Never Die (2)
      Having returned from the hospital Jim moves out of his trailer and visits Ritchie to demand an explanation. The truth is that Brian Charles was ripping off Tim Ritchie’s ‘Butter Records’ label with Evergreen Management. Jim visits Whitney, having learned that she blew Jim’s cover at Evergreen, so with Lieutenant Dennis Becker in tow, Bernie Seldon is questioned, but denies all knowledge of the shootings. Over dinner Jim lets slip to Whitney about Eddie’s feelings for her, then the trio piece the clues together that although Brian Charles was packed up to leave the country, his garden was dug over. They realise Brian is buried in his own garden and that is where they find him. When the TV News announces Seldon’s arrest and discovery of the body of Brian Charles, Jim goes to receive his fee from Ritchie, and has a deep conversation in Ritchie’s private thinking room. Based on things Ritchie said, items revealing in the court settlement on TV and where Brian Charles had been in the past months, Jim stumbles on to the fact that the Florio brothers perjured their evidence for Diane Bjornstrom (Tim’s former romantic partner). At the same time Whitney works out the same. Eddie and Jim race to Whitney’s rescue because the Florio brothers are desperate and dangerous. At the expense of his Firebird, Jim catches the brothers. Days later Jim learns from Whitney that her relationship with Eddie didn’t work out, due to Whitney’s obsession with Ritchie - she tells Jim that Eddie was not Tim Ritchie, but ironically, Tim Ritchie was not Tim Ritchie either…moreless
    • Nice Guys Finish Dead
      Nice Guys Finish Dead
      Season 6 - Episode 7
      Jim and Lance White help Fred Beamer when he is charged with murder of a Senator while attending an awards banquet...
    • The Trouble With Warren
      Season 3 - Episode 11
      Jim notches up a number of felony charges while trying to prove Beth's cousin Warren did not murder his boss who is also his mistress' husband...
    • South by Southeast
      South by Southeast
      Season 4 - Episode 18
      Jim is mistaken for a FBI agent and put on a plane to Mexico where he finds a heiress who is trying to escape from her husband, who is exploiting her family's good name.
    • The Deep Blue Sleep
      Season 2 - Episode 5
      Jim receives a strange telephone call from Margo Adams, but she hangs up. Later Beth Davenport calls him – she received a strange telephone call from her friend Margo Adams and asks Jim to investigate by going to her home. Jim does, using the hidden key, but finds the place ransacked and is knocked unconscious. Next day Jim goes to Clarke Fashions, where Margo worked to talk with Adrienne Clarke but she is not interested. Dennis finds Margo, dead in her car in the river. Jim returns to Clarke fashions, having to force his way in just to give the bad news. He sees Adrienne again and meets Bob Coleman – who Jim learns was having an affair with Adrienne. Jim follows Coleman, but is chased off. While accompanying Beth home Jim finds her apartment ransacked. Jim calls Dennis and has Beth move to her parents in Pasadena. Jim goes to Adrienne to question her, particularly about Coleman and his affair with Margo. Adrienne is not interested, but the next day goes to Jim’s trailer to reveal Coleman is linked to organised crime and has funded her fashion design company for years but now wants to sell it. They go to Coleman’s home, Jim meets Dennis and finds out Coleman was executed. When Jim returns to his car, he finds Adrienne has gone, when gangster George Macklan has in fact kidnapped her. Jim figures out that Coleman kept a record of criminal transactions and calls Macklan claiming Coleman had a safe. Macklan sends Ray Porter to check, and Jim follows Porter back to a warehouse. Seeing he has little time, Jim ‘borrows’ a nearby police squad car….moreless
    • Dwarf in a Helium Hat
      Dwarf in a Helium Hat
      Season 4 - Episode 17

      Jim meets a strange socialite character and is involved in another case of kidnapping and attempted murder when a gangster dials his telephone number by mistake...

