The Rockford Files

Season 4 Episode 5

The Dog and Pony Show

Aired Unknown Oct 21, 1977 on NBC

Episode Recap

After Angel involves Jim in a swindle that goes wrong, which leads to a Court hearing, Jim and Angel are ordered to seek psychiatric help by the Judge. At the sessions, Jim meets Mary Jo Flynn who believes she is being followed, but Jim declines the job. That night Mary Jo encounters a burglar fighting with her dog in her apartment. Jim agrees to take the case because she got a licence plate from a fleeing van. Posing as a DJ from KLLB, Jim offers a monetary prize to Vic Cassell, a boutique owner and driver of the van. He denies driving the van. At the sessions Jim reports back to the other interested participates, when he learns Mary Jo was in the Los Brises Psychiatric Hospital. Jim is shocked so she flees. Next day two men stop Jim with guns in a vehicle that has a Los Brises sticker on it. Jim escapes, damaging the Firebird and meets with Mary Jo and questions her about Los Brises. She reveals she met a man named Joseph Bloomberg who claims to be an agent for the National Intelligence Agency. Jim gets a name for an agent at the NIA Los Angeles office and claims to be a courier leaving a package for Agent Joseph Bloomberg. This makes Agents Sandman and Kransy suspicious that a government operation is going on behind their backs so order surveillance on Jim. Using Angel as a distraction Jim breaks into Los Brises to meet with Joseph Bloomberg when Angel sees him and reveals that he is 'Joey B' a mafia enforcer for the Lorenz family. A chase ensues. Angel reveals that Joey B married into the Lorenz family, who are headed by the eldest son Tommy. Jim, Angel and Mary Jo write their wills and Jim goes to meet Tommy promising not to reveal the location of Joey in exchange for their lives. The NIA are watching everything and are spotted and taken in. Sandman and Kransy blow everything revealing their knowledge of Los Brises forcing Tommy to order their execution once he has Angel and Mary Jo. He takes the trio to his factory, where Jim fights with Cassell and sounds the alarm. The police catch Lorenz and his goons. At the final session Jim and Mary Jo tell the whole story, much to the groups excitement. Angel says nothing except expressing relief that the NIA did not find out about his gunrunning days, not knowing that he is still under NIA surveillance…