The Rockford Files

Season 1 Episode 6

Tall Woman in Red Wagon

Aired Unknown Oct 11, 1974 on NBC

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    In this epsiode that typilflies The ROCKFORD FILES Jim is injured {in this case nearly killed} when this case begins with a missing bag of money and no matter where Jim tries to find it-someone else is trying to find it as well! In this epsiode even if Jim gets PAYed his expenese- air flight; hotel bills hiring of tripod and workman and HOSPITAL BILLS WOuld PUT HIM IN DEBT. IF the plot seems familier it is -Its mearly an upadated version of THE TWELVE CHAIRS in which a hilarious chase after a mising fortune in chairs-turns out to be empty {The fortune had already been found!} SADLY THE CONNUNITY Has more holes than SWISS CHEESE- for example Jim remarks at the end he doesnt know who got the missing money {My bet it was the croooked coroner/Cemetery owner who was their when the coffin was first found and opened and who then then leaves for parts unknown after shooting Jim} . One big connumity hole is why JIM WOULD DIG up the coffin again when in fact he had alredy done that -ceretailny an expereineced PI WOuld have throughly checked the coffin the first time! Likewise why didnt the other thug who shoots Rockford shot the remaining workman as well? Who called for help after Rockford was shot? ENTERTaining but thats about it.
  • Late one night, Jim is shot and hospitalised while digging up a grave to see what lies inside a casket. As he lays in a coma, he recalls the case that led up to this event, where he was hired by a journalist to find her missing friend. An enjoyable tale..

    I really enjoyed 'Tall Woman in Red Wagon'. It had an engaging storyline, with lots of fun details, but at the same time wasn't over crammed with *, something which I have found works against a few 'Rockford' episodes.

    A few episodes in, and the show feels have very much found it's footing by this point. This is one of the relatively few episodes where neither Rocky, Dennis nor Beth appear, but it doesn't matter one bit (and in fact is barely noticeable), as James Garner carries things on his own more than capably.

    I really like the opening, with Jim getting two workmen to illegally dig up a recently buried coffin, to see what is inside. When thugs arrive on the scene, he is shot and spends the episode unconscious, recalling what led up to this event.

    Stephen J. Cannell is in my opinion the show's best writer, and he is on true form here, throwing in lots of quirks and nice lines, and telling a very decent tale whilst he's at it.

    The only thing I would say - the supposedly beautiful, statuesque redhead that was at the centre of the whole mystery... she actually didn't turn out to be that great looking. I mean that with the greatest of respects to the actress (and she is certainly fair enough looking), but nothing like we are led to believe before we finally meet her!

    Anyway, my minor nitpicking aside, a really enjoyable story, with the usual array of nice twists. I give this episode a very favourable 9.5 out of 10.