    • Gearjammers (2)
      Gearjammers (2)
      Season 2 - Episode 4
      Part 2 With both Rockford men shaken but safe, but the Firebird completely burned out, Rocky finally comes to realise that someone is trying to kill him, so Jim takes him home and investigates P & W, discovering the trailers of the 6 semi rigs left in a dock park, untouched. A police stake out of the trailers leads to nothing. Back at Paradise Cove, Hammell’s goons chase Rocky into the hills. Jim returns just in time to save Rocky and shoots one goon in the arm. Jim and Rocky continue to work together and work out that 6 rigs of expensive Russian furs are to be transported, but on their way to the docks, they are chased again. They evade their pursuers and arrive at the docks – which are under heavy guard by Police officer led by Dennis Becker. After Rocky explains the Bills of Lathing principle, Jim eventually works out that P & W changed the delivery schedule and that the 6 rig tractors were stolen so as to steal the precious furs! Jim steals a rig and pursues the first tractor that leaves the docks and stops to explain the situation to Dennis. Suddenly Rocky races past in another rig determined to catch the first and a three-semi rig chase ensues…moreless
    • The Trees, the Bees and T.T. Flowers (1)
      PART 1 Rocky begs JIm's help when his friend T.T Flowers is hospitalised by his daughter and son in law and then declared incompetant...
    • Black Mirror (2)
      Black Mirror (2)
      Season 5 - Episode 10
      PART 2 Jim tries to trace Megan's stalker, who is a patient with a dual personality...
    • Profit and Loss (1)
      Season 1 - Episode 13
      PART 1 - PROFIT When Alec Morris, an employee of Fiscal Dynamics Incorporated, comes to Jim for help, and is subsequently kidnapped from his trailer, Jim is puzzled and informs the police. When Mrs Morris comes to Jim requesting help, Jim takes the new information to the police but is surprised to be arrested and charged when Alec Morris and his wife deny the event ever happened and Jim faces prison for filing a false police report. When news of his charge reaches the media, Doris Parker hires Jim because she believes FDI murdered her husband. Jim meets with securities analyst Arnold Love asking the simple question “what is wrong with FDI?” Hours later Leon Fielder summons Jim for a meeting where he threatens Jim with a ten million-dollar lawsuit. Jim’s last lead is given to him by Doris, who agrees to help Jim break into the shop of Carl Bovinio - a solo printer who worked for FDI and was recently shot dead. Jim enters the print shop, but while rummaging through a cabinet Jim unfortunately triggers an alarm…moreless
    • Aura Lee, Farewell
      Season 1 - Episode 15
      Evan Murdock gives a ride to hitch-hiker Aura Lee Benton. They stay in the Seacrest Motel at Santa Barbara on their way to Los Angeles, but during the journey the Murdock knocks down and a stray walker with his car. Evan Murdock is an important state senator, so drops Aura Lee’s off at a Oscars Restaurant. Weeks later Sara Butler pays Jim in full for her previous case so she can hire him to investigate the death of her store assistant Aura Lee Benton. Jim questions Trask, from her apartment building, who gives him the licence number of Dirk Schaffer. “Lieutenant Rockford” questions Schaffer, but gets no answers. Schaffer then meets Jim at his trailer and explains is minimal involvement. In amongst some paper clippings Jim finds the story of Murdock’s road accident. They go to Oscar’s restaurant, but all Oscar can tell them is that Aura Lee left with a man he identifies by his order – “Lobster Bisk”. Jim attempts to locate the motel record card from the Seacrest Motel in order to prove Murdock was with Aura Lee, but finds it has gone, Jim confronts Senator Murdock, claiming to have the record card, but Murdock apparently commits suicide. Jim breaks into Schaffer’s apartment to finds a photograph of him, but also finds the record card. They go back to Oscar’s and Oscar identifies Schaffer from the photograph as “Lobster Bisk”. Jim works out that Schaffer must have figured out about the road accident involving Murdock and tried to have Aura Lee blackmail him, but killed her when she refused. On their way to the police Schaffer ties to Jim and Sara from a motorcycle so they are forced to run down a cliff to a small area of beach…moreless
    • Rattlers' Class of '63
      Season 3 - Episode 8
      Angel marries into a family with a garbage empire after he tries to swindle them out of thousands of dollars, howevfer Jim must invesitgate when one of the brothers is murdered and a TV car salesman is desperate to ensure a secret remains buried....
    • Charlie Harris at Large
      Season 1 - Episode 20
      An old bunkmate from prison – ‘Charming’ Charlie Harris calls Jim for help, three days after he is wanted for the murder of his wife Pauline Harris. Charlie has an alibi - a mystery woman – ‘Cassandra’, but she has not come forward to clear him, so Jim agrees to try and find her. Jim is visited by Sergeant Tom Garvey, who is convinced Jim knows where his friend Charlie is. Charlie spots her a picture of his mystery woman, Linda Bannister, in the paper, Jim poses as a photographer to trick her into seeing Charlie at his hideout. They agree to get Charlie out of the State provided Linda puts up the money. Early next morning Linda goes to Jim’s trailer to confirm arrangements and then Alfred Bannister summons Jim for dinner to discuss why his wife met the PI. Bannister threatens Jim with assassination if he continues to involve Linda in the investigation. Jim goes back to hideout, finds Charlie gone, but is arrested by Sergeant Garvey.…moreless
    • The Dog and Pony Show
      The Dog and Pony Show
      Season 4 - Episode 5
      Jim helps Mary Jo Flynn, a former fmental patient, who believes a top government spy is being held in a hospital against his will...
    • To Protect and Serve (1)
      To Protect and Serve (1)
      Season 3 - Episode 19

      PART 1 Jim is looking for a missing woman but after he is threatened by two goons, tries to get off the case but is threatened with death by his client, so Jim continues to search for the woman in order to protect her and save himself. However, but the case is further complicated by the intrusion of a female police buff...

