The Rockford Files

Season 6 Episode 6

Love Is the Word

Aired Unknown Nov 09, 1979 on NBC

Episode Recap

On his way home from Court, Jim visits Megan Dougherty for the first time in weeks. While he is there Jeffrey Smith visits Megan and the situation becomes awkward. Jim and Megan go out to see Barbara Mandrell sing and when they return home Megan confesses she is engaged to Jeffrey and they are marry soon. Jim is surprised but pleased, but goes home very upset and angry. In the middle of the night Megan gets a call from Jeffrey who is frantically looking for Randy and hangs up. Upon finding out that Megan has hired another investigator Jim insists on helping her. She receives a call from Randy and the pair go to see him. Randy is a photographer and also a drug user, who is constantly up and down. Randy is no help, so Jim and Megan go to Pacoima and break into Jeffrey's Architects Office. Inside they find the police outline of a dead body. They go to the Police and talk to Lieutenant Kefir who tells them that Jeffrey is prime suspect in the murder of a man named Spector, and that his brother Kenny Spector identified Jeffrey as the killer. Jim and Megan stay at a motel, where Megan confesses she still loves Jim. Next day Jim sees Kenny Spector and a friend discussing the whereabouts of Randy. Jim realises that the whole case leads back to Randy and that he and Megan are not looking for him. They find he not returned home, bu find out where his photo shoot is taking place and set off. Randy is found by Kenny, who admits killing his brother and that he must kill Randy, who conned the pair and cannot stop blabbing important facts. Jim arrives in time to save him, but Randy is still shot in the foot…

At the wedding, Jim talks to Megan, who tells him about a dream where she is asked to join the group who made it. She asks Jim where he would be, and Jim admits the group that made it. Jeffrey comes over and the married couple set off for their honeymoon while Jim looks on…
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