The Rockford Files

Season 7 Episode 7

Murder and Misdemeanors

Aired Unknown Nov 21, 1997 on NBC

Episode Recap

Jim is at the station with Dennis discussing a pending vacation when Val, a prostitute comes in to file a complaint against two Vice cops. She claims to have a good case against the two officers and puts forward her accusation and lodges the complaint with Dennis.

Two weeks later Jim returns from his fishing vacation in Carbo St Lucas, to be met by Harvey, a Paradise Cove resident, complaining about Jim's telephone. They agree on dinner (which never happens) when the phone rings again; it is Leddy Hutch, informing Jim that her husband, Jim's old prison mate Booker Hutch, is terminally ill and wants to see Jim. Jim goes to see Booker, an ex-con turned private detective, who hands Jim his current case load of "no brainers".

Jim leaves and meets Dennis at a bar which the police frequent and they argue over Booker's seemingly pending death, to be interrupted by Brianne Lambert, who sits and listens to Jim. Next day Angel appears at the trailer revealing that Jim discussed his friendship with Booker with a reporter for a newspaper. Angry, Jim complains at Dennis about not being told, but Jim gets the cold shoulder from Dennis and all the other cops at the Hollywood Division because of a case he is working on, related to a complaint about vice cops filed by a prostitute weeks before. Jim knows the complaint, but denies working on any case, and tries to convince everyone of this fact, but becomes victim to police harassment – traffic violations and tickets issued everywhere.

Jim is arrested and Harvey (who was sat waiting to have dinner with Jim) has to post bail for him. Jim later finds Booker and Leddy have moved out, leaving him to hold the bag. Brianne promises to print a retraction, but this fails to come out how Jim intended. Meanwhile Angel is attempting to set up a movie deal to produce a film depicting Jim's life story with Booker, and tips Clint Eastwood to play the part of Jim. Eventually Jim contacts Brianne requesting that she print a full story – he is on the case and there is a movie deal in the works too.

Jim goes to see Val, who despite being scared of Budda, promises to come and make a full statement to Dennis, but when they leave in the Firebird, they are rammed and smashed, but Jim manages to get a look at the drivers face. Val is kidnapped from the car, and Jim is left concussed, and wakes up in hospital. Val is later found dead and Booker has emerged from the woodwork and confesses to be working for the committee who are investigating the two vice cop, and admits he was beaten up by a man named Cicero. Commander Gage allows Jim to meet and talk to the two vice cops, because Jim now believes they were framed.

Jim and Dennis then pound the beat attempting to locate Cicero and Jim spots him in a strip club. A chase ensues, but Cicero rams Dennis's squad car. Jim meets with Brianne at the Sandcastle, but they are interrupted by Booker and then by Angel and then by a call from Dennis telling Jim to get out. The four leave, but are taken from outside the Sandcastle to see Cicero's boss Budda. While Angel grovels, offering a part in a movie, Jim and Booker start a fight and emerge victorious, despite bruises.

Brianne has Jim checked into a private hospital, where Commander Gage, the vice cops and Dennis say thank you in front of media cameras, and where Booker, Leddy, Brianne and Angel all visit. After they leave Jim invites Harvey to sit down for some dinner, because at least Jim comes out of the whole episode with a good friend…