The Rockford Files - Season 7

NBC (ended 1980)




Episode Guide

  • If It Bleeds, It Leads

    Jim comes to the aid of his old friend Rita Capkovic when her husband, Ernie Landale is arrested by the police and persecuted by the media because he bears an uncanny resemblance to a picture of the notorious "Westside Rapist"…

  • Murder and Misdemeanors

    Jim comes to the aid of a prostitute who wants to file a complaint against two vice cops.

  • Punishment and Crime

    Jim meets up with an old flame, now a married woman, and discovers that she's in trouble.

  • Friends and Foul Play

    Rockford attempts to help his friend Babs prove that her son was murdered by a mobster. After Babs is murdered, Rockford uses clues from her diary to help his investigation and enrolls in a criminal behavior class to learn more about the case.

  • Godfather Knows Best

    Jim comes to the aid of Becker's son, a 30-year-old drifter involved in the murder of a fashion designer. Problem is, the dead woman's fgather is a Mafia Don.

  • If the Frame Fits...

    When Bud Monckton, a disliked private investigator, is killed, Jim is the prime suspect because of the circumstances of the death and the elaborate means someone has gone to do it. With the help of Jess Wilding, an IRS agent who was also a good friend of Rocky's, Jim has only so much time to prove his innocence. That proves difficult when the police, the FBI, and a Latino gang all want a piece of him.

  • A Blessing in Disguise
    Jim has cable TV installed and sees Angel Martin, who is now a Reverend at the Temple of Holy Light Church and wearing Jim’s favourite grey sport coat while preaching. Jim goes to the temple posing as someone wishing to healed and meets Angel who has his bodyguards; the Angels of the Lord remove Jim. One of the guards is Zachary Irons who particular hates Jim. Outside Jim rescues a young woman from a mob of protestors and learns she is an actress named Laura Sue Dean, whose live is being threatened because her new movie ‘Little Ezekial is being boycotted by Angel’s church. Jim agrees to protect her and breaks into Angel’s new church home to get back his sport coat (and other items) and accompanies Angel to the Morton Downey Jr Show, where the polite debate heats up into an all out fight, where Jim gets hit on the head with a chair. Jim goes with Laura Sue to the Phoenix Rooms to try and convince the movie producers Milovan D'Sant and Branka Costa to protect Laura Sue, they refuse, but begin to worry when their Limousine is bombed. Jim breaks into Angel’s church records but is caught by Zack and taken to Angel who gives Jim the name of the most crazy congregation member. Laura Sue and Jim attend the premier screening of the movie but are puzzled by thte absence of movie investor Danny Barclay. They go to his home and find him dead. Vincent Penguinetti PI appears claiming to be working for the movie producers and now protecting Laura Sue, but she rushes off with Jim and stays at his trailer. Next day they go to her agents WACA, who announce the movie ratings are great and try to get of Jim, but he saves them all from a gunner who shoots at the office. Laura Sue is forced to stay with Vincent while Jim overhears two agents talking about movie boycotts and profit and links the case together; Angel is selling movie boycotts. Jim takes Angel after the Angels of the Lord complain about payment and they meet Laura Sue and piece the case together. Jim and Angel break into the movie offices and get evidence but are caught by Milovan and Branka who force them into a car with the dead body of Vince Penguinetti inside. They go to Vince’s boat ith the intention of killing Jim and Angel and framing them for Vincent’s murder but Laura Sue storms in the truck and stops them. Jim chases Milovan onto the boat and forces him in the water. Laura Sue got the pair with the dead body on camera and the case is wrapped. Jim later tells Laura Sue she is very special because of her courage in the case.moreless
  • I Still Love L.A.
    I Still Love L.A.
    Episode 1
    Jim is preparing to sell his beachside Trailer and leave Los Angeles, when Gus returns his battered Pontiac Firebird (a day early) and leaves it in the middle of the Paradise Cove Parking Lot. At the same moment Angel appears in his car and when asked to move his car (despite his problems with reverse) puts another dent in the Firebird. Angel refuses to leave when Jim’s buyers; Mr and Mrs Emmenthaler, arrive to announce they changed their minds due to the LA riots. Angel leaves in disgust to not know Jim was moving and Jim watches the riots on TV to see Angel on TV looting a store. Meanwhile Lila Lansing returns home to have to open her gates herself and is shot. Her children Josh and Dorie tell the family attorney Halley ‘Kit’ Kittridge that the crime was a car-jacking and murder by men in masks and want to hire a PI. Next morning Jim has breakfast with Kit, his ex-wife and agrees to take the case, but Jim is unimpressed with the children’s attitude and conduct and whilst leaving their home spots a camera on the opposite property. Jim visits Angel at one of his holding areas, meets his employee Paco but is unimpressed that Angel is selling stolen goods. Jim meets Dennis at the station, but Dennis is distracted by Lieutenant Deke McCool being given the coveted corner office with a window over him and takes his anger out on a stapler. Jim tells Dennis about the camera and later while Jim meets Kit, Josh and Dorie at a Chapel Dennis arrives to take them to the station as evidence shows the children committed the murder; the camera shows Josh driving the car away and records show a phone call from the ‘stolen’ car by Josh. Jim has a another prospective buyer from Mattie, his real estate agent, who warns him the buyer may be late due to the Augora Forest Fire. Kit meets Josh in prison where she learns that Dorie made a suicide attempt and contacts Jim, who attends the hospital to learn from Kit and Doctor Ezo that Dorie has uncovered a repressed memory that she and Josh were abused by their step father – baseball player Mickey Ryer, who is also alleged as a Satanist. Jim does not believe any of the allegations but leaves in a hurry when Doctor Ezo reveals the Augora Fire is burning all the way to the ocean… Jim returns home, amidst a blaze of flame to find three guys in a boat stealing his TV set. Later Angel arrives to inform Jim that Paco stole his entire inventory of goods, but rather than tell him ‘I told you so’ Jim asks Angel to help to search cult stores. After the search leads no where Jim visits Mickey Ryder in his Brentwood home and reveals the allegations. Mickey shows Jim his basement den of memorabilia and breaks down. Jim agrees to help him, and visits Kit to try and get her to stop making the allegations, but both are shocked when Mickey’s attorney Sidney Kornblum admits the alleged offences at TV press conference. Kit visits Jim at home, where Jim receives a call from Mickey wanting to set the record straight and recant his confession. Jim (with Kit in tow) goes to the Brentwood home only to find Mickey hanging from the basement ceiling… Jim is convinced it is murder and after finding Angel in his car at home, goes to a Bar Mitzvah party given by Kornblum to discuss the case. Later Kit visits Jim, and the pair is kidnapped by Kornblum’s henchmen Saunders and Warshe. Fortunately Dennis Becker is on hand watching everything and follows to catch the crooks before they kill Jim. Next day they meet Kornblum who states that Mickey pleaded guilty to satanic acts to prevent having his basement searched and incriminating evidence found, linking Kornblum to former mobster ‘Big Al’ Minette. Suddenly the FBI steps in the takes the evidence and that ends the case. Kit refuses to work for Josh and Dorie as both lied to her, and goes to Jim to spend the night on his couch. Both are forced to evacuate the trailer after an earthquake, in which splits the entire trailer in half. Next morning Jim confesses to Kit that he has changed his mind about the move, because he does not want to miss all the excitement he gets in LA…moreless