The Rockford Files - Season 6

NBC (ended 1980)




Episode Guide

  • Paradise Cove
    Paradise Cove
    Episode 1
    The Rockford’s are having a particularly bad month; Rocky has his leg in plaster, Jim recently lost a lawsuit against a fellow resident C.C Calloway and Court Auditor Althea Morgan appears to take inventory of Jim’s possessions. She accompanies Jim to the bi-annual Paradise Cove Residents Committee Meeting where C.C Calloway puts forward a case to evict Jim from the Cove. Althea elects Jim to be the Cove Residents Security, which they duly accept. While doing his rounds Jim stumbles into three men digging around the beach hot dog stand, who attack him and Jim crashes the Firebird while chasing them. With Angel’s help Jim begins to investigate C.C Calloway, the former Malibu Sheriff and finds an old news story about a shootout at the Cove fifty years earlier related to smuggling stolen whiskey and gold bullion. Angel visits Jim with more news, but runs into the three men who attack him and Jim chases them again in Angels car without success, but gets clue to where they came from; Hill Haven Hospital, whose resident Roscoe Ragland was involved in the Cove shootout previously. Jim and then deals with C.C and solves the case of the missing gold bullion – it’s under his trailer…moreless
  • Only Rock 'n' Roll Will Never Die (2)
    Having returned from the hospital Jim moves out of his trailer and visits Ritchie to demand an explanation. The truth is that Brian Charles was ripping off Tim Ritchie’s ‘Butter Records’ label with Evergreen Management. Jim visits Whitney, having learned that she blew Jim’s cover at Evergreen, so with Lieutenant Dennis Becker in tow, Bernie Seldon is questioned, but denies all knowledge of the shootings. Over dinner Jim lets slip to Whitney about Eddie’s feelings for her, then the trio piece the clues together that although Brian Charles was packed up to leave the country, his garden was dug over. They realise Brian is buried in his own garden and that is where they find him. When the TV News announces Seldon’s arrest and discovery of the body of Brian Charles, Jim goes to receive his fee from Ritchie, and has a deep conversation in Ritchie’s private thinking room. Based on things Ritchie said, items revealing in the court settlement on TV and where Brian Charles had been in the past months, Jim stumbles on to the fact that the Florio brothers perjured their evidence for Diane Bjornstrom (Tim’s former romantic partner). At the same time Whitney works out the same. Eddie and Jim race to Whitney’s rescue because the Florio brothers are desperate and dangerous. At the expense of his Firebird, Jim catches the brothers. Days later Jim learns from Whitney that her relationship with Eddie didn’t work out, due to Whitney’s obsession with Ritchie - she tells Jim that Eddie was not Tim Ritchie, but ironically, Tim Ritchie was not Tim Ritchie either…moreless
  • Nice Guys Finish Dead
    Jim and Lance White help Fred Beamer when he is charged with murder of a Senator while attending an awards banquet...
  • Lions, Tigers, Monkeys and Dogs (1)
    Jim takes Linda Hassler for dinner at an expensive restaurant, but despite them having a reservation Henri, the owner won’t allow them to sit. Then the Princess Irene Rachevsky and her party arrives, and Henri goes to seat them – but Jim protests, and he is seated, next to the kitchen. Jim sends the Princess a bottle of wine, but Jim’s dining is ruined. Later that evening, the Princess takes her good friend Kendall back to her hotel. As Kendall gets out of the Limousine, someone almost runs her down. The next day the Princess hires Jim to protect Kendall, and invites him to a costume ball that afternoon on Blake Sternlight’s boat. Dressed as a scholar, Jim foils another attempt on Kendall’s life by a mysterious figure dressed as a Friar. Jim takes Kendall home, but first stops at Escobedo’s, Jim favourite eatery, but August Fairfield brings a party of friends, and Jim is forced to eat with them. Next day, Kendall brings a picnic to the trailer, but Jim is investigating the mystery Friar, so Kendall offers to help by taking Jim to the costume shop where guests of the Sternlight party were instructed to go, and discover the identity of the mystery Friar – a local bartender named Richard Soderling. Jim finds Soderling at a drinks conference, and when he spots Jim he runs, ending up on the roof and failing off the roof. Jim returns home, not wanting to explain his investigation to the police, but the police collect Jim and put him in an identity parade where a technician at the conference identifies Jim. Lieutenant Chapman is more interested in arresting Jim than understating the facts, but luckily Rocky has alerted the Princess and Kendall to the situation, so Jim is released, suggesting they keep a close eye on the obituaries. Back at Rocky’s Jim is visited by Angel who is desperate who pull a scam on Jim’s new associates by posing as ‘Lord Evelyn Martin’, claiming to sell the one thing everyone wants; Polo Ponies. Jim leaves for a funeral…moreless
  • Lions, Tigers, Monkeys and Dogs (2)
