The Rockford Files

Season 5 Episode 15


Aired Unknown Jan 19, 1979 on NBC

Episode Recap

Val Pointer is walking her dog when a man tries to kill her, but only gets the dog. She calls her former fiancée Jim Rockford for help, and Jim attempts to investigate the crime following a lead through her tennis club. Rocky is really pleased that Jim is seeing Val again, but Jim has had feeling of guilt since their split – because Val tried to kill herself, and now plays on these feelings of guilt for help. Jim meets one of Val's interior design clients Joe Zakarian who are very threatening, and also meets Eric Genther her son in law who is presently estranged from his wife – Val's daughter. Jean Ludwig tries to hire Jim on a out of town job, he refuses but is suspicious so follows her, but she escapes in her fast Porshe. After a meal Jim takes Val home when a second attempt is made to kill her. Jim follows the trail of the Porshe and finds Jean Ludwig alias Sandy Ludmer, and learns she knows Eric Genther through her Helicopter lessons and his coach is the man who tried to kill val. Jim finds Eric, and learns the idea as to scare Val so that her daughter would return with his children from out of the state. They travel to the airfield where the chopper chases them to an explosive end…