The Rockford Files

Season 5 Episode 5

Kill the Messenger

Aired Unknown Oct 27, 1978 on NBC

Episode Recap

Dennis Becker is studying for his Lieutenant's Exam, but he and Officer Frank Dusenberg are assigned to investigate the murder Eileen Towne – wife of Deputy Chief Towne. To help his friend, Jim investigates, and begins at her place of work – the Probation office. Posing as 'Edward Blasko' of the Comptrollers office, he uncovers the startling fact that Mrs Towne was having affairs with her parolees, the most recent being a 'Captain Crunch.' Jim tells Rocky that upon discovering this personal fact about Mrs Towne he is unsure what to do, but after he is attacked outside the dry cleaners, he resolves to tell him, but Dennis does not believe it, however Frank knows of rumours regarding Mrs Towne and some young police officers. Jim meets 'Captain Crunch', who is shot by a blonde haired man. Meanwhile Dennis is questioning Deputy Chief Towne, and later takes the oral interview for promotion – on the board is Chief Towne. The board reveal that it is Dennis' association with ex-cons which impedes his promotion. Dennis justifies himself, but is annoyed that it would seem Jim has hampered his career. Jim goes back to the probation office and discovers Officer Kemper telephoned Mrs Towne repeatedly, so gets his address from Frank and goes to meet him, but Kemper takes Jim at gunpoint… Dennis and Frank make the important connections in the case – particularly that Kemper was one of the subjects of rumour with Mrs Towne and that he has blonde hair, then they realise Jim is in great danger…