The Rockford Files

Season 7 Episode 6

Punishment and Crime

Aired Unknown Sep 18, 1996 on NBC

Episode Recap

Whilst visiting the university, Jim is surprised to sees his old friend and flame Megan Dougherty-- who is now Megan Adams. He goes home, where Angel is  making repairs to repay a loan, and decides to contact Megan on the telephone to learn she has a son and daughter, is now divorced, and receives an invite to her father's birthday party. There Jim meets Frank Doughtery and other family members such as brothers, sisters, cousin Patrick, and his girlfriend Molly. Jim chats with Megan about the past fifteen years, her children and the death of Rocky.

As Jim leaves in the Firebird he crashes into Patrick's BMW--Patrick is clearly drunk and high on drugs but Jim is forced to defend himself when Patrick starts swinging fists. The next day, Jim is visited by Patrick to hire him to find a star client actress--Ykaterina Stepashin. Jim starts off at the bar where she was a waitress, has dinner with Megan, and visits Dennis on the night shift at the station. Noting he now has an office with a window, Jim asks Dennis to do a search for Ykaterina.

That night, some Russian mobsters lead by Genatty Koplitts and Boris Antreovitch attack Jim for information on Ykaterina or Patrick. Drugged, Jim goes to Megan and then reports everything to Dennis who reveals that Ykaterina attempted suicide and is in hospital. They go to see her to get information.

Jim and Megan are forced to go into hiding at Rocky's old cabin while Jim, posing as a professor, meets Festa, an Italian desperate to catch Koplitts. Jim and Megan learn that Molly was attacked and hospitalized and go to the hospital where Patrick is playing victim for Megan, much to Jim's disgust. Afterward Megan reveals that she lost her sight due to an accident with a pistol involving Patrick, who blames himself. This cools the relationship between Jim and Megan for a while.

Angel has meanwhile quit working for Jim, and now is attempting a blind man and guide dog scam outside a Guardina Casino to get money. However, he is caught and chased away.

While playing at the golf range Jim is kidnapped by Boris and taken with Megan to a record studio and subjected to white noise until they reveal Patrick's whereabouts. Using a cleaner, Jim passes a message to Festa, who busts the studio.

At the police station, Dennis reveals that Patrick was found shot dead. Jim meets Angel, who is trying to get rid of the dog a the trailer and Jim fingers Angel for revealing Patrick's whereabouts, but when Angel reveals he was in Guardina, Jim realizes only one person had the opportunity and motive to give Patrick up, and so goes to visit Frank Dougherty…