    With there still being a risk for Kendall, Jim finds out the venue Soderling’s funeral, and attends seeing a row of flowers paying tribute to the deceased. After a visit to the florist with Kendall, they learn that Tommy Minette, a local gangster, sent flowers to the funeral. Minette finds out that Jim is investigating him so telephones Jim and they meet at his factory. Jim takes Charlie Martell as his bodyguard but Charlie is knocked unconscious and Jim has his sleeves sewn together. Jim reports this, and with Kendall follows Minette home, where they witness his death by poisoning. Once again they appears at Lieutenant Chapman’s office, so Jim takes Kendall to Rocky’s, where another murder attempt is made, by August Fairfield. In custody he claims the Princess ordered him to do it, because she was suing him for libel. The Princess denies this, but later convinces her partner Freddie Danzig to kill Kendall, and lures her to their old college at Semi Valley. Jim stops Freddie just in time, and it is apparent that the Princess has serious problems. Later, Rocky wants Jim to continue to see Kendall, referring to her as part of the family…moreless
  • The Hawaiian Headache
    Jim is lured to Hawaii and tricked into helping his former Army commander with a CIA related investigation...
  • Love Is the Word
    Love Is the Word
    Episode 6
    Jim meets with Megan who asks for his help in clearing her fiance of murder charges...
  • Only Rock 'n' Roll Will Never Die (1)
    Eddie Lopresti recommends his friend and former prison mate Jim Rockford to rock star Tim Ritchie for work on a missing person’s case. The job: locate Brian Charles for $2000 a week. Eddie is supposed to join Jim, but is distracted by journalist Whitney Cox, and so Jim looks around Brian’s home alone. While there, a mystery person hits Jim on the head with a rock. Eddie contacts Jim by telephone at Brian’s. Jim is annoyed and tells Eddie that he has tumbled the fact the Eddie is clearly besotted with Whitney, and arranges to meet Eddie at the recording studio where Brian worked. While talking to Dwight Deleau they learn Brian was a drug user. They also learn Brian was seeing Chiyoko Takai, a Japanese Country and Western Star. Posing as ‘Jimmy Joe Meeker’ Jim meets the Japanese star and Jerry Ito, her manager, to discover the movements of Brian, but learns Brian was involved with Evergreen management – owned by Bernie Seldon, a local mobster. Jim goes to Tim Ritchie’s Court Settlement hearing to drop the case, and, while leaving the court Jim meets Whitney again along will Alain and Honore Florio, who are witnesses in the settlement trial. Turning up at Jim Trailer in his new Mercedes drunk, Eddie moans and whines about Jim quitting the case; as a result Eddie was fired. Jim offers to take Eddie for drinks at the Sandcastle, but the pair is shot at by a mystery figure – Eddie is hit in the arm, and Jim in the leg…moreless
  • No Fault Affair
    No Fault Affair
    Episode 9
    Rita Capkovic stays with Jim after she is beaten up by her pimp when she wants to find a new line of work...
  • Deadlock in Parma
    Deadlock in Parma
    Episode 12
    Jim meets John Traynor while on a fishing trip in Parma. When John takes ill Jim takes him to hospital where John gives Jim his Proxy for the upcoming vote on the town’s Proposition 46D. Not knowing what it is Jim registers the proxy with Mayor Sindell, the pharmacist. Jim is then escorted out to see Henry Gersch at his mobile home. Gersch wants Jim to vote “for” the proposition, so Jim agrees. Jim returns to his motel and is visited by a mysterious figure who tells him to get out of town. This proves difficult as the Firebird is stolen and later found at the Parma Mechanic’s who believed Jim called and requested it fixed. Jim meets with Carrie Osgood, a journalist, who saw Jim fishing and again at the pharmacy. Jim is taken to the bus stop by the Sheriff, in an effort to have him leave town, but when the bus stops at Santa Barbara, Jim is collected by Gersch’s goons and taken back to Parma. Carrie recognises the mysterious figure as Stan Belding, a businessman from Las Vegas. Jim and Carrie manage to read Proposition 46D, which is identical to the previous legalisation which legalised gambling. Jim then finds out that John Traynor discharged himself from hospital. Jim now realises that John set him up, and figures out that John must be hiding out under canvas in the hills. Using the local pizza boy as a distraction, Jim leaves his motel room disguised as the pizza man to evade Gersch’s goons who are watching him. Jim finds John in his tent – murdered, which cancels the proxy. Jim reports this to the police, who find nothing, so arrest Jim for filing a false report – without a body, the proxy is still valid. Jim is in a cell, while outside the police hounds are barking at the trunk of the sheriff’s vehicle. Lee Melvin – an official – grants Jim an amnesty so that he can vote. Jim works out where Traynor’s body is, and goes to vote while Carrie calls the state police. They enter just in time to arrest Sindell, the Sherriff, Belding and Gersch’s goons, but Jim must lead the chase to catch Gersch himself, sitting in his mobile home on the outskirts of town…moreless
  • The Big Cheese
    The Big Cheese
    Episode 10
    Jim comes into evidence of union corruption, which was mailed to him by a friend and reporter just before he was killed...
  • Just a Coupla Guys
    Just a Coupla Guys
    Episode 11
    Jim travels to New Jersey to help a reformed mob boss, who two punks are trying to get into the mob through.
  • Only Rock 'n' Roll Will Never Die: Part 2
  • Lions, Tigers, Monkeys and Dogs: Part 2
  • Only Rock 'n' Roll Will Never Die: Part 1