The Rockford Files - Season 3

NBC (ended 1980)




Episode Guide

  • 4/1/77
    Something is delivering thousands of dollars in the mail to Rocky and someone is desperate to get it back. Jim investigates after his father is arrested and uses money borrowed from a loan shark to buy some time...
  • Crack Back
    Episode 21
    Although she is being harrased by a mystery stalker, Beth represents a football player charged with murder, Jim tries to find a missing alibi witness, who is shot dead before she can testify...
  • To Protect and Serve (2)

    Jim hides the missing woman on a friend's boat in Oxnard, but the entire case is compromised by the female police buff who reveals the location to the two gangsters...

  • To Protect and Serve (1)

    PART 1 Jim is looking for a missing woman but after he is threatened by two goons, tries to get off the case but is threatened with death by his client, so Jim continues to search for the woman in order to protect her and save himself. However, but the case is further complicated by the intrusion of a female police buff...

  • 2/25/77
    Jim tries to help a female Vietnamese refugee find her missing brother, but the case is not as simple as it seems...
  • 2/18/77
    After he posts bail for him, Jim agrees to help find his friend Gandolph Fitch a new line of work. Gandy accompanies Jim to a meeting with the county probate office, and is told about the death of Tom Evans whose ID came out as Patrick O’Herlihy. Jim is hired to find his brother so as to pass on the inheritance of $10,000. Jim then takes Gandy to meet Marcus Hayes, a fellow PI, who after leaving Jim with a restaurant bill, agrees to give Gandy work. Mark quizzes Gandy about Jim’s recent case and sees it as an opportunity for a 40% finder’s fee. Jim finds out that Finn O’Herlihy has an alias like this brother, now known as Frank Martin, and is trying to trace him through the gravesite of his mother, and then through the florist who laid flowers. The search takes Jim to San Diego. Meanwhile Gandy and Mark – know nicknamed Gabby for his mouth – go to Pat O’ Herlihy’s demolished home and find a link to his last place of work. They go there to find themselves as the only two black men in an all Nazi Club. Mark claims to be from the Liquor board, but a fight ensues, and when Gandy manages to win, Mark claims to be from the musicians union in order to get a line on Frank Martin. Mark then goes to Jim’s trailer and meets Rocky. Claiming still to be a parole officer Mark learns from Rocky where Jim has gone – so he and Gandy travel to San Diego. Jim goes to the local Florist, posing as a grave memorial agent and meets Mr Gertmanian, who shows Jim the Frank Martin order. Gandy and mark go to the Musicians union and learn that Frank Martin is playing at a Polish Wedding. Jim learns from Mrs Martin that Frank is playing at the Fred Koska Wedding (a Polish Wedding) and attends the reception at the hotel, posing as hotel security. Mark arrives, trying to pass himself off as the groom’s old absent minded professor, but can’t get in so changes to a waiter. Jim finds Frank Martin just as he is about to play his music for the wedding, when Mark also appears – Jim uses his real name Finn O’Herlihy, which for some reason sends him into a panic…moreless
  • 2/11/77
    Jim investigates after Dennis is framed and then suspended on suspicion of supplying drugs from the Police Narcotics Squad...
  • The Trees, the Bees and T.T. Flowers (2)
    PART 2 Jim helps T.T. temporarily save his land from a forced sale, but efforts to eliminate the PI and the old man do not stop there...
  • The Trees, the Bees and T.T. Flowers (1)
    PART 1 Rocky begs JIm's help when his friend T.T Flowers is hospitalised by his daughter and son in law and then declared incompetant...
  • Jim investigates when three PI colleagues loose thier licences after being set up by a mystery woman and a rival detective agency...
  • 1/7/77
    Jim realises he was conned when he helps a dying friend by entering a poker game which is busted by some thugs, and finds he must perform his own con on his friend to even the score...
  • 12/24/76
    Jim notches up a number of felony charges while trying to prove Beth's cousin Warren did not murder his boss who is also his mistress' husband...
  • Piece Work
    Episode 10
    While investigating an accident at a health club Jim is mistaken for a Police Officer by a Federal Operative working undercover to purchase weapons....
  • Return to the Thirty-Eighth Parallel
    Jim is conned by an old Army friend who is desparate for a new line of work and persaudes Jim to take a missing persons case which in fact is really a race to locate a priceless vase...
  • 11/26/76
    Angel marries into a family with a garbage empire after he tries to swindle them out of thousands of dollars, howevfer Jim must invesitgate when one of the brothers is murdered and a TV car salesman is desperate to ensure a secret remains buried....
  • So Help Me God
    Episode 7

    When Jim is called before the grand jury and cannot answer the questions about the kidnapping of a union boss put by the prosecutor, Jim is thrown in jail repeatedly and must avoid murder attempts in order to uncover the reason why people are convinced he has the answers to everyone's questions...

  • 11/12/76
    Jim and Rocky investigate when some thugs force Rocky to sign over the rights to a seemingly worthless piece of land....
  • 11/5/76
    When Jim hears Angel's life maybe in danger, Jim learns that Angel is now the head of a large corporation which is backed by organised crime...
  • Feeding Frenzy
    Episode 4
    Jim helps Charlie and Sandy Baylock, when Charlie wants to return some stolen money to a company he used to work for, but things become complicated when he is forced to use the money as ransom for Sandy's kidnappers....
  • The Family Hour
    Episode 3
    Jim and Rocky help a young girl whose father leaves her outside Jim's trailer to avoid some dirty narcotics agents...
  • 10/1/76
    Jim is in for a rough time when a Clairvoyant claims Jim knows more about the disappearance and murder of a young couple than he originally claims...
  • The Fourth Man
    The Fourth Man
    Episode 1
    Jim helps Lori, a Stewardess, when she claims Timpson Farrell, an Antique Coin Collector, tried to kill her...