The Rockford Files

Season 6 Episode 9

No Fault Affair

Aired Unknown Nov 30, 1979 on NBC

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  • Jim and Rita rekindle the flame... Of sorts.

    Firstly, let me deal witht the Rita/Beth question. Something which has furstrated devotees for years is how Jim seemed to treat the prissy but noble Beth as almost a neccesary evil at times, yet the enigmatic at best Rita seems to have him drooling like a dumb puppy everytime she appears. I guess that "love" truly is.... well nevermind, and that to a large extent is why this story is a lost opportunity. Having come to Rita's aid after she stands up to her violent obnoxious pimp, the suspence is completely drawn from this episode, and instead we are presented with some ultra mawkish "chemistry" between the two unlikely lovers with even (or not surprisingly) Rocky offering his age old wisdom. In the end, the main plot is soon forgotten, as the most irritating will they/won't they question on TV still fails to find any bona fide resolution. The return of Beth in the TV movies was overdue, even if her relationship with Jim was all but a friendship by then. Jim even manages to get his umpteenth thump on the head for Rita. Hmm, it's amazing she even bothered to notice... Silly stuff.