The Rockford Files - Season 5

NBC (ended 1980)




Episode Guide

  • A Different Drummer
    A Different Drummer
    Episode 22
    Hospitalized by an accident, Jim is convinced he sees a doctor perform an organ extraxion on a live patient...
  • Never Send a Boy King to Do a Man's Job (2)
    The con continues and proves sucessful when one of the fellow one artists appears to make of with the cheque...
  • Never Send a Boy King to Do a Man's Job (1)
    PART 1 Jim helps Ritchie Brockleman set up a big con in order to retrieve money which the villain extorted from Ritchie's father...
  • A Material Difference
    Angel poses a high priced hitman but Jim must help when he collects his fee without making his hit, but the victim is apparently still killed, whilst Naval Intellegence and the Russians take an interest in the case and blue jeans...
  • The Return of the Black Shadow

    John Cooper goes after the biker gang which attacked Jim and his date Gail - Coop's sister...

  • The Man Who Saw the Alligators

    When a hitman Jim helped imprison is released threatening revenge, Jim goes into hiding, but Angel unfortunately reveals his friend's hideout...

  • The Deuce
    The Deuce
    Episode 16

    After serving on a jury of a drunk driver, Jim is hired by the defendant to help prove his innocence...

  • Guilt
    Episode 15
    Jim aids his former fiance whose life has been threatened by a mystery figure...
  • The Battle-Ax and the Exploding Cigar
    Have Jim and a passenger are arrested after guns are found in a car Jim is suprised to learn his passenger has got off scott free and enlists the help of a Secretary who is concerned about the disapearance of one of her staff...
  • With the French Heel Back, Can the Nehru Jacket Be Far Behind?
    While investigating the death of a young model, Jim keeps stumbling into the murder of a jet setting model and the connection between them and a fashion house about to sport a new line...
  • Local Man Eaten by Newspaper
    While investigsting a tabloid newspaper who are stealing medical information on celebrities, Jim recieves some bad press after his client, the celebrity doctor is shot dead...
  • A Fast Count
    A Fast Count
    Episode 11
    A murder investigation leads Jim to a TV personality who is trying to frame a boxer's manager...
  • Black Mirror (2)
    Black Mirror (2)
    Episode 10
    PART 2 Jim tries to trace Megan's stalker, who is a patient with a dual personality...
  • Black Mirror (1)
    Black Mirror (1)
    Episode 9
    PART 1 Jim falls for Megan, a blind psychologist with a dangerously psychotic patient who is tormenting her...
  • A Good Clean Bust With Sequel Rights
    Jim is hired by an Insurance Company for a toy manufacturer who ask him to baby-sit a cop turned TV writer who keeps falling into trouble and is desperate to solve one last big case involving a mob hit...
  • A Three-Day Affair With a Thirty-Day Escrow
    Jim is taken before a family of Arabs who want to know why his client hired him to find their missing daughter. Jim must find the client, the daughter and figure how the case is connected to a Real Estate broker...
  • The Empty Frame
    The Empty Frame
    Episode 6

    After the police and most prominent members of the community are literally caught with their trousers down by a group of art thieves, Jim is hired by the owners to locate the missing pictures.
    Meanwhile Angel is exerting new influences after his brother in law is named a police chief...

  • Kill the Messenger
    Kill the Messenger
    Episode 5
    Dennis Becker is studying for his Lieutenant’s Exam, but he and Officer Frank Dusenberg are assigned to investigate the murder Eileen Towne – wife of Deputy Chief Towne. To help his friend, Jim investigates, and begins at her place of work – the Probation office. Posing as ‘Edward Blasko’ of the Comptrollers office, he uncovers the startling fact that Mrs Towne was having affairs with her parolees, the most recent being a ‘Captain Crunch.’ Jim tells Rocky that upon discovering this personal fact about Mrs Towne he is unsure what to do, but after he is attacked outside the dry cleaners, he resolves to tell him, but Dennis does not believe it, however Frank knows of rumours regarding Mrs Towne and some young police officers. Jim meets ‘Captain Crunch’, who is shot by a blonde haired man. Meanwhile Dennis is questioning Deputy Chief Towne, and later takes the oral interview for promotion – on the board is Chief Towne. The board reveal that it is Dennis’ association with ex-cons which impedes his promotion. Dennis justifies himself, but is annoyed that it would seem Jim has hampered his career. Jim goes back to the probation office and discovers Officer Kemper telephoned Mrs Towne repeatedly, so gets his address from Frank and goes to meet him, but Kemper takes Jim at gunpoint… Dennis and Frank make the important connections in the case – particularly that Kemper was one of the subjects of rumour with Mrs Towne and that he has blonde hair, then they realise Jim is in great danger…moreless
  • White on White and Nearly Perfect
    Jim works with Lance White, a fellow who is so perfect it seems unreal, when investigating the kidnapping of the daughter of a prominant weapons industrialist...
  • The Jersey Bounce
    The Jersey Bounce
    Episode 3
    Jim stands accused of murdering one of Rocky's neighbours party guests when matters get out of hand, but Jim's counsel seems pre-occupied so puts his fate in the hands of legal researcher John Cooper...
  • Rosendahl and Gilda Stern Are Dead
    Jim helps Rita Capkovic prove her innocence when she is accused of murdering a prominent doctor when in fact she witnessed the parties who committed the crime...
  • Heartaches of a Fool
    When Rocky is hi-jacked and injured while delivering sausages, Jim investigates the sausage company through their spokesperson; a country and western singer...