The Rockford Files

Season 2 Episode 4

Gearjammers (2)

Aired Unknown Oct 03, 1975 on NBC

Episode Recap

With both Rockford men shaken but safe, but the Firebird completely burned out, Rocky finally comes to realise that someone is trying to kill him, so Jim takes him home and investigates P & W, discovering the trailers of the 6 semi rigs left in a dock park, untouched. A police stake out of the trailers leads to nothing. Back at Paradise Cove, Hammell's goons chase Rocky into the hills. Jim returns just in time to save Rocky and shoots one goon in the arm. Jim and Rocky continue to work together and work out that 6 rigs of expensive Russian furs are to be transported, but on their way to the docks, they are chased again. They evade their pursuers and arrive at the docks – which are under heavy guard by Police officer led by Dennis Becker. After Rocky explains the Bills of Lathing principle, Jim eventually works out that P & W changed the delivery schedule and that the 6 rig tractors were stolen so as to steal the precious furs! Jim steals a rig and pursues the first tractor that leaves the docks and stops to explain the situation to Dennis. Suddenly Rocky races past in another rig determined to catch the first and a three-semi rig chase ensues…