    • Profit and Loss (2)
      Season 1 - Episode 14
      PART 2 - LOSS While breaking into Bovino’s Print Shop, Jim triggers an alarm and quickly grabs some files and Doris drives the Firebird to evade the Police. Jim has not found any evidence, but works out that Bovino was printing forged stock certificates. Jim visits another securities analyst – Norm Mitchell, who also feels that Fiscal Dynamics is crooked, but is unwilling to help. Jim is followed home, kidnapped, attacked and warned by Kurt - a messenger for Leon Fielder - to stop investigating FDI. With Rocky’s help Jim follows Kurt but losses him at the airport, so follows Fielder from his home to FDI, where Fielder emerges with a briefcase – possibly full of damming evidence, and a chase ensues, ending in a shootout and the discovery of evidence that FDI is fraudulent and responsible for many murders. At the same time, Jim and Rocky solve the mystery of Jim’s broken garbage disposal, due to a missing bullet from Jim’s 38’ revolver…moreless
    • The Dark and Bloody Ground
      Season 1 - Episode 3

      Jim's attorney friend Beth persuades him to look into the case (for free!) of a woman who is in prison convinced for the murder of her lover. But when someone tries to run Jim off of the road, it seems that there may indeed be a case to investigate after all...

    • Just Another Polish Wedding
      Season 3 - Episode 17
      After he posts bail for him, Jim agrees to help find his friend Gandolph Fitch a new line of work. Gandy accompanies Jim to a meeting with the county probate office, and is told about the death of Tom Evans whose ID came out as Patrick O’Herlihy. Jim is hired to find his brother so as to pass on the inheritance of $10,000. Jim then takes Gandy to meet Marcus Hayes, a fellow PI, who after leaving Jim with a restaurant bill, agrees to give Gandy work. Mark quizzes Gandy about Jim’s recent case and sees it as an opportunity for a 40% finder’s fee. Jim finds out that Finn O’Herlihy has an alias like this brother, now known as Frank Martin, and is trying to trace him through the gravesite of his mother, and then through the florist who laid flowers. The search takes Jim to San Diego. Meanwhile Gandy and Mark – know nicknamed Gabby for his mouth – go to Pat O’ Herlihy’s demolished home and find a link to his last place of work. They go there to find themselves as the only two black men in an all Nazi Club. Mark claims to be from the Liquor board, but a fight ensues, and when Gandy manages to win, Mark claims to be from the musicians union in order to get a line on Frank Martin. Mark then goes to Jim’s trailer and meets Rocky. Claiming still to be a parole officer Mark learns from Rocky where Jim has gone – so he and Gandy travel to San Diego. Jim goes to the local Florist, posing as a grave memorial agent and meets Mr Gertmanian, who shows Jim the Frank Martin order. Gandy and mark go to the Musicians union and learn that Frank Martin is playing at a Polish Wedding. Jim learns from Mrs Martin that Frank is playing at the Fred Koska Wedding (a Polish Wedding) and attends the reception at the hotel, posing as hotel security. Mark arrives, trying to pass himself off as the groom’s old absent minded professor, but can’t get in so changes to a waiter. Jim finds Frank Martin just as he is about to play his music for the wedding, when Mark also appears – Jim uses his real name Finn O’Herlihy, which for some reason sends him into a panic…moreless
    • Sleight of Hand
      Season 1 - Episode 16
      Jim walks along the beach and arrives at Rocky’s house. He discusses a the recent disappearance of his girlfriend Karen after a boat trip; Jim took his girlfriend Karen and her daughter home after a boat trip to San Francisco, but Karen mysteriously disappeared, and her next-door neighbour was murdered. When Jim reported the disappearance to Dennis Becker and Lieutenant Diehl, Diehl stated the little girl said her mother did not come home with them. Jim followed a trail from a bus stop to a cabstand to a residential hotel and found a woman but she was not Karen, she was Diana Lewis… Rocky tells Jim to consider the words of the daughter and Jim realises the daughters statement was true and Karen did not come home with them, so Jim returns to Diana’s, but finds her dead, with Michael Cordeen close by. Jim confronts Cordeen and makes a connection with her and one of their journey stops – the Buena Vista Inn. Jim follows Cordeen to the Inn where he witnesses Cordeen meeting with Vincent Minette a notorious gangster who is hiding out from the police….moreless
    • To Protect and Serve (2)
      To Protect and Serve (2)
      Season 3 - Episode 20

      Jim hides the missing woman on a friend's boat in Oxnard, but the entire case is compromised by the female police buff who reveals the location to the two gangsters...

    • The House on Willis Avenue (1)
      The House on Willis Avenue (1)
      Season 4 - Episode 21

      When his mentor is found dead in a road accident, Jim teams up with young PI Richie Brockelman following up leads on a murder and find a lot more than they bargained for...

