The Rockford Files

Season 3 Episode 13

Sticks and Stones May Break Your Bones, but Waterbury Will Bury You

Aired Unknown Jan 14, 1977 on NBC

Episode Recap

Jim returns home from extended holiday to find Billy Merrihew at his trailer. Billy has lost hi s PI licence following a set up by Odette Cerelle. Jim looks into her name at a local bar, after which the barman calls someone, who then goes to Jim and beats him up demanding to know what he is doing. Jim overpowers the man – Vern St Cloud, another PI who after 23 years "in the crummy business" has lost his licence. Comparing notes Jim finds the motel Odette stayed at, and finds she had a cat, ho stayed at a kennel. He gives the description to the receptionist, ho identifies her as Susan Hanrahan. Jim watches her apartment, which she shares with Garth McCreery who calls in 'Special Projects', who chase Jim, forcing him to be booked by the Police on a traffic charge. At the station he meets Marvin Potemkin, another PI who is about to loose his PI licence. The four meet and form a plan, but Vern convinces Marvin to stake out the Hanrahan property again, he does, but 'Special Projects' find him… Jim is following the lead of the restaurant where Marvin as arrested and traces Ted Clair and Susan Hanrahan by a licence plate to the Waterbury Investigators Building. Jim claims to be returning sunglasses and meets the pair. He finds that the 15-storey building skips the 13th floor in the elevator. Jim goes to Marvin's office, and finds him dead. Vern storms in, and admits he sent Vern on the stakeout. Jim, Billy and Vern hatch a plan which involves Vern impersonates a drunk threatening to jump from the top of the Waterbury Building. While the rescue vehicles surround the building and the cops try to talk down Vern, Jim and Billy break into the office on the 13th floor and find files on each of the local PI's including the file which identifies the Molinaro address used by the phony Odette Cerelle. Jim and Billy take the files which are then sent anonymously to Dennis Becker. With this evidence, Dennis arrests Ted Clair for murder; he immediately fingers all of his accomplices at Waterbury.