The Rockford Files

Season 5 Episode 1

Heartaches of a Fool

Aired Unknown Sep 22, 1978 on NBC

Episode Recap

Rocky is shipping some sausages in a truck when he is forced off the road and his load set on fire. At the hospital the Highway patrol removes his truckers licence. Rocky explains to Jim the journey was a favour to Roland Eddy. Eddy reveals to Jim that it was a smuggle from Mexico, so Jim races back to tell Rocky not to file for his medical insurance with the union, but it is too late – they refuse him because Rocky apparently breached a rule. Jim tires to contact the sausage company in Cripple Creek, Arkansas to no avail, but when Jim sees country & western singer Charlie Strayhorn advertise the sausages on TV he goes to see him. Charlie does not believe Jim, and they fight, so Charlie and Carrie his wife go with Jim to see Roland Eddy, but witness his kidnapping. They to meet Rocky in hospital, where Charlie is impressed by Rocky, making him very happy and vows to find out what is going on. That night a Chinese man at the Sandcastle attacks Jim for no reason. Next morning a drunken Charlie decides to take Jim and fly to Cripple Creek, Arkansas but when they arrive they find a trailer in a field and a dead Chinese assistant. Charlie then confesses that the man in charge of the sausages – Clement Chin is also Chinese. The pair returns to LA and meet with Chin, who is a member of the Triads and well protected – but not enough as Clark Streeter, head of the ITTW truckers' union, kidnaps Chin. Jim and Charlie follow them to Chin's factory and see that Chin and Eddy are present under guard. They storm in with guns and stop the whole gang. When he is discharged from hospital – fully vindicated, Rocky and Jim go to see Charlie at his home. Shorty McCall, Charlie's housekeeper reveals Charlie and Carrie left to go on the road and gives them the gifts Charlie left; Jim gets Charlie's old horse saddle and Rocky gets a complimentary copy of Charlie's new single 'Heartaches of a Fool', with the dedication; "To Rocky, who helped set me free"…