    • Lions, Tigers, Monkeys and Dogs (1)
      Jim takes Linda Hassler for dinner at an expensive restaurant, but despite them having a reservation Henri, the owner won’t allow them to sit. Then the Princess Irene Rachevsky and her party arrives, and Henri goes to seat them – but Jim protests, and he is seated, next to the kitchen. Jim sends the Princess a bottle of wine, but Jim’s dining is ruined. Later that evening, the Princess takes her good friend Kendall back to her hotel. As Kendall gets out of the Limousine, someone almost runs her down. The next day the Princess hires Jim to protect Kendall, and invites him to a costume ball that afternoon on Blake Sternlight’s boat. Dressed as a scholar, Jim foils another attempt on Kendall’s life by a mysterious figure dressed as a Friar. Jim takes Kendall home, but first stops at Escobedo’s, Jim favourite eatery, but August Fairfield brings a party of friends, and Jim is forced to eat with them. Next day, Kendall brings a picnic to the trailer, but Jim is investigating the mystery Friar, so Kendall offers to help by taking Jim to the costume shop where guests of the Sternlight party were instructed to go, and discover the identity of the mystery Friar – a local bartender named Richard Soderling. Jim finds Soderling at a drinks conference, and when he spots Jim he runs, ending up on the roof and failing off the roof. Jim returns home, not wanting to explain his investigation to the police, but the police collect Jim and put him in an identity parade where a technician at the conference identifies Jim. Lieutenant Chapman is more interested in arresting Jim than understating the facts, but luckily Rocky has alerted the Princess and Kendall to the situation, so Jim is released, suggesting they keep a close eye on the obituaries. Back at Rocky’s Jim is visited by Angel who is desperate who pull a scam on Jim’s new associates by posing as ‘Lord Evelyn Martin’, claiming to sell the one thing everyone wants; Polo Ponies. Jim leaves for a funeral…moreless
    • Lions, Tigers, Monkeys and Dogs (2)
      With there still being a risk for Kendall, Jim finds out the venue Soderling’s funeral, and attends seeing a row of flowers paying tribute to the deceased. After a visit to the florist with Kendall, they learn that Tommy Minette, a local gangster, sent flowers to the funeral. Minette finds out that Jim is investigating him so telephones Jim and they meet at his factory. Jim takes Charlie Martell as his bodyguard but Charlie is knocked unconscious and Jim has his sleeves sewn together. Jim reports this, and with Kendall follows Minette home, where they witness his death by poisoning. Once again they appears at Lieutenant Chapman’s office, so Jim takes Kendall to Rocky’s, where another murder attempt is made, by August Fairfield. In custody he claims the Princess ordered him to do it, because she was suing him for libel. The Princess denies this, but later convinces her partner Freddie Danzig to kill Kendall, and lures her to their old college at Semi Valley. Jim stops Freddie just in time, and it is apparent that the Princess has serious problems. Later, Rocky wants Jim to continue to see Kendall, referring to her as part of the family…moreless
    • The Hawaiian Headache
      The Hawaiian Headache
      Season 6 - Episode 8
      Jim is lured to Hawaii and tricked into helping his former Army commander with a CIA related investigation...
    • The Attractive Nuisance
      The Attractive Nuisance
      Season 4 - Episode 14

      While Rocky opens a new restaurant which is watched by a mysterious old man, Jim faces a personal injury suit when some guy falls of the roof of his trailer....

