The Rockford Files

Season 1 Episode 3

The Dark and Bloody Ground

Aired Unknown Sep 20, 1974 on NBC

Episode Recap

Ann Calhoun is charged with murder of her husband Kevin Calhoun, who was smothered and killed in a fire. She is represented by Elizabeth Davenport who hires Jim (for free) to find proof of murder. Jim travels to Parker, Arizona to get the history on Kevin Calhoun and as a result a mysterious man tries to murder Jim, by forcing him off the road with a tractor. Jim calls the police from Farber's garage, but they claim it was probably some youths.

On arriving back in LA Jim finds Rocky at his trailer, and tells him about the tractor incident. Rocky insists that a semi rig could kill Jim in a car easily, so the driver only wanted to scare him. Jim goes and meets Beth, but on the way to the prison they are almost killed when the brakes of the Firebird are cut. Jim tells Ann that he has learned that her husband's history is blank prior to their marriage in Flagstaff – Kevin Calhoun did not exist. Jim asks her about the reason he would crash the party of Elizabeth Gorman and Clyde Russell – but she claims they were invited. Jim meets with Gorman, Russell and Elliot Malcolm at the horse track and poses a party guest who came uninvited – but Eliot Malcolm loses his temper saying his security was so tight that no one crashed the party. That night Beth comes to trailer to tell Jim she believes Russell is shady because he resigned from the Bar after securing the film rights to the novel 'The Dark and Bloody Ground'. At that moment Russell contacts Jim requesting a meeting. Jim and Beth go to Clyde Russell's home to find him dead in a pool, and suddenly the lights go out…

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