The Rockford Files

Season 6 Episode 5

Only Rock 'n' Roll Will Never Die (2)

Aired Unknown Oct 26, 1979 on NBC

Episode Recap

Having returned from the hospital Jim moves out of his trailer and visits Ritchie to demand an explanation. The truth is that Brian Charles was ripping off Tim Ritchie's 'Butter Records' label with Evergreen Management. Jim visits Whitney, having learned that she blew Jim's cover at Evergreen, so with Lieutenant Dennis Becker in tow, Bernie Seldon is questioned, but denies all knowledge of the shootings. Over dinner Jim lets slip to Whitney about Eddie's feelings for her, then the trio piece the clues together that although Brian Charles was packed up to leave the country, his garden was dug over. They realise Brian is buried in his own garden and that is where they find him. When the TV News announces Seldon's arrest and discovery of the body of Brian Charles, Jim goes to receive his fee from Ritchie, and has a deep conversation in Ritchie's private thinking room. Based on things Ritchie said, items revealing in the court settlement on TV and where Brian Charles had been in the past months, Jim stumbles on to the fact that the Florio brothers perjured their evidence for Diane Bjornstrom (Tim's former romantic partner). At the same time Whitney works out the same. Eddie and Jim race to Whitney's rescue because the Florio brothers are desperate and dangerous. At the expense of his Firebird, Jim catches the brothers. Days later Jim learns from Whitney that her relationship with Eddie didn't work out, due to Whitney's obsession with Ritchie - she tells Jim that Eddie was not Tim Ritchie, but ironically, Tim Ritchie was not Tim Ritchie either…
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