    • Love Is the Word
      Love Is the Word
      Season 6 - Episode 6
      Jim meets with Megan who asks for his help in clearing her fiance of murder charges...
    • Claire
      Season 1 - Episode 18
      Claire Prescott telephones her former lover Jim Rockford, telling him two men (Stone and Willet) are following her and are trying to kill her. Jim meets with Claire who asks Jim to find a Charles Manning, but can’t explain why. Jim calls Dennis Becker to find out what the police know about Claire and Manning. Dennis lies to Jim saying the police have nothing on either name and then informs Captain Highland of the situation. Jim looks for Manning in a local bar, and is then followed by Stone and Willet, who want to know why Jim is asking for Manning. Jim tricks the pair and evades them, going straight to Dennis Becker and Captain Highland. Manning is a vice cop on special assignment and has gone missing. Highland wants to lock Jim up because he is uncooperative when asked about Claire. Jim agrees to try and get her to the police, but has to loose Dennis who is tailing him. Jim finds Claire has left her hotel. Highland informs Jim that Manning is now dead and Claire is chief suspect. Jim meets Claire at a bar and learns from her that Manning forced her into being an informant. Jim agrees to get her out of LA, but things change when Stone and Willet kidnap Rocky. Jim tells Claire to leave town and stealing a manikin from a shop, he goes to the trade off – Rocky for Claire…moreless
    • Only Rock 'n' Roll Will Never Die (1)
      Eddie Lopresti recommends his friend and former prison mate Jim Rockford to rock star Tim Ritchie for work on a missing person’s case. The job: locate Brian Charles for $2000 a week. Eddie is supposed to join Jim, but is distracted by journalist Whitney Cox, and so Jim looks around Brian’s home alone. While there, a mystery person hits Jim on the head with a rock. Eddie contacts Jim by telephone at Brian’s. Jim is annoyed and tells Eddie that he has tumbled the fact the Eddie is clearly besotted with Whitney, and arranges to meet Eddie at the recording studio where Brian worked. While talking to Dwight Deleau they learn Brian was a drug user. They also learn Brian was seeing Chiyoko Takai, a Japanese Country and Western Star. Posing as ‘Jimmy Joe Meeker’ Jim meets the Japanese star and Jerry Ito, her manager, to discover the movements of Brian, but learns Brian was involved with Evergreen management – owned by Bernie Seldon, a local mobster. Jim goes to Tim Ritchie’s Court Settlement hearing to drop the case, and, while leaving the court Jim meets Whitney again along will Alain and Honore Florio, who are witnesses in the settlement trial. Turning up at Jim Trailer in his new Mercedes drunk, Eddie moans and whines about Jim quitting the case; as a result Eddie was fired. Jim offers to take Eddie for drinks at the Sandcastle, but the pair is shot at by a mystery figure – Eddie is hit in the arm, and Jim in the leg…moreless
    • In Pursuit of Carol Thorne
      Season 1 - Episode 10

      Jim has been hired to find an elderly couple's missing son, and assumes several guises to check out the man's former girlfriend, who has just been released from prison. But it is a complex case where everybody concerned is conning everyone else.

    • Beamer's Last Case
      Beamer's Last Case
      Season 4 - Episode 1
      After taking a vacation Jim returns home to find his trailer lived in, his car smashed, his clothes worn, and money spent on his charge cards. What is worse; someone is going around town posing as 'Jim Rockford' and taking dangerous cases which need solving!
    • The Dexter Crisis
      Season 1 - Episode 11
      Jim is hired by a wealthy business tycoon to find his mistress who has disappeared with 'property' belonging to him. Accompanied by the girl's roommate, the trail leads to Las Vegas, but things soon develop into much more than a simple missing person case.
    • The Queen of Peru
      The Queen of Peru
      Season 4 - Episode 12

      Jim is hired by an insurance company to aid in retrieving a stolen diamond which is hidden in his barbecue grill by the thieves and then a family of tourists accidentally steal the grill...

    • 9/12/75
      Just before going to meet an old friend at the airport, Jim is taken at gunpoint by two men. Jim runs off and escapes in a ‘Pizza Dan’s’ pizza deliver van. He collects Rocky and they travel to the airport to meet Aaron Ironwood – a successful businessman who ‘dares to win’, who used to live with the Rockford’s as a small boy. They attend a session of the School of Success, where Aaron encourages the students to become more than they are through his motto “dare to win”. Later at a bar Aaron explains to Jim that some gangsters who want to buy his companies for $20 million, when they ten times that amount and they are blackmailing him. Aaron asks Jim to become executer of the companies in his place. Beth Davenport reads over the contracts, which are clean, but Jim will only sign on agreement that if Aaron has not been honest, Jim will sell the companies immediately. They go to meet the gangster buyers, only to discover that it is Vito Genosa, whose goons visited Jim before. Jim immediately sells for $20 million. Aaron is furious because Jim sold out and will not release the cheque, and tries to hit him without success. Figuring out that Aaron must have wanted the companies sold, he meets with Aaron has a small fight and Jim hands over the cheque, but Aaron will not confess. When he returns home FBI Agent Patrick picks Jim up and explains that Aaron is guilty of federal crimes including the selling of companies with false securities. The FBI releases Jim, but next morning Genosa’s goons pick Jim and Aaron up…moreless
    • The Four Pound Brick
      Season 1 - Episode 21
      Rocky attends the funeral of Rookie Police Officer Dave Banning with his friend – the deceased’s mother Kate Banning. She reveals to Rocky her belief that Dave was murdered and did not die in an accident, so Rocky suggests Jim could help. Jim is unwilling, as Kate cannot afford him, so Rocky agrees to pay the $200 a day. Kate explains mysterious behaviour while Dave’s fiancée Laura mentions the Greek theatre, where Jim finds a light load cartridge. Jim stakes out the Theatre overnight and witnesses Sergeant Andrew Wilson, receive a pay off from two unknown men. Jim takes his suspicions to Lieutenant Diehl, who threatens Jim. Jim turns to Angel to help him plod the beat for information and learn that Wilson is into a lot of illegal activities. Ross and Tenner chase Jim and Angel in the Firebird. After following Wilson from his home to a forest site and following the men he meets with back to the Police Station Jim is kidnapped by Ross and Tenner and taken to Morrie who meets Wilson who buys a ‘four pound brick’ of drugs – but the sting goes wrong and Jim and Wilson become hostages…moreless
    • If It Bleeds, It Leads
      If It Bleeds, It Leads
      Season 7 - Episode 8

