The Rockford Files

Season 7 Episode 1

I Still Love L.A.

Aired Unknown Nov 27, 1994 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • When the Firebird is delivered by Gus at the start of the film, it is missing all four tyres. When the Emmenthaler's arrive the Firebird was acquired both rear wheels.

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  • Notes

    • The press attention given to Mickey Ryder and the loss of his character due to the serious allegations would be addressed again and be the centre subject in the eighth film IF IT BLEEDS… IT LEADS.

    • The title; I STILL LOVE LA is explained indirectly in the final scene; Jim wants to move, because LA has lost its quality of life. Despite all that happened to him over the two years that this story takes us, at the end, he changes his mind; hence, he still loves LA.

    • The director of this film, James Whitmore Jr is a familiar name to the Rockford Files, he played Freddie Beamer twice in the series (in 'Beamer's Last Case' and 'Nice Guys finish Dead')

      Joe Campenella appeared in the series episode 'In Hazzard', and guest starred in a number of Universal Productions in the 1970's and 1980's.

      Daniel Benzali is known for appearing in "Murder One"

      Joanna Cassidy has appeared in a number of shows and films, most recently "Diagnosis Murder" and "Boston Legal"

    • We learn in this story that Dennis has missed the chance on the corner office (with a window – he painted it himself) at the Station. The corner office becomes a run on joke throughout all the films.

    • "This picture is dedicated to the memory of Noah Beery Jr. We love you and miss you Pidge."
      As one gathers from this dedication, Noah Beery sadly passed away and therefore unable to appear in this story as Rocky. Noah Beery died on November 1, 1994 (the same month as this film was broadcast) due to comlication arising from surgery to the brain.
      The producers were able to include the character of Rocky in the film via a one-way phone call to Jim, making sure he was alright during the riots.

  • Allusions

    • The movie's title is a reference to the Randy Neuman hit song "I Love L.A." - which was the original working title of this TV movie.