The Rockford Files

NBC (ended 1980)





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  • Hello this is Jim Rockford, leave your phone number I'll get back with you.

    The only show in history that starts off with a different phone message ever week. Then that unforgettable theme music. Hey Jim Bo, Rockfish, Jimmy Boy, and many more from the best sidekick of all time Angel. This is probalbly the best tv show of all time hands down. And it could have been better with some tweeks. Alot of great shows for their time and genre but this just blows all of them away. Firefly comes close now for me but forever the Rock was the greatest. Magnum was second for the genre of action drama but the Rockfish is just awesome. I mean he is so the regular American guy who you admire. Gets behind bills, knocked down, and burnt by Angel over and over but loyal to the core he takes him back. I just laugh thinking how many times Jim BO got the shaft because of Angel. If you never seen these episodes man you have missed American tv gold. A classic action drama. I mean plans that go hay wire but Jim always manages to pull it together and fix what's wrong. Decker and Rocky their to bail him out. And his car who could forget that. A Privat Eye for the ages. Just a really fine show.