      Jim comes to the aid of his old friend Rita Capkovic when her husband, Ernie Landale is arrested by the police and persecuted by the media because he bears an uncanny resemblance to a picture of the notorious "Westside Rapist"…

    • Punishment and Crime
      Punishment and Crime
      Season 7 - Episode 6

      Jim meets up with an old flame, now a married woman, and discovers that she's in trouble.

    • Exit Prentiss Carr
      Season 1 - Episode 5

      Rockford has been hired by Janet Carr to locate her missing husband Prentiss. Jim finds him dead in a motel room, but the police log it as a suicide, and with a different crime scene report to how Jim found it. Are Janet, corrupt officers, or someone else the culprit?

    • Backlash of the Hunter, Part 2
      Backlash of the Hunter, Part 2
      Season 1 - Episode 1.2
      Rockford (James Garner) is approached by a young woman who wants him to determine if her father's death was a suicide or a murder. Guest stars: Lindsay Wagner, Bill Mumy. Part 2 of 2.
    • I Still Love L.A.
      I Still Love L.A.
      Season 7 - Episode 1
      Jim is preparing to sell his beachside Trailer and leave Los Angeles, when Gus returns his battered Pontiac Firebird (a day early) and leaves it in the middle of the Paradise Cove Parking Lot. At the same moment Angel appears in his car and when asked to move his car (despite his problems with reverse) puts another dent in the Firebird. Angel refuses to leave when Jim’s buyers; Mr and Mrs Emmenthaler, arrive to announce they changed their minds due to the LA riots. Angel leaves in disgust to not know Jim was moving and Jim watches the riots on TV to see Angel on TV looting a store. Meanwhile Lila Lansing returns home to have to open her gates herself and is shot. Her children Josh and Dorie tell the family attorney Halley ‘Kit’ Kittridge that the crime was a car-jacking and murder by men in masks and want to hire a PI. Next morning Jim has breakfast with Kit, his ex-wife and agrees to take the case, but Jim is unimpressed with the children’s attitude and conduct and whilst leaving their home spots a camera on the opposite property. Jim visits Angel at one of his holding areas, meets his employee Paco but is unimpressed that Angel is selling stolen goods. Jim meets Dennis at the station, but Dennis is distracted by Lieutenant Deke McCool being given the coveted corner office with a window over him and takes his anger out on a stapler. Jim tells Dennis about the camera and later while Jim meets Kit, Josh and Dorie at a Chapel Dennis arrives to take them to the station as evidence shows the children committed the murder; the camera shows Josh driving the car away and records show a phone call from the ‘stolen’ car by Josh. Jim has a another prospective buyer from Mattie, his real estate agent, who warns him the buyer may be late due to the Augora Forest Fire. Kit meets Josh in prison where she learns that Dorie made a suicide attempt and contacts Jim, who attends the hospital to learn from Kit and Doctor Ezo that Dorie has uncovered a repressed memory that she and Josh were abused by their step father – baseball player Mickey Ryer, who is also alleged as a Satanist. Jim does not believe any of the allegations but leaves in a hurry when Doctor Ezo reveals the Augora Fire is burning all the way to the ocean… Jim returns home, amidst a blaze of flame to find three guys in a boat stealing his TV set. Later Angel arrives to inform Jim that Paco stole his entire inventory of goods, but rather than tell him ‘I told you so’ Jim asks Angel to help to search cult stores. After the search leads no where Jim visits Mickey Ryder in his Brentwood home and reveals the allegations. Mickey shows Jim his basement den of memorabilia and breaks down. Jim agrees to help him, and visits Kit to try and get her to stop making the allegations, but both are shocked when Mickey’s attorney Sidney Kornblum admits the alleged offences at TV press conference. Kit visits Jim at home, where Jim receives a call from Mickey wanting to set the record straight and recant his confession. Jim (with Kit in tow) goes to the Brentwood home only to find Mickey hanging from the basement ceiling… Jim is convinced it is murder and after finding Angel in his car at home, goes to a Bar Mitzvah party given by Kornblum to discuss the case. Later Kit visits Jim, and the pair is kidnapped by Kornblum’s henchmen Saunders and Warshe. Fortunately Dennis Becker is on hand watching everything and follows to catch the crooks before they kill Jim. Next day they meet Kornblum who states that Mickey pleaded guilty to satanic acts to prevent having his basement searched and incriminating evidence found, linking Kornblum to former mobster ‘Big Al’ Minette. Suddenly the FBI steps in the takes the evidence and that ends the case. Kit refuses to work for Josh and Dorie as both lied to her, and goes to Jim to spend the night on his couch. Both are forced to evacuate the trailer after an earthquake, in which splits the entire trailer in half. Next morning Jim confesses to Kit that he has changed his mind about the move, because he does not want to miss all the excitement he gets in LA…moreless
    • The Family Hour
      Season 3 - Episode 3
      Jim and Rocky help a young girl whose father leaves her outside Jim's trailer to avoid some dirty narcotics agents...
    • Return to the Thirty-Eighth Parallel
      Jim is conned by an old Army friend who is desparate for a new line of work and persaudes Jim to take a missing persons case which in fact is really a race to locate a priceless vase...
    • Second Chance
      Second Chance
      Season 4 - Episode 4
      JIm helps his old friend Gandolph Fitch when the singer he is 'managing' is kidnapped by her ex-husband...
    • The Deuce
      The Deuce
      Season 5 - Episode 16
      After serving on a jury of a drunk driver, Jim is hired by the defedant to help proove his innocence...
    • The Return of the Black Shadow
      The Return of the Black Shadow
      Season 5 - Episode 18

