The Rockford Files

Season 5 Episode 12

Local Man Eaten by Newspaper

Aired Unknown Dec 08, 1978 on NBC

Episode Recap

While looking into 'The National Investigator' a gossip newspaper for his client, Doctor Hagens, Jim is discovered and kicked out. He reports to his client, who believes the newspaper broke into his office to obtain medical files on the celebrities he treats. They go to his office and discover two new thieves, who shoot the Doctor. The thieves are Augie Arno and Leo, who work for Johnny Bongard, a gangster, and whom Natalie Arno believes is dying of cancer based on a story in the National Investigator, but wants proof. Dennis Becker and Jim investigate Whitbeck the editor of the newspaper, who then prints a story on Jim uncovering mistaken facts about his past and friends – including his time in jail for first degree murder! Jim sees John Cooper, for legal advice, but Augie and Leo try to shoot Jim outside Coop's office. They discuss whether Jim has a case, but Coop believes that is pretty thin, as there reputations were not solid to begin with. Two other men who also work for Johnny kidnap Jim and Coop from outside the Sandcastle. He meets them at the cemetery where Augie and Leo try to kill Jim again; they miss Jim but kill Johnny. Jim and Coop go through the mug books but figure out that the Newspaper did not commit the second robbery in Hagins office, but in fact by the pair who are trying to kill them. Meanwhile Augie is lying low, but Leo finds out that the Newspaper is printing a retraction on the Johnny – cancer story, now the pair will be wanted for killing their boss. The only thing left to do is destroy the evidence. Jim and Coop con their way into the Newsroom to find out the reason they are victims of attempted murder, when Augie and Leo arrive – at the same time a mysterious fire begins, so a quick escape needs to be made…