The Rockford Files

Season 5 Episode 14

The Battle-Ax and the Exploding Cigar

Aired Unknown Jan 12, 1979 on NBC

Episode Recap

Jim is driving himself and a man named Potrankis in a car from Las Vegas, when they are pulled over by the police and guns are discovered in the trunk of the car – which happens to be stolen. Agent Spelling of the FBI questions Jim while ATF Agent Musia questions Potrankis, borrowing an unauthorised secretary named Stacy Hutchins to take notes. NIA agent Donnegan observes the interrogation and takes Stacy away when she concludes. The whole thing looks very suspicious to Mrs Eleanor Bateman – the head of the steno-pool, and when she questions Donnegan on Stacy's whereabouts he attempts to have her abducted. Jim meanwhile learns that all evidence of Potrankis being arrested has vanished and Jim is the only one in the frame for the gun bust. Potankis is the subject of an NIA investigation concerning 'Cigars'. Jim meets Mrs Bateman and they investigate where Stacy is and what is going on and stumble onto the fact that 'Cigars' are a euphemism – for Guns and that the NIA are selling and shipping out guns that night on a boat, which means all the evidence which could clear Jim will sail away too. Jim vows to stop them using Mrs Bateman and the help of the FBI and ATF agents who have been following them…