      John Cooper goes after the biker gang which attacked Jim and his date Gail - Coop's sister...

    • Godfather Knows Best
      Godfather Knows Best
      Season 7 - Episode 4

      Jim comes to the aid of Becker's son, a 30-year-old drifter involved in the murder of a fashion designer. Problem is, the dead woman's fgather is a Mafia Don.

    • This Case is Closed, Part 2
      Season 1 - Episode 8.2
      Rockford is on the verge of giving up his investigation after being harassed by the underworld and federal agents.
    • Local Man Eaten by Newspaper
      Local Man Eaten by Newspaper
      Season 5 - Episode 12
      While investigsting a tabloid newspaper who are stealing medical information on celebrities, Jim recieves some bad press after his client, the celebrity doctor is shot dead...
    • Where's Houston?
      Season 2 - Episode 20
      Rocky’s old friend Peter Preli comes to Jim requesting help because his granddaughter Houston has been kidnapped. Not wanting to involve the police, Pete is prepared to pay the ransom. He goes home and Jim proceeds to Houston Preli’s home but is stopped by some goons warning him to stay out of it. Jim finds Houston’s house has been knocked around, with evidence of a fight. Jim goes to Peter’s but finds him dead. Lieutenant Diehl tells Jim that Pete appeared to have no money, so why was he hit for ransom. Rocky says Pete always gave the illusion of wealth. Jim takes Diehl and Dennis to Houston’s home only to find everything has been fixed. Jim is arrested. Next day Beth has him released, so Jim goes with Rocky to Houston’s home to finds her there, having just returned from Texas for a business trip. They offer to take her to the police but her friend Jerry arrives and takes her instead. Jim investigates further and learns the entire estate where pete lived had been bought for development by Jerry, and Pete’s home was the essential piece. Jim goes to Jerry but finds him dead so has the Preli property transferred into his and Houston’s names as security and hides her away for safety. Jim then goes to Blackhorn, a wealthy builder who owns the properties around and sets out a price. Blackhorn reluctantly agrees so forces Jim to take them to Houston …moreless
    • The Prisoner of Rosemont Hall
      The Prisoner of Rosemont Hall
      Season 4 - Episode 20

      Jim investigates the disappearance and subsequent murder of a friend's son during fraternity hazing and learns the son was investigating the disappearance of an Arab prince at the school.

    • Guilt
      Season 5 - Episode 15
      Jim aids his former fiance whose life has been threatened by a mystery figure...
    • If the Frame Fits...
      If the Frame Fits...
      Season 7 - Episode 3

      When Bud Monckton, a disliked private investigator, is killed, Jim is the prime suspect because of the circumstances of the death and the elaborate means someone has gone to do it. With the help of Jess Wilding, an IRS agent who was also a good friend of Rocky's, Jim has only so much time to prove his innocence. That proves difficult when the police, the FBI, and a Latino gang all want a piece of him.

    • Black Mirror (1)
      Black Mirror (1)
      Season 5 - Episode 9
      PART 1 Jim falls for Megan, a blind psychologist with a dangerously psychotic patient who is tormenting her...
    • Murder and Misdemeanors
      Murder and Misdemeanors
      Season 7 - Episode 7

      Jim comes to the aid of a prostitute who wants to file a complaint against two vice cops.

