The Rockford Files

Season 5 Episode 12

Local Man Eaten by Newspaper

Aired Unknown Dec 08, 1978 on NBC

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  • Should have been called, "The Downhill Slide"

    The plot of this is very weak and the interaction between the main mafia character (Augie) and his strange wife (Monica) is very annoying. Jim has a few decent one liners, as always, but it's not hard to see the writers struggling to keep this program afloat midway through season 5. Jim is working undercover for a "National Enquirer" style paper as a reporter. Hired by a doctor trying to find out who broke into his office and read files on his celebrity patients. I'm still not sure why the doctor came to the conclusion it was "The National Investigator" stealing his info. I must have missed the connection. Either way, the plot thickens after Jim has been fired from the paper when one of the employees finds out Jim's a P.I. He goes to report to Doctor Hagens but find 2 intruders in the doctor’s office searching through his files. This next part looked ridiculous to me. Jim and the doctor are held at gunpoint by the 2 gangsters and told to go into the closet??? Jim meekly obliges and walks into the closet but the doctor struggles with the man holding the gun and invariably gets shot. The 2 thugs run off and, after a brief pause, Jim comes back out of the closet to find the doctor dead. Sorry, but this was so out of character for Rockford, it just looked silly. Anyway, the plot then goes haywire from here on. Bo Hopkins appears as Coop and makes Jim look stupid in front of Becker but by then I had given up on this episode. The ending is disjointed rubbish which leaves a bad taste and a worry that the next episode may be worse.