The Rockford Files

Season 1 Episode 6

Tall Woman in Red Wagon

Aired Unknown Oct 11, 1974 on NBC

Episode Recap

At a cemetery Jim, and two other men, are digging up the grave of Charlotte Anne Duskey. Using a portable winch Jim lifts up and opens the casket, but is interrupted by two goons, who shoot Jim in the head, causing him to fall into the grave hole. Later while at the hospital in a critical condition Jim thinks back to how this case began… Jim is hired by journalist Sandra Turkel to find out where her friend, Charlotte Duskey has disappeared. She will be easy to find because she left LA in a red station wagon and "is tall & stunningly beautiful". They trace her to a hotel in Elmira and while trying to find her, they are informed she is dead. They meet with Doctor Kenilworth, who treated her but Jim does not trust him. They go to the Railway Station to find out which train Charlotte's remains were transported on, and its destination. Jim poses as a funeral director from Aaron Brothers Funeral Supply and prints a phoney business card with his mobile printing press. The Station Master tells them to talk to McWilliams - conductor on train 725, which returns that evening. Jim then notices they are being followed by a mystery figure. After Jim reverses the Firebird into the tailing car, he learns that the tail is Harry Stoner, a Federal Treasury Agent. Stoner reveals that Charlotte Dusky stole a fortune in mob money from Joe Barron. Jim uses a pay phone to contact Joe Barron Junior discovers the story is true, but learns Stoner is not a federal agent. Sneaking aboard the train Jim and Sandra pose as Doctors from Fairview Mental Hospital and claim that Stoner is suffering from delusions of grandeur – and is pretending to be a Federal officer. In an empty train cab Jim knocks Stoner out and he and Sandra travel to the cemetery where Charlotte is buried. They pose as Federal Agents to learn the casket is empty. They later find Charlotte beaten up at her home and she is taken to hospital, where she agrees to return to LA. Jim is still skeptical of Charlotte's motives but Sandra is not interested so Jim decides to finish the case on his own. At a cemetery Jim, is assisted by two other men, to dig up the grave of Charlotte Duskey. Using a portable winch Jim lifts up and opens the casket, but is interrupted by two goons employed by Joe Barron Junior. They shoot Jim in the head causing him to fall into the grave hole… Weeks later, Jim is released from Intensive Care and met at gunpoint by Stoner, who wants the money...