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Trailer location on the beach Malibu, California

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    Was out in California visiting my sister early 90's , south of LA. My brother-in-law, Rick, knew I liked the Rockford Files. The trip was to the beach, I was totally

    clueless. I was so distracted by the scenery ( woman in thong bathing suits and small triangles covering just the nipples)I didn't even notice where I was. The beach is

    private and the public is charged to enter. Rick positioned me on the location where Rockford's trailer would have been during shooting. He said, "where are you

    standing?" I said, I don't know, he told me and immediately I knew where I was. I was looking at the restaurant and parking lot, It was kind of Eire.

    I was out in California ( serving in the Marine Corps) in the early seventies when the series was being filmed, the area has changed dramatically. Venice beach is close

    by and thats nice also, people watching of course.

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