    • No Fault Affair
      No Fault Affair
      Season 6 - Episode 9
      Rita Capkovic stays with Jim after she is beaten up by her pimp when she wants to find a new line of work...
    • Deadlock in Parma
      Deadlock in Parma
      Season 6 - Episode 12
      Jim meets John Traynor while on a fishing trip in Parma. When John takes ill Jim takes him to hospital where John gives Jim his Proxy for the upcoming vote on the town’s Proposition 46D. Not knowing what it is Jim registers the proxy with Mayor Sindell, the pharmacist. Jim is then escorted out to see Henry Gersch at his mobile home. Gersch wants Jim to vote “for” the proposition, so Jim agrees. Jim returns to his motel and is visited by a mysterious figure who tells him to get out of town. This proves difficult as the Firebird is stolen and later found at the Parma Mechanic’s who believed Jim called and requested it fixed. Jim meets with Carrie Osgood, a journalist, who saw Jim fishing and again at the pharmacy. Jim is taken to the bus stop by the Sheriff, in an effort to have him leave town, but when the bus stops at Santa Barbara, Jim is collected by Gersch’s goons and taken back to Parma. Carrie recognises the mysterious figure as Stan Belding, a businessman from Las Vegas. Jim and Carrie manage to read Proposition 46D, which is identical to the previous legalisation which legalised gambling. Jim then finds out that John Traynor discharged himself from hospital. Jim now realises that John set him up, and figures out that John must be hiding out under canvas in the hills. Using the local pizza boy as a distraction, Jim leaves his motel room disguised as the pizza man to evade Gersch’s goons who are watching him. Jim finds John in his tent – murdered, which cancels the proxy. Jim reports this to the police, who find nothing, so arrest Jim for filing a false report – without a body, the proxy is still valid. Jim is in a cell, while outside the police hounds are barking at the trunk of the sheriff’s vehicle. Lee Melvin – an official – grants Jim an amnesty so that he can vote. Jim works out where Traynor’s body is, and goes to vote while Carrie calls the state police. They enter just in time to arrest Sindell, the Sherriff, Belding and Gersch’s goons, but Jim must lead the chase to catch Gersch himself, sitting in his mobile home on the outskirts of town…moreless
    • A Blessing in Disguise
      A Blessing in Disguise
      Season 7 - Episode 2
      Jim has cable TV installed and sees Angel Martin, who is now a Reverend at the Temple of Holy Light Church and wearing Jim’s favourite grey sport coat while preaching. Jim goes to the temple posing as someone wishing to healed and meets Angel who has his bodyguards; the Angels of the Lord remove Jim. One of the guards is Zachary Irons who particular hates Jim. Outside Jim rescues a young woman from a mob of protestors and learns she is an actress named Laura Sue Dean, whose live is being threatened because her new movie ‘Little Ezekial is being boycotted by Angel’s church. Jim agrees to protect her and breaks into Angel’s new church home to get back his sport coat (and other items) and accompanies Angel to the Morton Downey Jr Show, where the polite debate heats up into an all out fight, where Jim gets hit on the head with a chair. Jim goes with Laura Sue to the Phoenix Rooms to try and convince the movie producers Milovan D'Sant and Branka Costa to protect Laura Sue, they refuse, but begin to worry when their Limousine is bombed. Jim breaks into Angel’s church records but is caught by Zack and taken to Angel who gives Jim the name of the most crazy congregation member. Laura Sue and Jim attend the premier screening of the movie but are puzzled by thte absence of movie investor Danny Barclay. They go to his home and find him dead. Vincent Penguinetti PI appears claiming to be working for the movie producers and now protecting Laura Sue, but she rushes off with Jim and stays at his trailer. Next day they go to her agents WACA, who announce the movie ratings are great and try to get of Jim, but he saves them all from a gunner who shoots at the office. Laura Sue is forced to stay with Vincent while Jim overhears two agents talking about movie boycotts and profit and links the case together; Angel is selling movie boycotts. Jim takes Angel after the Angels of the Lord complain about payment and they meet Laura Sue and piece the case together. Jim and Angel break into the movie offices and get evidence but are caught by Milovan and Branka who force them into a car with the dead body of Vince Penguinetti inside. They go to Vince’s boat ith the intention of killing Jim and Angel and framing them for Vincent’s murder but Laura Sue storms in the truck and stops them. Jim chases Milovan onto the boat and forces him in the water. Laura Sue got the pair with the dead body on camera and the case is wrapped. Jim later tells Laura Sue she is very special because of her courage in the case.moreless
    • Friends and Foul Play
      Friends and Foul Play
      Season 7 - Episode 5

      Rockford attempts to help his friend Babs prove that her son was murdered by a mobster. After Babs is murdered, Rockford uses clues from her diary to help his investigation and enrolls in a criminal behavior class to learn more about the case.

    • The Big Cheese
      The Big Cheese
      Season 6 - Episode 10
      Jim comes into evidence of union corruption, which was mailed to him by a friend and reporter just before he was killed...
    • Just a Coupla Guys
      Just a Coupla Guys
      Season 6 - Episode 11
      Jim travels to New Jersey to help a reformed mob boss, who two punks are trying to get into the mob through.