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The Rockford Files

Season 2 Episode 5

The Deep Blue Sleep

Aired Unknown Oct 10, 1975 on NBC
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Episode Summary

The Deep Blue Sleep
Jim receives a strange telephone call from Margo Adams, but she hangs up. Later Beth Davenport calls him – she received a strange telephone call from her friend Margo Adams and asks Jim to investigate by going to her home. Jim does, using the hidden key, but finds the place ransacked and is knocked unconscious. Next day Jim goes to Clarke Fashions, where Margo worked to talk with Adrienne Clarke but she is not interested. Dennis finds Margo, dead in her car in the river. Jim returns to Clarke fashions, having to force his way in just to give the bad news. He sees Adrienne again and meets Bob Coleman – who Jim learns was having an affair with Adrienne. Jim follows Coleman, but is chased off. While accompanying Beth home Jim finds her apartment ransacked. Jim calls Dennis and has Beth move to her parents in Pasadena. Jim goes to Adrienne to question her, particularly about Coleman and his affair with Margo. Adrienne is not interested, but the next day goes to Jim’s trailer to reveal Coleman is linked to organised crime and has funded her fashion design company for years but now wants to sell it. They go to Coleman’s home, Jim meets Dennis and finds out Coleman was executed. When Jim returns to his car, he finds Adrienne has gone, when gangster George Macklan has in fact kidnapped her. Jim figures out that Coleman kept a record of criminal transactions and calls Macklan claiming Coleman had a safe. Macklan sends Ray Porter to check, and Jim follows Porter back to a warehouse. Seeing he has little time, Jim ‘borrows’ a nearby police squad car….moreless

Who was the Episode MVP ?

  • "Rockford" really starts to cook with this episode...

    Call me a heathen or a false fan, but I am not crazy about the first season of "The Rockford Files." There are definitely some stand-out episodes ("Kirkoff Case," "Aura Lee") but several are marred by slow-paced scripts and extensive padding to get them up to the 50 minute mark. Season 2 started off, for me, pretty much the same way. One good episode ("Aaron Ironwood"), one bad ("Farnsworth") and a bloated two-parter ("Gearjammers.")

    But I think with this episode, the show really hits its stride. Rockford gets the client, there's a damsel in distress, some car action, ties to the mob...this episode really lays out the template for the series. We have a nice performance by Robert Donner as the man behind the plot, and a better-than-average mystery to solve.

    From this point on, Season 2 fires on all cylinders. It's a late start, but the show cooks with gas from here on out.moreless
Michael Conrad

Michael Conrad

George Macklan

Guest Star

Janet MacLachlan

Janet MacLachlan

Adrienne Clarke

Guest Star

Ric Mancini

Ric Mancini

Ray Porter

Guest Star

Gretchen Corbett

Gretchen Corbett

Beth Davenport

Recurring Role

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