The Rockford Files

Season 6 Episode 3

Lions, Tigers, Monkeys and Dogs (2)

Aired Unknown Oct 12, 1979 on NBC

Episode Recap

With there still being a risk for Kendall, Jim finds out the venue Soderling's funeral, seeing a row of flowers paying tribute to the deceased and after a visit to the florist with Kendall, they learn that Tommy Minette, a gangster sent flowers to the funeral. Minette telephones Jim and they meet at his factory. Jim takes Charlie Martell as his bodyguard but Charlie is knocked unconscious and Jim has his sleeves sewn together. Jim reports this, and with Kendall follows Minette home, where they witness his death by poisoning. Once again they appears at Lieutenant Chapman's office, so Jim takes Kendall to Rocky's, where another murder attempt is made, by August Fairfield. In custody he claims the Princess ordered him to do it, because she was suing him for libel. The Princess denies this, but later convinces her partner Freddie Danzig to kill Kendall, and lures her to their old college at Semi Valley. Jim stops Freddie just in time, and it is apparent that the Princess has serious problems. Later, Rocky wants Jim to continue to see Kendall, referring to her as part of the family…